[Fan Fiction] The Chrono Saga:Special Edition "The Two Dorothy's"

R.Rocky Horror 11-10-2005 10:19 PM
Chrono Saga
Act II: The Two Dorothys
By R. Rocky Horror
Chapter 1

Paradigm City, city of amnesia, 40 years ago the was great cataclysm .
Because of this people lost something precious, they lost their memories.
What happened then that caused everyone to forget?
All I know somehow Megaduses play into it.
It so happens that I pilot a megaduse, it is called The Big O.
I have a job in Paradigm City, I’m a Negotiator.
My name is Roger Smith.
Speaking of memories, living with me is an android containing a young woman’s memories her name is R. Dorothy Wayneright.
What is most surprising is the same woman who not only shares those memories, but also her name has inexplicably appeared in Paradigm.
The question is why is she here?

“This doesn’t look like my home, somebody help me!” The scared red haired girl screams,
A while ago she was singing in The Nightingale Club, before she could make it home she fell, hitting the ground hard.
She woke up to a disturbing surprise, she’s not in the city she loved, where she grew up.
Scared, and cold Dorothy Renee Wayneright must find her bearings, and search for a friendly face.
Then a voice is heard.
“Dorothy, if you can hear me, take my hand.”
“I know we haven’t all ways seen eye to eye, but you can trust me!”
The blonde woman held her hand out to Dorothy is someone she’s not sure she knows, be what choice does she have.
“All right, I trust you, just get me out of here!”Dorothy cried,
“What’s with the get up?”The Blonde with a suitcase in one hand asked,
Her name by the way is Angel, what she doesn’t know is the woman on the back of her motorcycle is not who she thinks she is.
“What?”She replied,
“It’s that I’ve never seen you in red before!”Angel adds,
“I think you have me mistaken for someone else!”Dorothy shout back as Angel’s motorcycle as it brings them to what appears to be an abandoned bank building.
Inside a bar called The Speakeasy , at a table seated are two men, one wearing a gray tuxedo jacket, white button up shirt, and black pants with big ears.
The other gentle man with light brown hair wearing a gray sweater with a black stripe at the top and black pants.
“Late night Mr.....?”
“Chronour, Big Ear, quite a pair we make, both of us trying to hide who we are, neither of able to do so!”The Man In Gray replied.
“So what brings you here?”Big Ear asks,
“I’ve got a friend who will visit you, when you see her listen to what she has to say, then give the information she has to an android bearing her appearance!”
“You must be the foreigner who alluded Alex Rosewater, and The Military Police Supreme Commander earlier , very impressive!”
“At least I could bring joy to someone on a hectic day like this, even if from an android, but I must find my friend, she doesn’t belong in Paradigm City” David Chronour added,
Flashback to a while ago two men in uniform bring David Chronour to the roof a an office building where two men await.
“We’ve found this foreigner wandering outside Mr .Rosewater., he claims to be just looking for a friend!”
“Good work men, General Duval wait I’ve an assignment for you at Military Police Headquarters.”
“I want you to watch over Colonel Dastun’s Prescient, and be on the lookout for any megaduses!”The heavyset black haired man in the white suit ordered,
“I’m on my way Mr. Rosewater!”
“Ah, so we have an uninvited guest!”,Cam the voice of a whisper thin man in a black, and White Striped Suit wearing a Fedora Hat catching Alex Rosewater by surprise.
“Alan, you’re alive, how did you survive the being rejected by Big Duo?”
“That’s what I’d like to know!”David Chronour thought,
“Come now Alex I’m The Boogie Man!”Alan Gabriel replied,
“Well then now that you’re here, let’s take care of our unwanted guest!”Alex added,
“I’m afraid your visit is at an end!”Alan stated gleefully wit a golden gun in hand,
“Then go ahead, and if you are who you claim to be!”David growled,
Then three shots wore fired, two into his shoulders, one in his stomach.
Butler Norman Burg opens the door of The Smith Mansion but is suddenly stunned by what he sees.
“Dorothy?”He say in his confusion the girl he sees in the front door.
“I am right behind you Norman!”Came a stoic female voice.
“That’s funny I thought I was in front of him!”Dorothy added,
“Dorothy?”Asked the android,
“Dorothy R. Wayneright?”
“That’s my Name don’t wear it ou....”
She becomes silent after she notices a young woman looking as familiar to her as if looking into a mirror.
“You should not be here!”R. Dorothy Wayneright exclaimed,
"Tel me something I don't know!" Dorothy replied,l
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Chapter 2
