:: The Official Academy Animated Awards - Vote Two For Best Storyline! ::

Nine Kuze 11-18-2005 10:19 AM
Hey, everybody. This is Nine XXVI and this is the start of the first ever (and hopefully not last) Academy Animated Awards.

The Academy Animated Award for Best Storyline is awarded by the members of the Paradigm City Forums to the story creator who came up with the story of the anime. The award is presented to the winner, the story creator. The creator and the anime series they wrote the story for are credited and listed below. The other three nominees of the category are also listed below.

You can check out the 2005 Academy Anime Awards Nominee Ballot here.

2005: The Big O - Hajime Yatate
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • One Piece
  • Trigun

2006: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG - Mamoru Oshii
  • AIR
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • Trigun
Nine Kuze 01-06-2006 01:49 PM
We know the storyline (I think) and we still don't have any idea what the screw the conclusion is so I think that Big O deserves a little something-something for Best Storyline. It's either genius or lunacy... The FullMetal storyline is very intriging so far and the series still isn't over and sorry Trigun and One Piece, but I've never seen ya, making this a two legged race for me.

Nine XXVI's Picks: Big O, FullMetal Alchemist
Randolph 01-06-2006 04:56 PM
I voted Big O and Trigun.
Something about almighty 'bots and almighty guns just clicks.

Both stories were excellently crafted tales.
However, I must say, Big O is significantly more confusing.
A few points lost, sorry.

Nine Kuze 08-30-2006 11:12 AM
Welcome everybody to the 2006 Academy Animated Awards!

This thread is for Best Storyline and I've made some updates on the last year version, showing what the details of the Best Storyline category all about, who won, and who else was nominated for the award.

Best Storyline Presenter: Mike

Like last year, you get to vote for two of the nominees. And those nominees are:

:: AIR - Tatsuya Ishihara

:: FullMetal Alchemist - Hiromu Arakawa

:: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG - Mamoru Oshii

:: Trigun - Yasuhiro Nightow