[Fan Fiction] Chrono Saga Special Edition "Time is Another Big"

R.Rocky Horror 11-03-2005 09:06 PM
For those who don't know I have a series of BIG-O Fan Fics dubbed "The Crono Saga". (The Last two parts of the series will be posted latter, followed by a trillogy of fan fics taking place before the series itself, the first part where Lt. Roger Smith leaves to become The Negotiator we know and love.)
I decided in my infinate wisdom to go back to the begining with The Chrono Saga"(I'll do it again in "The Precursor Saga") Only this time with some additional content.
So without further ado here's...................

Time Is Another Big
Paradigm City, City of amnesia my job, I'm a negotiator, My name is Roger Smith.
Today was supposed to have been my day off, however I was never able to completely relax. First this morning started almost like any other with being awoken by R. Dorothy on the piano, however the noise (using that term loosely) was something I couldn't identify, funny thing was Dorothy couldn't identify it either, Norman also didn't know.
As the day continued on, it just got stranger, funny thing about Memories, you'll never quite know where they'll pop up, or within whom the vessel carrying those memories may be.
(From The Diary Of R. Dorothy Wayneright )
This morning began like every other morning since I moved into The Smith Mansion. As usual I played a song on the piano, what was unusual is the song I played was a song I do not remember, though I chose to play it instrumentally the song dose have words to it, they are as follows.
It's astounding time is fleeting, madness takes it's toll,
listen closely, not for very much longer, I've got to keep Control
I remember doing the Time Warp, drinking those moments when
The Blackness would hit me, and The Void would be calling
Let's Do The Time Warp again!,Let's Do The Time Warp again!
It's just a jump to the left ,and then a step to the ri-i-i-ight
put your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in ti-i-i-ight
and it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insa-a-a-ane
Let's Do The Time Warp again!,Let's Do The Time Warp again!
I fell so dreamy oh, fantasy free me, so you can't see me, no not at all
in another demention with voyeuristic intentions, well secluded I see all
with a bit of a mind flip, you're wearing the time slip, and nothing
can ever be the same you get a spaced out sensation
like your under sedation
Let's do the Time Warp again, Let's do the Time Warp again!
I was walking down the street just a having' a think
when a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink he picked me up
he took me by surprise, he had a pick up truck, and the devils eyes
stared at me and I felt a change ,time meant nothing, never would again
Let's Do The Time Warp again!,Let's Do The Time Warp again!
It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the ri-i-i-ight
put your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in ti-i-i-ight
and it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insa-a-a-ane
Let's Do The Time Warp again!,Let's Do The Time Warp again!
Of course I didn't get past the third verse, it was about then Roger came out of his room screaming at me to stop, Roger Smith can be a real louse.
Then I get blamed for something I didn't do that following afternoon.
BethMcBeth 11-04-2005 09:21 AM
Wow I did not see that comming. R. Dorothy doing the time warp that would defently be a sight to see. Nice job.

Pygmalion 11-04-2005 09:42 PM
Yes, I can imagine Dorothy as Columbia and Roger as Rocky.