“I guess he won’t find his friend any time soon!” Alex Rosewater said as the intended victim’s body falls to the floor,
“Well so much for Mr. David Chron ou er?” Alan Gabriel says with a shocked expression on his face,
“I suppose you have a better idea, Mr. Gabriel?”Asks David Chronour as he gets back up, white lights emitting from the bullet holes where he was shot,
“Now do me a couple of favors gentlemen, don’t waste any more of your bullets, or any more of my time!”
With that said in the blink of an eye he was gone.
“No blood, white light, the bullet holes covered..........”
“Shut up Alan!”Alex Cut Alan off,
He then calls General Duval.
“Anthony, there’s a man in a black, and gray sweater coming down to you stop him at all costs!”
“We’re already at the bottom, Mr. Rosewater, and nobody else came down!” came the voice on the other end,
Now we go back to the scene inside The Speakeasy. Where David Chronour, and Big Ear are seated at a table side by side.
“May I suggest calling this number, it belongs to a friend of mine who constantly visits this place!”
“A Negotiator, by the name of Roger Smith I presume.”
“You know him?”Big Ear asked,
“By reputation alone!”Chronour lied,
“I gathered that I don’t belong here, but I got no place to go, there has to a reason why the blonde brought me here, and I think I’m looking at her!” Dorothy Wayneright stated pointing to her pale doppleganger ,
“Agreed, come inside Dorothy, Norman, we have a guest!”
“However Roger is still asleep Miss Dorothy!” Norman Whispers,
The three of them enter the elevator going up toward the mansion itself.
A minute later both Dorothys are seated side by side at the piano.
Just before R. Dorothy’s fingers touch the keys Dorothy takes both her hands in hers.
“Why are your hands cold?” Dorothy asked,
“You are aware that I am an android!” R. Dorothy replied,
“Listen, Dad made you to be just like me, so if I’m capable of creating body heat, then so are you!”
“How is this to be accomplished?”
“Concentrate on circulating heat, and it’ll happen!”
She did just that, and then suddenly every wire in her mechanized android body felt like they wore on fire.
“I feel the warmth!”
“I knew you had it in you, dora-girl!”Dorothy replied with a smile,
“It’s time to wake up Roger!”R. Dorothy said,
“You play, I sing!”Dorothy chimed,
“Play What?”She asked,
“Just follow my lead!”
Just then she sings one note as R. Dorothy’s deft keying on the piano followed.
Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh
You can’t run away forever, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a good head start you want to shut down the night you want to shut out the sun you want to shut away the pieces of a broken heart
As all this is going on Roger is rolling in his bed sheets after dreaming about Tracy, and Arthur.
“Just great, and she’s singing again too!”
Think of how we’d lay down together we’d be listening to the radio so loud, and so strong every golden nugget coming like a gift of the gods someone must’ve blessed us when they gave us those songs
Roger puts on his robe.
I treasure your love, I never want to lose it you’d been through the fires of hell, and I know you got the ashes to prove it ,I treasure your love, I never want to lose it you’d been through a lot of pain in the dirt, and I know you got the scars to prove it
Remember everything that I told you, and I’m telling you again that it’s true When you’re along and afraid, And your completely amazed, To find there’s nothing anybody can do, Keep on believing, and you’ll discover baby
There’s always something magic, there’s always something new And when you really, really need it the most that’s when rock and roll dreams come through,
“R. Dorothy Wayne huh!?”This attempt to wake up Roger Smith worked better than most, then Roger’s shock was broken by Norman Burg.
“Master Roger, you have the phone, someone named Chronour!”
“ I was hoping I’d hear from you again, Chrono!”
“So you remember me, Roger Smith?”Came the voice from the other end of the line,
“I remember enough dream about a possible ancestor!”
“I am looking for some one!”Chrono replied,
“She wouldn’t look like R. Dorothy if she wore human would she?” Roger asked,
“She would look like R. Dorothy, because She Is Dorothy, I can’t explain it over the phone, meet me at The Nightingale Club, make sure both Dorothys come with you, and refer to me as David Chronour!”
“Alright, but I don’t have very good luck at that place!”
“The question isn’t who’ll kill me, the question is how can they kill me?”
“Till we meet again, Roger Smith!”
“Good bye, David Chronour !”
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Chapter 3

