Are You LOST?

Nine Kuze 12-01-2005 06:01 PM
If you're a fan of Lost, then stand up!!

Hey, everybody. As anybody been watching the ABC drama series, Lost? It's as deep and has as many mysteries as Big O did. Anyway, I caught the episode last night and it centered around Kate, why she was in trouble with the law in the first place, her major daddy issues, and this love triangle with her, Jack, and Sawyer.

There were other things too, such as the mysterious black horse that came from nowhere, the film Locke and Eko were messing with about the Dharma co., and the ending was with Michael communcating with his son Walt over the computer. Messed up, I tell you and the recap of the episode is right here.

And you can also check this out, details of what's happening on the island episode by episode.

Does anybody else watch the show and have any theories about what the hell is going on? If so, post and share with us.
Travis Bickle 12-01-2005 06:16 PM
It's not really deep. They're just milking it for all it's worth. They're in a position where they can drag it on for seasons and seasons and not really take the story anywhere.

The first season was decent. The second season is meh. It's not that big a deal.

My theory: They're on an island where some odd company was doing creepy experiments. And they'll be there for another few years or so.
Hienrich Ele 12-01-2005 06:17 PM

I love this show so much. Few things can break me away from my computer, but when 9:00 rolls around, I drop whatever it is I am doing to just watch this show.

As for theories, it is all the Dharma Company's fault. The 'incident' they talked about in the film is, I think, the 'others'. Failed experiments, ones who, perhaps, faied at their goal at the research facility. The animals, too, were part of the research. The comic book that Walt had foreshadows this, as it showed the polar bear, the island, and an experiment on what looked like a mutant.

Too much is happening, though, for this theory to remain true. Is it actually Walt who sent that message? Michael is a common name, and it could be just one of the others, trying to trick them. Also, will the 'incident' happen again, now that communication has been made in the computer?

I hate the week long interruption between episodes.

Oh, and to reillterate my thoughts on this thread...


EDIT: Here we go!
Nine Kuze 12-01-2005 06:43 PM
Originally by Hienrich Ele
Too much is happening, though, for this theory to remain true. Is it actually Walt who sent that message? Michael is a common name, and it could be just one of the others, trying to trick them. Also, will the 'incident' happen again, now that communication has been made in the computer?

Yes, it seems like evident that it was Walt that is sending the message because just before the show went off the air, it said DAD? Also, it will be interesting to see what happens now that someone has made contact with the computer.
David Ryder 12-01-2005 06:46 PM
I only seen commercials from it, but I hear it's pretty decent. whenever the first season box set comes out, I'll grab it.
The Baker St. Irregular 12-01-2005 08:03 PM
I love, love, LOVE Lost! But my dad tapes it, so I'm always, like, two episodes behind.

*slaps hands over ears*

So please don't spoil anything for me! Crying
Nine Kuze 05-04-2006 05:24 PM
*I'm bringing it back*

Hey, Nine XXVI here. I watching Lost last night and basically it had one helluva an ending. Spoiler Time!

spoiler (highlight to read):
In the last five minutes or so, Ana Lucia gave the gun to Micahel because he wanted to kill the prisoner Henry after see couldn't do it. After Ana Lucia gave him the gun, Michael said sorry and shot her in the chest from nowhere! Then, Libby came in and surprised Michael who then shot her to death because he needed to get rid of witnesses of course (just kidding). Then, Michael walks into the cell where Henry was locked up and stared him down for a minute when Michael turned the gun on himself and fired. End of episode, right there.

Damn! I haven't been this surprised by an episode's ending since the episode of Ghost in the Shell when the Individual Eleven did themselves in. Anyway, according to the previews, Michael is still there and there seems to be a big battle coming up soon. You can check out the character summary on what happened last night here.

So... anybody still following the show?
The Baker St. Irregular 05-05-2006 06:24 AM
Shocked Eek! I am not allowed to hear, see, or smell anything related to the latest episode of Lost because my family is at least three or four episodes behind!


