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Well howdy there! Welcome to the new thread (that kinda blew the old one out of the water) of Big O Showtime, this writer's fabulous fan fiction season 3 of everybody's favorite show, "EVERYBODY LOVES BIG O!"


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Oh well! Enjoy it, as I'll be dishing out the story starting December 1st with one fully colored and specialized picture/painting for each post of story, detailing the most exciting scene within!

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Glad to hear, can't wait to see! Big Grin
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Hey Matt, it's December 1. Season 3, Showtime!

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Right you are, Pygmalion! NOW! BIG O, ACTION!

Act 27: The Wall of Paradigm City

“There is but one truth. If you avert your eyes from it, you will remain nothing more than a puppet… In the words of Schwartzwald, who is closest to the truth, imagination and memory are but one thing, which for diverse considerations have diverse names…”

Suddenly, without warning, Roger Smith’s eyes flew open, as if reeling from some imaginary pain, and then felt suddenly at ease. His peripheral functions soon began to return to normal, and he could finally see the sky. Or at least, he thought it was the sky, it was blue, and it was filled with clouds. He got up, and found that he was on a vast grassy plain, on top of a tall hill stretching into the main fields. He looked further and saw bright cornfields and vast rays of morning sun coming up from the night’s domain. He sighed a relaxing sigh, and immediately he lay on the soft grassy hill under him, soaking up the pureness of the morning’s ambiance. However, before him shown the face of a tall weathered man, wearing tight ribbons, and a beige trench coat.
“Wake up.” He said ominously.
Roger looked up to see him, somehow lackadaisically at that.
“Stop accepting what you see and feel! Search your thoughts…”
Roger looked at the man’s mouth, but it remained tight. Somehow the man was channeling his voice into Roger’s mind!
“Who—who are you?” Roger asked, somehow copying the man’s strange attribute by speaking inside his mind.
“It matters not.”
With that, he took Roger up from where he was laying down.
“Look before you, what do you see?” the man asked as he stretched his arms before him.
“I see…a beautiful spring morning, with birds and fine breeze. This is where I want to be – for the rest of my life…”
The man turned sharply to him.
“Do you realize what you are saying? Roger Smith?”
Roger looked at the man once hearing his name.
“What did you call me?”
“Your name is Roger Smith, correct? Tell me, are there any places like this in Paradigm City?”
Roger thought for a moment.
“Well – no…”
The man nodded to Roger as if he agreed with him. Then he stood before Roger and into the plains.
“Imagination and memory are but one thing! This entire landscape is imaginary!” the man shouted, then suddenly bent over, chuckling to himself.
Roger walked over to the man, somewhat confused.
“What’s so funny?”
The man could hardly sustain his laughter for a moment.
“This is all make-believe. This is an image of your imagination, your made-up memories! Ahahaha!” the man struggled to maintain his cool, but the hilarity of the moment seemed to escape by its only means.
Roger stood there, confounded by the man’s thought of sheer hilarity with such a matter.
“What, this is all – pretend? It’s not real?”
Suddenly, the man stopped his laughing, and stood up straight. Both gazed at the enormous sight before them. The clouds in the sky seemed to fall down into the cornfields, engulfing the fields in a matter of seconds as if flaming balls of fire from the heavens were thrown into Earth itself. The fields burned with an ambitious flare, with might as only one who’s seen it can describe. Roger and the man looked before them at the monstrous scene before them, but as Roger discovered, none of the flames licked the tall hill, which the two were located.
“What’s happening?” Roger asked, completely appalled.
“The end of the world, Negotiator… It happened, about forty years ago…”
Roger’s eyes began to widen with greater fear with each passing second.
“Divine thunderbolts, raining down from the heavens, to destroy the world, and to let the almighty who commands us rebuild. That is what I discovered, Smith. Amongst the dusty wastelands outside the barriers of Paradigm City…”
Roger looked at the man, who’s true form was becoming apparent to him as the sun’s light turned to darkness as only the light of the burning fields and cities before them could he be seen by.
“Schwartzwald…? Can it be you?”
The man turned to him, and the highlighted face seemed to smile.
“I knew you couldn’t forget. About who you are. Just as much as I cannot forget who I am, I am…”
Roger looked at the man, as he remained emotionless, continuing to gaze into the horrific events of the true passing of the ominous Event, but Roger seemed fixated on the man. He did not realize however, that scorching flames in the fields below had surrounded a young mistress in the cornfields. A sharp scream of fear ignited Roger’s need to look forward again.
Roger looked quickly before him, but could not see anyone. The man turned to Roger, and said through the flames and screams:
“Tell me, Negotiator. Isn’t it time you play the knight in shining armor, and – rescue the maiden…?”
Roger looked at the man for a split second, and then dove into the inferno, running down off the tall hill of innocence, and plunging into uncertainty and unknown.
The man merely smiled at the Negotiator’s courage.
As Roger reached the foot of the hill, he suddenly became encased with flames. He stood though, with undeniable determination, and with that he swung his arms in front of him, and parted the flames in an exact straight line through the fields. He then saw before him the young girl, who had somehow fainted from the exhaustion and the smoke inhaling. Roger slowly walked to her, closing firewalls after him. He came to her side, and said:
“Miss, are you alright?”
The girl looked up, and saw a tall, rugged man in trousers and a white, tattered shirt. She stood up before him, and, following form, curtsied. Roger looked at her soft, pale face. Her deep blue eyeliner and her cropped, auburn hair with a red headband to fix her hair just right. Suddenly, it dawned upon him…
The girl smiled, though somehow shocked.
“Um, yes. Dorothy Wainwright… and you are?”
Roger looked at her in almost sheer surprise.
“You – you’re the – human – the human Dorothy…?”
The girl looked at Roger with great concern.
“Huh? What does that mean, sir?”
Roger rubbed his head, in such oddities, as this one should feel the like.
Suddenly, the flames began to close in on the two of them. Dorothy instantly realized this as she ran to Roger’s body.
“Oh, goodness! The flames, sir, the flames!”
Roger still seemed out of coherent communications as he continued to utter oddities.
“But – how? I – I’m at the – Event? How can – this be?”
“MISTER? WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU BLITHERING ABOUT?” screamed a much-distressed Dorothy.
Though improper attitude, this did snap Roger out of his frenzy with his unbelieving mind. Quickly, he straightened up, but soon the flames were right upon them!
“PLEASE, SAVE US!” Dorothy screamed, her tears flushing her blue eyeliner down her face, making two slits down her face…
“Big – O…”