Hours later The Griffon arrives in front of The Nightingale Club.
A place that Roger Smith feels reluctant to enter especially after he witnessed Jason Beck shooting Dr. Timothy Wayneright.
Now he’s back parked in front of the club accompanied by R. Dorothy, and Dorothy
Wayneright afraid they might be targets.
Unfortunately he’d be right as Alan Gabriel is just outside with every intention of kidnaping The Two Dorothys, and destroying Big O.
As Roger, and The Dorothys enter the club they find not only David Chronour waiting for them, but also Angel is standing next to him, David Chronour now holding in his hands the same suitcase Angel had.
“I think she’d be of value to these proceedings!”Chrono said of Angel’s presence ,
“Not to mention the fact that I saved her life!”Angel added,
“Yes, Angel, and I forgot to thank you for that!”Replied a grateful Dorothy,
“Well to tell the truth I thought you wore the android!” Angel laughed
“An honest mistake of this I’m certain!”R. Dorothy replied,
Suddenly the club goes dark as the windows are suddenly covered.
“The windows, and doors are blocked!!”Shouts Roger,
Angel then fires her gun shattering the windows, followed by two more sounds like bullets bouncing off metal.
“Mind if I crash this party!”
“Alan Gabriel, but that’s impossible!”Angel cried,
“Oh but it is, and the memories are mine ha ha ha!”Alan laughed,
“Roger!!”The Dorothys cry out,
“He’s taken both of them hostage!”Chrono elaborated,
The windows are now no longer blocked artificial sunlight shining through.
Roger’s watch then chimes.
“Master Roger, there seems to be a Flying Megadeus!”
“Big Duo?”
“No Roger, this one is much faster!”
Roger then ran outside the club, followed by Chrono.
“Roger, wait this Megadeus moves like lightning!”
“BIG O!”
Big O then appears through the streets of Paradigm, then Roger takes his seat inside Big O’s cockpit.
In front of him a nine word phrase glides across a circular screen.
A squad of cars , missile launchers and a tank roll through the street.
Inside the lead squad car is Colonel Dan Dastun.
Inside the tank is General Anthony Duval.
“Everybody take aim, if that black Megadeus moves fire!”Ordered Duval,
“You must be kidding!”replied Dastun,
“Unless you like being called Major Dan Dastun, I’m ordering you to shut up!”
“This is my squadron, Duval, I’m their commander!
“That’s where you’re wrong, Dan I’m the supreme Commander, I’m in charge!
“As I said I have higher orders, if I spot any Megadeuses, I have orders to open fire, and bring them down!”
Big O glaces back, then is fired upon by a tank.
“Uhhhh, what’s going on, why is the military Po......Aggggh!”
“You seem to having a little trouble, Roger Smith God Of Thunder is much faster than Big Duo-Inferno, and far more superior to your pathetic Big O!” boasts Alan Gabriel,
God of Thunder swoops down at extreme speed striking a glancing punch to Big O, another shot is fired.
Then three laser beams strike God Of Thunder, then a White Numbered Megadeus
that looks similar to Big O grabs Big O.
“Big Chrono?” Roger Smith replies in shock,
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Chapter 4

