[Fan Fiction] Big Book of Fan-Fics Links

Matar 11-07-2005 04:10 AM
well sence I dont think this has been done before and sence allmost all of big-o fanfics are poor or good i thought I should put the links to all the ones I know are good

Im going to go in order of my personal favs all of them are the best of the best so the orders a personal kind of thing

Act 1: Fallen Negotiator

Act 2: Snake Eyes

Act 3: Memories Of A Negotiation

In Medias Res

Red Lingerie?

If anyone knows of a good fanfiction that they think should be on this list post the link and ill read it and if its good I'll add it to list be warned though I am VERY picky

Also the people who write these fanficions work rather hard on them so please be reveiw these storys with your thoughts on them, and please reveiw this so I know its not wasted space that should be trashed.