Grandia III

Travis Bickle 12-05-2005 11:23 PM
It's been a damn long time since Square Enix released a decent RPG...or game, for that matter. And, to save us from this terrible drought of crap, we have Grandia III, the 3rd game in the series (technically 5th or 6th if you count a few sidegames here and there, which have all been on various platforms). The original Grandia came out the same time Final Fantasy VII did, but was overshadowed by it in both Japan and the US. However, it still has a cult following in both countries, and G3 is finally getting the proper US welcoming it deserves.

The premise of the game is a bit complicated, dealing with finding a girl with mystical powers who's looking for her brother, who just so happens to be this really bad dude that wants to take over the world. Don't worry, the story is a lot better than the way I just described it.

The graphics are beautiful. The fighting system (which is kind of like a cross between the old Grandia games and some of the stuff that FFXII is sporting) plays out really well, with a vast array of options to customize your party. The game puts an emphasis on flight and the like, but you'll be doing plenty of exploring of the vast lands on land (and possibly sea).

And, with that all said, I just got this in my inbox:

Has anyone else played Grandia before and/or is looking forward to this release?
Asirt 12-06-2005 12:31 AM
Grandia III sounds like a very exciting RPG. A shame that I don't have a PS2. What got me into Grandia was its sequel, Grandia II. Back when the Dreamcast was about to reach its end, I read a magazine review on the game. It had a very high rating, and the graphics for that time were great.

I saw Grandia II at Wal-Mart one day for about 20 dollars, so I bought it, and it was well worth the purchase. It had a great story, along with good voice acting and a great battle system. It remains as one of my favorite RPG's of all time, along with Tales of Phantasia and Final Fantasy VI.
David Ryder 12-06-2005 01:04 AM
Grandia III seems to be shaping up to be a solid game. personally looking forward to Suikoden 5 more personally but Grandia III looks like it will be pretty rockin.
Travis Bickle 12-06-2005 12:18 PM
Sweet! Demand!

Then I guess that, whenever some important news story pops up, I should post it, no?

Grandia III US Release Confirmed!, Pretty much.

Forum member Cerpin Taxt has informed the community that Grandia III is pretty much a confirmed release for the US. Earlier this week, he recieved an e-mail from Square-Enix with some rather lucrative information on the subject.

There's also an Official US Grandia III site in the works, so check there periodically for the release date (expected to be early next year).

An English gameplay movie is floating around the internet as well.

Check the forum topic for more details. Thanks, Cerpin!
Schwarzwald 12-09-2005 08:56 PM
I got Grandia 2 for the dreamcast. It was famous for its great voice acting! I really loved the battle system. It was a very fun game, and I wanted to get Grandia Xtreme, but I couldn't because I never bought a PS2
David Ryder 12-15-2005 08:24 AM
well I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but here's some info on the english VA cast.

Yuuki: Johnny Yong Bosch (Vash from trigun.)
Danae: Dorothy Melendrez (Merle from trigun.)

pretty sure I butched her name but oh well. got done watching the english tralier.
Travis Bickle 02-09-2006 02:13 AM
Well, Grandia 3 is almost a week away. I recently pre-ordered my copy and played the import version, which is kick ass (even though I can't understand it).

I also was put in charge of the news on the Vast Lands of Grandia, so any other big news (like Grandia Online) could be found there.