R.Rocky Horror 11-05-2005 12:02 AM
Time Is Another Big
Chapter One
Roger Smith walks into his office only to be lulled into a state of shock by what he found.
He looks all around noticing all his hourglasses are missing on ingredient sand.
"R. Dorothy Wayneright!!", he yelled,
An old bald man in a Butler's uniform with an eye patch enters the office.
"Norman, do my rules have any meaning in this house any more?"Roger asked,
"Your rules keep structure in this house Master Roger." Norman Replied,
"Why are my hourglasses empty?"
"I do not have any answers Roger Smith."Said a stoic female voice from behind,
They both turn around to see a dower look belonging to a pale young woman with a page boy hair style dressed in a black maids uniform, she is actually an android named R. Dorothy Wayneright.
"But I can say this, there are no traces of sand on the floor of this room." Dorothy stated,
"I know it makes no sense, but the sand is gone from them, I did not do it, and their empty."she added,
"Any more strange things about to happen on my day off."Roger asked,
Boom!,Boom! The ground shakes causing an hourglass to fall to the ground, and shatter.
"There appears to be a
Megadeus just outside the house."Norman adds,
"So much for a quiet day off!"Roger adds, then he runs out to the balcony, and jumps.
He then pulls back on a sleeve on his black suit jacket revealing a watch which he then speaks into.
A Black Megadeus (Giant Robot) appears, and roger lands inside it's control room.
Across from Big O is another megadeus looking just like Big O only white, and covered with numbers.
A bald man in a uniform with vein in his forehead shows his dist ain, and excitement as Big O appears to do battle with another megadeus, he's also shocked at it's appearance.
"That white numbered megadeus, it looks just like the black megadeus!"Colonel Dan Dastun exclaims,
He's seen the black megadeus do battle with others of it's kind, a red megadeus that flies, three others, and a different white megadeus.
He'd beaten the others but their defeat wasn't easy, and he wondered how long it will be till Roger's luck wears out.
Roger pulls back on a lever, and a piston behind Big O's forearm pulls in reverse causing Big O's arm, and fist to rear back in a powerful punch glancing the head of the white numbered megadeus.
The white numbered megadeus then glances back, then it's mouth opens,and lasers shoot out of it’s mouth, and eyes.
"I've never seen this before"Roger adds,
Outside the battle on the balcony of the Smith Mansion R. Dorothy looks on.
"The mouth of that megadeus opening can only be a bad sign."She said,
The white numbered megadeus fires laser beams from it mouth without warning before anything can happen Big O's chest is blasted open.
"This can't be happening!"Dastun cried,
Dorothy then drops to her knees her mouth turning into a frown.
"It can not end like this, Roger"she added,
"Roger Smith Can not be dead!"
Then a voice is heard.
"No, This wasn't how it was supposed to happen!"
"This must retry!"
R.Rocky Horror 11-08-2005 08:09 PM
Chapter 2
(Same Day, Different Pilot)
"R. Dor.........."
"Yes Roger" R. Dorothy Wayneright is now back in Roger Smith's Office, standing behind a very alive Roger Smith,she has also figured out that the events she witnessed will repeat themselves, two of those events being Roger's death, and the destruction of Big O.
She was implementing a way to prevent this from happening again, true Roger Smith was a louse,but she knew her existence would not be the same without him.
"Master Roger, perhaps they were emptied so they could be washed."Norman Speculated,
"The hourglasses wore were not drained."Dorothy added, broom in hand.
Boom! Boom!, the ground shakes, it's starting again, she twist off the handle of the broom as Roger, and Norman speak.
"There is a megadeus outside the mansion Master Roger."
"So much for a quiet........." THWACK!
Roger Smith is now laying unconscious with R. Dorothy Wayneright standing over him with a broom handle in hand.
"Oh dear, Miss Dorothy, are going to do anything else with that broom handle?" Norman asked,
"No, Norman, please offer my apologies to Roger when he awakes?" She dropped the handle.
"Yes I will Miss Dorothy."
She then takes the watch off of Roger, taking it into her hand, then with great speed she crashed through the window, onto the terrace, she then spoke into the watch mimicking Roger's voice.
Seconds later R. Dorothy Wayneright is seated in Big O's Cockpit.
Minutes later Roger Smith wakes up with a Leviathan Sized Headache ,his black hair a mess.
"Norman, where's Dorothy?"
"Oh dear I believe she's outside, Master Roger in Big O battling the white numbered megadeus."He replied,
"White Numbered Megadeus?!"Roger then ran down the stairs, out the door.
Col. Dastun turns around in shock."Roger, if you're out here, who's in Big O?"
Big O's arms are deflecting the other megadeus' blast."She holds her own well enough!"
While someone else has a different vantage point of the megadeus battle, a woman on her motorcycle in a pink leather outfit, none knows her real name, she perfers to be called Angel, she shows her concern as she lifts the vizier.
"That white Numbered megadeus can't be destroyed, it's nothing but memories!"
While inside Big O Dorothy pulls back a lever.
"Time I showed you what an android can really do."
Both pistons of either megadeus rears back, two glancing punches strike both megadeuses into their chest regions, destroying them both.
The same strange voice from earlier adds.
"You should not have faced me alone!"
Roger looks on in horror at the destruction he witnesses.
The voice adds, "Remember Not Alone!"
R.Rocky Horror 11-08-2005 09:24 PM
Chapter 3
(Here we go again!)
Once again they’re in Roger’s Office, and yet again, all the hourglasses are empty.
Both Roger, and R. Dorothy are standing side by side.
“Yes Dorothy!’
“I am about to tell you something you will find hard to believe.”
“I suppose you’re going to tell me you didn’t do this!”
“Actually I did not, but I have some thing else to say.”Dorothy
“I want you to turn around, and face me, Roger Smith.”
“What is it?”He asked,
“This is not the first time we have seen these hourglasses empty.”
“We are Experiencing the same day over, and over again.”
“Dorothy how do you know this?”
‘Norman will inform of a white megadues with numbers all over it will appear outside the mansion, we must go and face it together in Big O., if we do not one of us will die, and the day will again repeat.”
Boom! Boom!, with a quick swipe of her hand Dorothy catches the falling hourglass.
Then Norman walks in.
“Master Roger.........” He is then cut off.
“Let me guess Norman, there’s a white numbered megadeus outside the mansion”Roger added with a smirk,
“Precisely Master Roger”
“So much for your quiet day off, Roger Smith.”Dorothy Confides,
Roger then grabs his android companion by the hand.
“Shall We?”
“Yes, we shall.”
They both run out off of the terrace hand in hand, then Roger again calls into his watch.
Seconds later they’re both inside the cockpit, Roger seated with Dorothy standing by his side.
The strange voice is heard yet again.
“The eyes, the answer rest within the eyes!”
“Roger, you must fire the eye lasers!”
“Really, you haven’t led me astray since this morning, if an eye blast is what you want, then that’s what you get!”
“I knew you wore going to say that.”Dorothy chimed,
On the ground Col. Dan Dastun is not wasting time in anticipation of what will happen next.
“They’re about to fire on each other everybody clear out, this is going to pack a wallup!”
As predicted both megadeuses fire upon one anther, Big O firing from it’s eyes, the other from it’s eyes, and mouth.
Then suddenly there is a complete white wash over Roger, and Dorothy all that they can see in front of them are the numbers that were on the other megadeus, numbering one through twelve.
Then the numbers are incased in a circle forming what appears to be a clock, then beside it are two hourglasses.
Then they are confronted by an android resembling R. Dorothy with a red raincoat.
“It can’t be!” Roger exclaimed,
“I have waited for your arrival, it is good that you’ve come.”
“Roger this is not R .D. !”