Thats all for now... Cool By the way, the picture is coming this Saturday with the conclusion! See ya then!
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“PLEASE, SAVE US!” Dorothy screamed, her tears flushing her blue eyeliner down her face, making two slits down her face…

“Big – O…”

Suddenly Roger realized what needed to be done. He heaved Dorothy off the ground and onto his back, and began to run straight into the fires. The man from the hill continued to watch intently as Roger somehow managed to run through the fires without becoming singed. Soon he reached the face of the hill, the man smiling in odd success. However, the oddest thing was that the flames had harmed neither Roger nor Dorothy! Roger set Dorothy back down onto the earth, and she suddenly stood up, looked at Roger, and grabbed him into a hug of sheer thankfulness. Roger seemed to accept these warm thanks, and turned to the man.

“Why weren’t we harmed? By the flames?” Roger asked.

The man simply chortled.

“You did not wish it. Nor did you wish it this place real. So, you are destroying it. It’s as simple as that.”

“What? You mean I’m controlling this place with my mind?”

“Yes, pretty much. However, certain aspects of this vision are being controlled, so you don’t, say, imagine a large object impale yourself… This is a training program, Smith. Everything here is made up of the memories – or lies – of the person connected to the main server…”

Roger seemed completely confused.

“Um, lets just say this: you are creating this with your mind, or at least maintaining it. It in turn is actually a projection of a greater mind than yours that is being projected through your mind to tell you something…”

Roger looked at Dorothy, who seemed completely oblivious to the tall man before the two.

“Well, what is it telling me?”

The man walked closer to Roger, and breathed in his ears this phrase:

“That Paradigm City is the same…”

The man recoiled from Roger’s ears as the Negotiator’s eyes widened.

“No… No, that can’t be right… Not Paradigm City!”

The man shrugged as if in desperation.

“Seriously Smith, you’ve always felt it was a lie! Why do you not believe me?”

“Because you’re insane! You’ve always been insane!”

Suddenly, Dorothy released Roger as in some kind of fear to him.

“W-who – what are you?” she gasped, as she started to step back from him.

“Wait, Dorothy, I’m real! I’m Roger Smith!”

He reached out his hand to hold hers, but she seemed too far off the edge of the hill, and loosing her footing, slipped off the grassy hill.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!” she screamed in agony as she disappeared into the fire, a screaming nightingale, and forever to be consumed by flames.

Roger ran towards her, but the man grabbed him.

“Stop, listen to me! The human Dorothy Wainwright has been died for forty years! This was her fate! All of this is here to teach you!”

Roger spun to him, his eyes tearing up.


He wrenched his arms off of the man’s grip.

“No, I did not do this, the mistakes of mankind did! And YOU can change this!”

Just as Roger was to jump off the hill and experience certain death, he halted.

“W-what? I can change this?”

The man smiled.

“Yes, you do have that power… With your megadeus, you can change this from ever happening again, to your TRUE loved ones…”

Roger’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What do you mean?”

“You must search your thoughts. Your dreams, your VISIONS… They are the only truth you’ve been given… Well, these are but parts of the whole, one truth that binds us all together, for a purpose. It is of the 4 times. The 4 megadeuses, the 4 faces of memories wiped…”

The thunderous noise that occurred right there nearly shook the world off of its axis. Roger dropped to the ground from the enormous tremor, but the other man seemed as rooted to that spot as it would occur with a tree.

