Are You LOST?

Mike 10-04-2006 10:11 PM
I saw the beginning of it, HOLY sh**, I'm trying to find a clip of
spoiler (highlight to read):
the plane breaking up

But I kinda stopped paying attention since I haven't finished season 2 yet.
Travis Bickle 10-04-2006 10:53 PM
I missed it. Anyone wanna fill me in on what it was all about?
SpookyElectric 10-05-2006 07:45 PM
I was in the middle of typing you up a bit of a recap, until I realized you can just go here and watch the episode online from ABC's site:

From there, click launch, click on the Lost logo, and select yesterday's premiere, entitled A Tale of Two Cities. Enjoy.
Travis Bickle 10-18-2006 09:50 PM
Good episode. I was paying attention to it for the most part, but what happened to the guy that Locke was about to shoot, and what was with the very last scene?
SpookyElectric 10-20-2006 06:16 PM
We don't know what happened to Eddie, we saw that Locke couldn't shoot him, but after that, we don't know. And as for the last scene, it seems they are hinting that the hatch implosion has given Desmond some kind of "power" to see the future or something like that. But knowing Lost, it won't be that simple.
Nine Kuze 10-20-2006 06:22 PM
For some asinine reason, I keep missing LOST but I always able to catch Grey's Anatomy. It's mindboggling I tell you, especially since I want to kill the entire McCast as well.

But I keep getting updates on the show through some entertainment newsletter in my inbox. So, Desmond knew about Locke's speech before it happened and someone was attacked by the polar bear? Also, anything on the previews, may I ask?
SpookyElectric 10-21-2006 01:15 PM
Yes, Eko was the one attacked by a polar bear. You can always catch up by watching the episodes on through the link I posted a few posts above. And if you wanna see the previews for the next episode they're on under the "Next on Lost" section.
Dharma_Infinity 10-21-2006 04:57 PM
The next episode just looks weird.....that trailer looked messed up. Lost is starting to worry me...something is missing. It's just not as good as season 2 yet. However, there's a long road ahead Smile
Nine Kuze 05-18-2007 01:29 AM
Its not Wednesday and the season finale is next week, but tonight they had a special showng of the Lost story so far after the Grey's Anatomy finale (I didn't watch that sh**, no). It was cool because for the most part, I knew what was going on with the whole scheme of things in Lost but the sit down commentary with the producer and writer really helped bring me up to speed.

And just for the f*** of it, spoilers:

spoiler (highlight to read):
So the monster is actually a giant black smoke thingy that can manifest into people's innermost memories? Okay...

They deep into Locke's character and he's very interesting. His relationship with his dad and how he stole his kidney and pushed him out of a building, paralyzing him. I understand the whole "this island is teh best thing that has evar happened to meh, I need to keep everyone else on it as well" plot but yeah, blowing up the submarine that could have gotten them the hell out of there. Bad form, bad form.

It sucks that Mr. Eko died.

Interesting back story about the Dharma Group and the Others that killed them off, with Ben leading them.

What the hell is Jacob suppose to be?

The predicition of Charlie's death from Desmond was cryptic and it was cool that he decided to man up and go to the underwater radio quarters. It was cool seeing him make it successfully and him yelling "I'M ALIVE!"... and then seeing the two women with semi automatics come from nowhere, tie him up and start torturing him. THAT was pretty good.

The showdown between the survivors and the Others didn't seem interesting at first but now, its looking a little better.

There's obviously something going on between Jack and the shady blonde from the Others that's a like an undercover for them (I can't remember her name at the moment) as far as romantic tension goes. And then in previews, Jack reveals to Kate that he loves her so yeah. Drama love, interesting!

I'll post more later on, but that's what I got at the moment. Next Wednesday though, is the season finale and Lost in ending at around eight seasons so yeah. Five more to go after this one.
Mike 05-18-2007 09:10 AM
That's basically the 3rd season, particularly the last part of it, in a nutshell.
It got good again really fast. They explained the cable coming out of the sea, and why nobody can communicate with the outside. Then again they added Jacob (Did then even mention him before last week?) and I still just want to know why the Others/Hostiles/Natives are assholes and killed Dharma.

And what the Monster is doing.
And if Desmond really went back in time.
And I'll just pretend that the Others' submarine was an old U-boat instead of a normal boat with submariney stuff on it for budget reasons. Because that looked cooler.
For a while, I wasn't sure that Locke actually DID blow up the submarine, because Alex told him that Ben was manipulating him into blowin it up. But it seems like it got asploded for real.

I didn't use boxes because this stuff has all aired already.
Nine Kuze 05-24-2007 01:42 PM
Anybody see the finale last night?

I only saw the last forty-five minutes but still, they were damn good.

Jack finally got everyone off the island... I think. They kept switching from the present to I guess the future, where Jack was back in the hospital he worked at, had a shaggy beard and was doing a shade of an impression of Russell Crowe's John Nash. And at the end with Kate, he was saying that they need to go back to the island.

Also, Kate was looking fine at the end. At first, I didn't even know it was her. Didn't know she looked that good when she cleaned herself up and such. :o

Anyway read this at another forum (basketball nonetheless, but yeah):
Originally posted by some guinea from
\2)everything we thought about time in the show, i.e. that the flashbacks were about the characters’ live prior to the crash, were actually flash FOWARDS, about their lives after they returned from the island. I know this last one is kinda crazy and I haven’t wrapped my mind around the inconsistencies, but what a great trick to play on an audience. We were led to believe we were getting to know the characters’ past lives and were amazed at how they all seemed to be connected to each other in some way, when in actuality we were seeing their lives after the crash and they were truly connected because they were all passengers on Oceanic flight 815. Trippy, huh?

Just something I found and such that I found interesting. Also Charlie's death, the way it was carried out at least, was pointless. He didn't have to shut himself inside the hatch with the grenade exploding to save just Desmond. But yeah, he had to die some way I guess.

Like I said, I only watched the last 45 minutes. So if anybody here watched the whole thing, mind putting down your thoughts about it?
Mike 05-24-2007 02:59 PM
...yeah it's impossible for all of the flashbacks to be flashforwardses.

Hugo told people that he won the lottery before going on the plane, so the flashbacks had to be before this.

Sure, SOME of them can be flash-forwardses. I got that vibe from this episode too, and I only saw the last 45 minutes of it too.

I agree that Charlie didn't have to die. He could have just left the room before the grenade went off, or before the water started filling the room.

Also why does Locke not want anyone to leave? He could always just let everyone go back and stay himself...unless he Saw The Future or something.
Nine Kuze 05-24-2007 03:15 PM
Originally posted by Mike
Also why does Locke not want anyone to leave? He could always just let everyone go back and stay himself...unless he Saw The Future or something.

So... they can all stay on the island and be one big happy family where Locke can keep his ability to walk?

Yeah, I never understood Locke's intentions to keep everyone else on the island with him. At least I understand where Ben is coming from.

Originally posted by Mike
and I only saw the last 45 minutes of it too.

OMG OMG, we did like the same thing. ARE WE ON THE ISLAND?! Season Four should be something else.
The Question 05-27-2007 06:14 PM
Watched the entire last episode, awesome. I think Charlie was ready to die, he has been running for the last few episodes, he just realized he couldn't run forever.

Any ideas on what the hell happened
spoiler (highlight to read):
when Locke saw Walt (looked older, maybe he was talking from the future) and who are that Naoimi woman's people? (I think it's Dharma initive, after all, ben did kill all of them, maybe they got worried or summat?)