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Nine Kuze 12-17-2005 09:46 AM
Hey, everybody. This is Nine XXVI and this is the start of the first ever (and hopefully not last) Academy Animated Awards.

The Academy Animated Award for Best Dramatic Series is awarded by the members of the Paradigm City Forums to the best anime series that is specified to the drama genre, or certain ones that do not specifically fall into the action genre category. The award is presented to the winner, the producer of the winning dramatic series. The producer and the anime series produced are credited and listed below. The other three nominees of the category are also listed below.

You can check out the 2005 Academy Anime Awards Nominee Ballot here.

2005: The Big O - Chieo Ohashi, Tsutomu Sugita, Kenji Uchida
  • FLCL
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • Paranoia Agent

2006: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG - Hisanoni Kunizaki, Yuichiro Matsuka
  • AIR
  • FLCL
  • Lupin the Third
Nine Kuze 01-06-2006 12:43 PM
I know that Big O isn't really a 'drama' anime series, what with all the fantastic Megaduse battles, but I felt that the main storyline dealt with the strange aura of Paradigm City (something that we STILL don't know) and I already had four good nominees for Best Action Series, so this made sense to me. Something with FLCL. Even though its more of a comdey that actually lasts for three hours, I didn't make a comdey series category and I placed FLCL in here. But its still good to be nominated either way, right?

Nine XXVI's Picks: Big O, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Nine Kuze 08-30-2006 11:43 AM
Welcome everybody to the 2006 Academy Animated Awards!

This thread is for Best Dramatic Series and I've made some updates on the last year version, showing what the details of the Best Dramatic Series category all about, who won, and who else was nominated for the award.

Best Dramatic Series Presenter: Krang

Like last year, you get to vote for two of the nominees. And those nominees are:

:: Yoko Hatta - AIR
From a childhood tale his mother told him when he was little, Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey, seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky. After settling in a small town, Yukito meets a girl named Misuzu who quickly makes Yukito her friend and has meet stay with her. Yukito decides to stay in the small town, and continues searching for the winged girl his mother had searched for in her life.

:: Hiroki Sato - FLCL
Naota is a normal Japanese 6th grade boy (although a little cynical), who hates living in his normal town of Mabase. But Naota's world is thrashed when he is run over by a woman on a Vespa. During their first encounter, she hits him over the head with her guitar, which then causes a horn to grow out of his forehead. She calls herself "Haruko" and her presence changes Naota's life to even further insanity.

:: Hisanori Kunizaki, Yuichiro Matsuka - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
After the events of the Laughing Man case, Public Security Section 9 is reinstated by new Japanese Prime Minister, Yoko Kayabuki by deal with the growing threat resulting from the terrorist faction known as the Individual Eleven and the increasing acts of war from the refugees of Dejima Island who are under the influence of terrorist Hideo Kuze. But there's more than meets the eye as a Public Security member, Kazundo Gouda, is manipulating the entire situation for his own ends to reconstruct the Japanese system in his own image.

:: Hayao Miyazaki, Masaaki Osumi, Isao Takahata - Lupin the Third
From Nice to Tokyo, from Rio de Janiero to San Francisco, and from Paris to Cairo, Arsene Lupin the Third along with his crew of cohorts such as Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko commit the most famous and legendary acts of crimes since in their day. Although sometimes strife enters the fold between the group, especially Lupin's lust of Fujiko, the four thiefs are always on the same page when they slipping through the grasp for Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

Nine Kuze 11-08-2006 07:51 PM
If I could, I'd vote for Ghost in the Shell twice (I really like the description I came up with for that).

But I can't. So, I'm also dropping it for FLCL. Sorry, Asirt! >_<
Scourge 11-08-2006 09:33 PM
I support Lupin III simply because Lupin and the crew are just too cool.
David Ryder 11-10-2006 07:09 AM
eh, Lupin, because it's an old school classic. The others....eh.
Nine Kuze 11-10-2006 07:41 AM
To be honest, I didn't think that Lupin would do this well even though I'm a big fan myself. My fault for underestimating it.

Originally posted by Scourge
I support Lupin III simply because Lupin and the crew are just too cool.