Oh, well. I wish I were clever enough to act upon the silly, little idea I have for a humorous Lost koma (four panel manga, like a newspaper comic)...
Wingnut 05-05-2006 09:24 AM
No, I am not lost. I know exactly where I am. I can even give you GPS data if you want.
That said no, I don't watch the show.
Travis Bickle 05-24-2006 11:03 PM
The season finale was great. Can't wait until later this year.
Nine Kuze 05-25-2006 03:50 PM
Originally posted by Cerpin Taxt
The season finale was great. Can't wait until later this year.

Agreed, CT. Noted I didn't see the entire episode's two hours but the parts I saw;

spoiler (highlight to read):

- The electromagnetic scene with the sky changing colors.
- Michael and his son, Walt leaving Jack and the others in a boat.
- Claire kissing Charlie. Appearently, trying to kill her baby is just a small thing to her. But hell, I'm not the mother.
- The hatch being destroyed.
- That giant statue's foot.

And other things, but yeah, it was a kickass finale.
dancinggummi88 05-26-2006 12:36 PM
i like the show.... when it was first ouyt i watched almost everytime that it had premiered but they are milking it because as you watch it you do kinda figure it out and youstart to know whats going on and then you just get bored with it.......its a soap in my opiniion
Nine Kuze 09-15-2006 10:51 AM
*Brushes this thread's shoulders off*

There's this online game called "The Lost Experience" that talks about some clues detailing secrets on the show.

An unlocked video detailed how a mathematician was commissioned by the United Nations in 1962 to calculate the timetable for humanity's extinction. The resulting Valenzetti's Equation was based on factors represented by Egyptian hieroglyphics, each of which was assigned a numerical value: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, aka what would become Hurley's cursed digits. Though the Hanso Foundation created the Dharma Initiative to stave off the forecast apocalypse, the foundation’s impatient acting president Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk is itching to unleash a virus that will snuff 30 percent of the world's population.

You can also check out the link here.
SpookyElectric 09-15-2006 04:43 PM
To call Lost my obsession would be a vast understatement (see avatar) and I can't wait for the new season. I don't think they're milking it at all, I thought the second season was overall better than the first, it was so amazing. And they're definitely not going to milk it because the creators themselves have stated it would be ideal to them to only do about 4 or 5 seasons but due to it's commercial success they may not be allowed to just stop like that by ABC. To dancinggummi the show is in NO WAY a soap, it may have the soap-y type episode every once in a while but that's not even close to what the show really is.

I played the Lost Experience from beginning to end (well we're not sure it's over yet, there might be a little more to come) and it was great to finally get that video after working for it for quite a while now. Here's a link to watch it:
Dharma_Infinity 09-15-2006 10:37 PM
LOST! Did somebody say Lost? Why yes, I'm utterly obsessed with Lost. I have a blog and a forum for Lost.

Originally posted by SpookyElectricI played the Lost Experience from beginning to end

It's not over! Big Grin And now, the next act begins...
SpookyElectric 09-15-2006 10:52 PM
DJ Dan live podcast next Sunday (yeah they changed the schedule again) be sure to tune in! If it's even half as good as the first one then it'll be amazing. I just hope people ask better, less obvious questions this time, and don't get SHUTDOWN! for doing so.
Dharma_Infinity 09-15-2006 10:54 PM
They changed it again?! The MAN is closing in on Dan! Shocked I think I'll call in this time, it's still at 8 am pst right?
SpookyElectric 09-15-2006 11:01 PM
Yeah it's Sunday the 24th now, I believe at 8 PM PST.
Dharma_Infinity 09-15-2006 11:08 PM
Originally posted by SpookyElectric
Yeah it's Sunday the 24th now, I believe at 8 PM PST.

NOOOOOOOOO I HATE THEM! I won't be able to listen to that. Take notes, ok? Big Grin
SpookyElectric 10-04-2006 09:20 PM
Anyone else just see the season premiere? Amazing!