“Correct, R. Dorothy, I can take any form I choose!”
The form of R. D. Then became distorted, and replaced by what appears to be a male form that is all aglow, bathed in white light with the exception of dark eyes.
“Why are we where ever we are?” Roger asked,
“You are here to discover the truth Negotiator.”Replied the glowing figure,
“You sound like Shwarzwald!”
“The individual you just mentioned Michael Seebach has faded into the past.”
“Then who are you, and what side are you on?”Roger asked,
“No Side!”
“I am The Past, I am The Present, I am The Future, a living embodiment of time.”
“You name, is it Chrono?”Asked Dorothy,
“Yes it is!”
“So I take it we’re not dead”
“No, Roger Smith you are part of the here, and now, as opposed to the hereafter.”Chrono added,
“Why are we here then, Chrono?”Dorothy asked,
“So that I can show the only truth that matters to you, time, and fate!”
Then they are transported an area that is bathed in summer sunlight, where they see a place called LAX they see a man with black high flat topped hair escaping a mob of young women getting into a long white car which in length rivals The Griffon, then it is discovered that it is July 1998 long before The Event, their attention is suddenly diverted from the escaping artist (Morrissey) to a couple entering the airport.
R.Rocky Horror 11-09-2005 06:58 PM
Chapter 4
(Now we are in the past.)
All of a sudden Chrono, Roger, and Dorothy are inside LAX.
“What just happened?”Dorothy asked,
“You wore brought in to observe these two people.”He answered,
“Who are they?”Roger asked,
“Their names are Tracy Smith, and Arthur P. Wayneright.”
Referring to a blonde young woman waking side by side with a young man with a red flat top hair style and eyeglasses.
“Hey Artie Party, don’t drop your luggage! Ha Ha!”Tracy Laughed,
“As much as I find it hard to believe, I’m going to miss you calling me that.”Arthur replied,
“I’m going to miss you, you’re going to be miles away!”
“This has to happen Tracy Smith, I belong in New York City, just like Southern California is your home.”
Tears start to stream down Tracy’s cheek Arthur’s finger traces it.
“Hey I don’t want to see this, I want to see your smile, and hear your laugh!”Arthur Implied,
Tracy then attempted another laugh, but found it hard to fight back her tears.
“Hey, it’s Artie Party, lets see a smile, Babe.”
“It won’t be long before your plane arrives Arthur, all I want you to do right now before you leave is just hold me, hold me Arthur!”
“I’m all ways willing to grant your request, as I have been the past three weeks.”
Then the two of them embraced lasting at least until a voice is heard over the airports P.A. system.
“Flight 36, Now Departing for New York City in gate 5.”
‘Please have have your bags ready?”
“I guess it’s time for me to go, remember me all ways.”Arthur said,
“Goodbye Tracy!”
“Goodbye Arthur, I love you!”
Arthur then turned around, and left for the plane.
“Touching scene Chrono, but I’m not sure what it has to do with us.”Roger Exclaimed,
“Simplest of explanations, Roger Smith, this is about destiny, Tracy later meets up with Arthur in the hereafter,Arthur meets her shortly after he becomes a victum of an unwarrented attack, it’s as easily explained as R. Dorothy Wayneright wanting to stay with you after saving her from Mr. Beck Gold, it had to happen.”
“I now return you both to Paradigm City as you know it, again you will experience the same day only this time Big Chrono will not appear, I shown you your destiny as it pertains to the past, I leave the future in your capable hands, Fair well Negotiator, Fare well R. Dorothy!”
“Will we ever see you again?”Dorothy asked,
“That only Time Will Tell!”
Dorothy finds herself once again at the piano, she plays the intro to the song she played earlier, then stopped.
Norman walks up to her.
“Miss Dorothy, why did you stop playing, and what was that song?”He asked,
“It is called “The Time Warp” from an old movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, someone told me this, I stopped playing, because I got tired of playing it.”
“Very well then, carry on.”
“I will”She replied
She then plays an all together different melody on the piano, and sings.