A motorcycle lands on top of the Clubs Roof, Angel runs toward the tied up Dorothys with a knife in hand.
“Hang on I’ll get you out!”
“Don’t bother!”Dorothy yelled back,
“Dora-Girl, Concentrate on generating enough heat through your circuitry to burn the ropes.”
“But, will you not be hurt?”
“It doesn’t matter,we got to break loose, and help Roger.”
“How are you supposed to do that?”asked Angel,
“Haven’t you ever thought of a plan before?”
Just as Dorothy asked the question every circuit in R. Dorothy’s hands were ablaze burning through the ropes allowing their escape.
“Ahhhhhhh, that hurt.”
“I am sorry Dorothy.”
“Don’t be, Dora-Girl.”
“Excuse me Ladies, but we’ve got to stop Alex Rosewater’s pet bulldog General Duval from destroying those Megadueses. If the White Megadueus is destroyed, a lot of precious memories will be lost.”Angel added,
“If The Black Megadeus is destroyed, Roger Smith dies!” Dorothy snapped back,
Minutes later three feet away from Big O, and Big Chrono.
“Concentrate all your fire on those Mega....”
Just as General Duval was about to give the order he looks in front of him, and sees the barrel of the tank resembling a sock in R. Dorothy’s hand.
Just then a motorcycle’s tire knocks Duval to the ground.
“That took care of him,now any one else fires on the Megadai they’re gonna get it!”Dorothy Commanded, holding Duval’s gun to Dastun’s head.
“Stop Don’t fire on him, he’s Roger’s friend!”R. Dorothy screamed,
“With that said, I’m back in charge Everyone fall back thirty miles!” Ordered Colonel Dastun,
As this is going on God Of Thunder flies out of control, crashing through the dome twice.
“What’s going on?”Asked Alan Gabriel,
“God Of Thunder respond to me!”
Then a voice is heard from beyond the grave.
“Stupid fool, did you actually think you could pilot a megadeus?”
“Not you, Not again!”
“Again, as if the time in Big Duo was nothing more than a mere memory belonging to some one who was the whole!”
“Who are you, what are you talking about?”
“Not are, I was Swarzwald, and you are the some of The Boogie Man’s parts!”
“No, I’m Alan Gabriel, I’m Alan Gabriel!”
“You are so blind to the truth, you need it spelled out for you!”
Then words flash across Alan Gabriel’s eyes.
“Roger, I have an idea.”Said Chrono in Big Chrono,
“I’m all ears David.”
“I’ll use Big Chrono’s lasers to trip up this Megadeus, then Big-O can unleash a punch to it’s face.”
“I got it, you hit low, I hit high.”
Big Chrono’s mouth, and eyes open then a blast is fired from it’s moth, and eyes.
“Good shot Big Chrono!” Shouted Chrono,
The piston in Big O’s forearm rears back sending it’s fist forward into God Of Thunder’s face.
The Gold Megadeus crashes to the ground.
“Looks like this is over.”said Roger Smith now outside Big O,
“No it’s not.”Chronour added,
Chrono then busted the glass of God Of Thunder’s cock pit throwing The Robot Alan Gabriel out.
“I am The Boogie Man, Boogie Man, Boogie Man.”Alan babbled
“More like Zeekyboogydoog!”Chrono then touched each side of Alan’s head bathing both Chrono, and Alan in light.
When every thing cleared away pieces of what was once Alan then fall to the ground.
“So this was not The Boogie Man who tried to destroy me.”R Dorothy Concluded,
“But a mere copy.”
“Then Alan Gabriel really met his demise in Big Duo.”Roger added,
“So then I guess it’s really over.”
“Roger, take care of R. Dorothy, R. Dorothy, take care of Roger too.” Dorothy said,
“We’ll do our best to look after each other.”Roger replied,
“So this is goodbye again Chrono?”asked R. Dorothy,
“Till time draws us together.”
David Chronour, and Dorothy Wayneright then leave the spot in front of The Nightingale Club.
“I guess it’s time for me to leave as well.”said Angel as she got on her motorcycle driving away.
R. Dorothy then faces Roger Smith.
“Do you wonder what it would be like if I ever was with child?”
“You know, sometimes you ask the most difficult questions.”
After they make a stop at The Speakeasy, Chrono than returns Dorothy to the Wayneright Mansion. There Dorothy goes to her secret room behind the special door beneath the sink.
“Here it is!”
Dorothy holds the item she was looking for, a hand held video camera.
“I think it best this remain where it is, The Paradigm Corporation would make this a valuable target.”
“For the memories within, I heard The Robot in The Speakeasy Babbling about this.”
“I think we should leave this here, don’t you?”
“Right, David.”
"Close your eyes now Dorothy,time to go home."He then embraces her,
"There's No Place Like Home,There's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like Home."Her entire body is then engulfed in light, and she's gone,

Else where outside of Paradigm in a desert a bald man in a lab coat is seen standing atop a Dome Shaped Silver Robot’s head.
The rest of it obviously burred in sand, he sings
Look at the world
look in it’s eye
future uncertain
but certainly slight
look at the faces
listen to the bells
it’s hard to believe
we need a place called Hell
place called Hell
Devil inside Devil inside
every single one of us
The Devil Inside
His name is Eliot Grant, Alchemist, and brother of Eugene Grant who met his end at the appendage of his creation.
But, that’s not how his brother sees it.
“Soon, with my Silver Sentinel Megadeuses I will avenge my brother’s death!”
“Soon Roger Smith, you and that Android will pay for my brother’s death, and Paradigm City will burn!!”
To Be Continued.......

Then a phone rings, and a voice on the other end of the line reveals the title of the next story as it is picked up.
“Dominus Of Time”
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not bad but is the chrono in this chrono from chrono trigger?
R.Rocky Horror 11-16-2005 09:25 PM
No This story, and "Time Is Another Big" are not cross overs with any other series.

This charachter is an origional creation of mine, it's just a coincedence that he, and that other charachter just happen to have the same name, and simmular charachteristics.