“You must remember your future, Roger Smith. Only then, can you save the ones you love. Paradigm is false, and I will prove it to you, whether you believe it or not!”

The flames suddenly caught onto the hill, and as Roger Smith lay there before the man, quivering in utter terror, he saw the faint glint of large vehicles descending into the sky. Roger’s eyes wandered to the far distances, where large giants were crushing a small city to the very earth. His eyes then met with the towering man before him.

“Remember your destiny. Remember who you are…”

Roger closed his eyes. Still, the man’s voice rang in his ears.

“There is but one truth, Smith! If you avert your eyes from it, you will remain nothing more than a puppet!”

“NO!” Roger screamed, and flailed his arms before him, to prevent the man from inching closer to him.

“If you close your eyes to this, you will have achieved NOTHING but ignorance! Bliss is no longer the majority of choice! Learn, see, and GROW!”

Suddenly Roger’s eyes flew open, and saw only himself and the man inside a dark room with nothing but a small light bulb dangling from a very high ceiling.

“Welcome – to the wall of Paradigm City…” the man said, presenting the place with wide arms.

Roger looked around the room; sheer darkness blocked his every glance.

“What? Where is this?”

The man shrugged, and pointed to the wires at the Negotiator’s feet.

“You have been removed from the nightmare. This – this is the world – of truth…”

Roger looked at the man.

“Are you delusional? This is just a simple room!”

“Ah, but look around you! What do you see?”

Roger looked around a second time.


The man laughed.

“Ha! Yes, darkness! The darkness of the mind, which is where the truth lies! They! They who use such matters of manipulation put what really matters in the shadows to hide their worth! But know this, Roger Smith: the truth will always set you free… Always.”

Roger looked at the room again, and then at the man, who seems rather hopeful.

“Why are you telling me all this…?” Roger asked, finally beginning to feel warmth towards the man.

The man simply smiled.

“Because I believe that you can save us. I believe that there are miracles, and I believe that you are one of them. One of the very few to descend upon Paradigm City and its people…”

The man put a hand on the confused yet calm Negotiator.

“You have to harvest and discover when the time is right. You can do it, I know you can… Because if you don’t, the bonds of ignorance will tighten, and the bars of the cage will become smaller, until we are all but destroyed by our confinements…”

Roger looked at the man, and oddly nodded, somehow comprehending it all.

“Where do I look…?” Roger asked softly.

“In your heart.” The man named Schwartzwald said, and smiled.

Roger looked into the eyes of the man, both shining with sincerity and belief. No dishonesty could ever come from those eyes, thought Roger.

Schwartzwald then reached into the inside of his beige trench coat and pulled out an envelope. He then grabbed Roger’s hand and placed the package reverently into his hand. Just then Roger jumped.

“Wait, how are you alive?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” asked the man, somehow oddly confused.

Roger scratched his head.

“It’s just – my friend – she said that your body was found on the wastelands, that you had – perished…”

Schwartzwald cracked an eerie smile.

“Did she now? Tell me, Smith, what was this ‘friend’s’ name?”

Roger looked at Schwartzwald awkwardly.

“Her name is Angel…”

Schwartzwald nodded his head with a wide smirk on his face.

“Well, between you and me, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, Mr. Negotiator…”

Roger looked at Schwartzwald defensively as Schwartzwald walked forward.

“On the other hand, seeing is believing…” he whispered loud enough for comprehension.

Suddenly, Schwartzwald stepped backwards into the dark cold of the emptiness around Roger. Roger stepped forward, but then stepped back, coolly eyeing the envelope delivered to him. He then placed the envelope in his inside coat pocket, and there discovered that he was wearing his regular attire, a large black suit coat with large white buttons, and equally black pants, and shoes shined to perfection.

“Some people like to stand in the rain without an umbrella…” Roger muttered as he looked around.

Suddenly, a sharp shot of light inside the room occurred, and Roger immediately turned to it, and somehow saw HIMSELF lying in a chair, face up to a horrid machine of some sort, with large dissection devices laden upon it. In utter horror he watched himself turn to his general direction, with blood shot eyes, and heard him utter:

“That’s what it means – to live free?”

Roger looked at himself in sheer confusion and fear, as he watched in horror as the man on the table laughed hysterically to himself, as the terrible machine descended towards his face. Slowly, Roger closed his eyes to the horrors, and after a time, opened them again.

There he found himself on the table, looking up into the very evil of the machine, its whirrs and cracks seemed as if it were cackling horribly down into him. He closed his eyes hard, hoping that the squeals of the descending device might go away, but all of a sudden, he heard a sound so shocking, so completely life changing, that it made Roger Smith’s stern spine shake…

“Freedom is a luxury that you do not possess… you who are doomed to remain in the present… For freedom is knowing when to release yourself from reality…”

Roger shuddered, for he had heard his very own voice speak these words as he drifted out of conscience and into oblivion…

To Be Continued…

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