put your head on my shoulder
sink me in a river of tears
this could be the best place yet
but you must up come your fears
Roger then get out of his bed, putting on his robe.
ooh in time we could have been so much more
the time is precious i know
in time we should have been so much more
but time has nothing to show because
time won't give me time
and time makes lovers feel
like they've got something real
but you and me we know we got nothing but time
and time won't give me time...no oh
Roger now standing in the door way to his room decides not to interrupt this time, but let her finish instead.
make me feel any colder
time is like a clock in my heart
touch me touch wasn't the key to much
i thought i lost you from the start
ooh in time we could have been so much more
the time is precious i know
in time we should have been so much more
but time has nothing to show because
time won't give me time
and time makes lovers feel
like they've got something real
but you and me we know we got nothing but time
and time won't give me time...no oh
ooh in time we could have been so much more
the time is precious i know
in time we should have been so much more
but time has nothing to show
time won't give me time
and time makes lovers feel
like they've got something real
but you and me we know we got nothing but time
time won't give me time
and time makes lovers feel
like they've got somthing real
but you and me we know we got nothing but time
time goes on and on and on and on and on and on

time goes on and on and on and on and on and on

Later that after noon Dorothy comes into Rogers office.
“Yes Dorothy!”
“Do you suppose those two people Tracy, and Arthur could’ve been ancestors of ours?”
“I think basically Chrono was just showing us that anything’s possible.”He Answered ,
Just then Dorothy grabs Roger’s face bringing him to her, she kisses him deeply on the lips.
With a shocked expression on his face Roger then asked her, “Why did you just kiss me?”
“Because it had to happen, Roger Smith.”

We Have Come To Terms!

Then a phone rings, the voice on the other end of the line revealing the possible title of the next tale.
“The Two Dorothys”