What PS2 DDRs to buy?

NVWC2006 11-06-2005 09:33 PM
Yes, I'm moving up from Konamix. Now that I have a PS2 (and will soon have a better quality pad arriving by mail) I'm reading to move up into the better versions of DDR. But I'm not sure what to buy.

I'm looking most toward DDRMAX2, because it has my favorite DDR tune, Burning Heat, on it. However, I'm told that it's not such a great mix.

Really, I just want Burning Heat, Max 300, Legend of Max, and some remixes. The rest, as long as it's fast and fun, I don't care what song it is.

From what I hear, DDRMAX has Max 300, Extreme has Legend of Max, and Extreme2 has all the remixes. At least in america. I think the Japanese version of DDRMAX2 has burning heat and max 300. i'm not quite sure. and even if it did, i have no clue if it'd play on my PS2 or not.

so i ask, what of these 4 versions should i buy? at the moment, i can probably buy 2, but i'm still not sure what 2 to get.

Travis Bickle 11-06-2005 09:35 PM
I like Extreme and Extreme 2. Mostly for the Eyetoy and Online support. That's just me though. I'm not a hardcore DDR guy. I just dabble a bit here and there. And lost like 15 pounds on it, back in the day.
Krang 11-06-2005 11:32 PM
I'm not too familiar with the console versions of DDR, but here is a list of which songs are in each mix (both US and JP versions). The Japanese versions won't play on an American PS2 by default, but it's not too expensive to modify your console.
Travis Bickle 11-06-2005 11:40 PM
Originally posted by Krang
But it's not too expensive to modify your console.

But...but...that's illegal! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Krang 11-06-2005 11:58 PM
Originally posted by Dr. Gonzo
But...but...that's illegal! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Well, once it's modified, I guess it could also be used illegally, but then again, so can VCRs, DVD players, CD players, and computers... Tongue