[Fan Fiction] "Season 3" -- As written by 2 hyper girls

Zayne 10-27-2005 01:44 PM
To start off, this is written by me and Mrs. Beck (yeah, we write a lot together). Dorothy is HUMAN, and she and Roger are married with twin boys, John and Alex. One of Beck's one-night stands actually kept the babies he left her with, but she died giving birth to Bonny and Cal. So! On the upside, what we have thus far is hilarious! Beck + crying babies = SCREWED UP KIDS! Tongue I'll put a quote up soon. It's great!!

WARNING: ANGEL/BECK pairing within the following. We were about to pair him up with someone who knows JACK about kids.

With the trouble of Big Fau over, Paradigm quieted. There was the occasional battle of a black Megadeus versus a yellow one, but nothing major. The citizens no longer feared Big O; they now viewed him as a protector. And there was one other thing...
“Dorothy, the baby’s crying.”
The now-human Dorothy Smith smiled as she walked to the nursery across the hall. Her twins were lying together, turned toward each other, their tiny hands clasped. The bigger one, the older one, was crying in his sleep. She reached down, stroked his warm little cheek with the tips of her fingers, and kissed him on the head.
When she exited the nursery, she caught up into Roger’s arms and given a kiss on the forehead. “It was John,” Dorothy reported, kissing her husband back.
Roger shook his head. “And here I thought Alex would be the loud one.”
“One would assume that, with his condition.” She, of course, meant the litter one and his battle with jaundice.
He chuckled, a hand on his head. “Twins. Still can’t believe it.”
She groaned. “After 2 years, it hasn’t sunk in?”
On the All-Too-Bright (and yellow) Side ...
Paradigm may have been a much calmer place than before, but there was still their fair share of Megadeus battles, mostly with the same contenders: Yellow vs. Black.
For the citizens of Paradigm, this was a good thing. However, elsewhere ...
“WHAT DO I DO TO SHUT YOU UP?!” Beck groaned, his hands pressed over his ears in an attempt to drown out the cries of the twins.
The older one winced at her father’s shout and actually quieted. However, her twin only howled louder.
“Having trouble?” asked an annoying female voice.
“Angel!” Beck turned to see a very familiar female standing behind him, a very amused look on her face. “Thank God you’re here! You know something about kids, don’t you?!” His voice had a hint of desperation to it.
“A little. Why?”
His response was simple: an annoyed gesture toward the twins, and an incredibly annoyed glare toward the woman.
She sighed. “How did you end up with twins?” she asked as she picked up the still-screaming girl.
“A stork dropped ‘em in the warehouse.” He stated sarcastically, taking a wadded up piece of paper from his pocket, and handing it to her. “You can figure it out, doll.”
Balancing the squalling girl, she glanced at the note and laughed. “One-night stand?”
“If you insist on putting it that way.” Beck shrugged, taking a glance toward one, then the other.
The younger one finally stopped crying as she fell asleep. Angel gestured to the other girl.
“You aren’t going to pick her up?”
His gaze stayed on the older one for awhile, as if mulling over Angel’s suggestion in his head.
“Must I?”
“It would be advisable.”
He sighed, staying still for a moment. Finally, he did as she said, though hesitantly. It’s times like these that I wonder if there really is a god up there, and if he enjoys putting me through hell.
The baby looked up at him with eyes the color of tarnished gold.
“Have they been named?” Angel asked.
“Hell if I’d know, I just walked into the warehouse this morning and saw them sitting on the desk.” He shuddered very slightly.
“So name them.”
“What, now?”
“Yes, now!”
“Yeesh!” He muttered, though remained silent.
Angel rolled her eyes, while searching her brain for ideas. She pointed at the younger one. “What about Bonny?”
“Eh? Oh, yeah, sure.” It was quite obvious his mind was on other things.
“I’ll let you name the other one.” She placed the little baby back on the desk and acted like she was about to leave.
“Don’t leave me to deal with this!” He exclaimed.
“Why? I’m not the mother.”
“So? You’re a woman , and you happen to be the only woman I would trust. Plus, the mother’s dead.”
“And you know that how?”
“Maybe because ... her death was all over the news?” He suggested sarcastically.
“And you knew it was her?” Angel sighed. “Fine. I’ll help with what I can.”
“Good to hear!” Beck gave a grin, mostly because this meant he didn’t have to deal with all that raising a child entailed.
“But exactly what can I help with? What do you need? I know money isn’t a problem....”
He sighed. “Angel, babe, do you honestly think I know anything about kids? At all?”
“Considering you act like one.....”
“And what gives you that idea?”
Bonny started squirming toward the edge of the desk, and Angel rescued her before she fell off. “First order of business, name your other kid.”
“Fine.” He sighed, staying quiet for a moment. “Cal.” He stated simply.
“I don’t think I should ask where that came from.”
“It was the first name that came to mind, alright?”
“Their mother?” She remembered the woman’s name had been Caleia Wright. “Oh, by the way. Your friend Roger wouldn’t be so easily distracted now.”
“Hrm? What’re you getting at?”
“He has two boys of his own now.”
Beck’s reaction to this was neither angry nor calm. It was more along the lines of ‘encredibly shocked’. After a moment, a muttered, “Android lover ...”
“Well, she’s not an android anymore. She’s been human for about two years.”
“What’dya know? Crow-boy finally figured out a way to justify his pathetic situation. Man, news like this doesn’t travel far in prison, eh?”
Angel looked down at Cal. “She’s got your pen.” He looked down, noticing instantly that she was sucking on the top of it. Gently, he released her grasp from it, wiping it off on the bottom of his jacket before sticking it back in his pocket.
He turned his gaze to Bonny, who had fallen asleep in the few short moments of not being held, touched or spoken to. Angel shrugged.
“I don’t think they’ll be a problem.”
“Hope spring’s eternal.” He muttered, his eyes returning to Angel.
“I suppose. Next: where will they sleep?”
“I’ve got plenty of extra rooms in the highrise, so space isn’t an issue.”
“Uhh....” She shook her head. “I have to go shopping for these two, don’t I?”
“Well, I can’t exactly. In other words, yes.”
“Right. Can you take care of both of them while I’m gone?”
“As long as you’re not gone for over an hour.” At least he was being honest.
“I don’t think I will be,” she replied. She started to hand him Bonny, but stopped. “Uh...”
“Why don’t I just take her with me? You’ll have your hands full with Cal.”
“Alrighty then. But you better get back quickly.”
Without warning, Bonny pinched Angel on the neck.
Beck raised a brow. “Isn’t she still ...?”
“Sleeping? Yeah.” Angel sighed, put on her coat, and tucked Bonny neatly inside while turning to go. “She has your pen again,” she added before she left.
Left alone with only Cal, he sighed heavily. “Damn, not again.”
Angel carried Bonny into the mall and pushed back her hood. “Let’s see. What’s first.... I guess a bed, huh, kid?” Bonny turned her head, still sound asleep. Angel sighed and headed for the nearest baby store. However, not a few feet later, she ran SMACK into Roger.
He smirked, seeing who/what she held. “Who’s the father, Angel?”
“Well, to you, just some jackass.” She replied absentmindedly. Bonny now woke up, and, upon seeing Roger, began to cry.
Angel hoisted Bonny up and patted her back, then looked up and noticed that Dorothy was with him, carrying one child. Roger was holding the other. “Aw. Your kids.”
The one Roger held, John, looked down at Bonny and reached out his hand toward her. Ironically, she stopped crying, and returned the gesture by reaching out her own toward his, giving him a curious glance. Their fingertips touched, and John smiled. She forced hers a little towards his, and there hands were enclosed together. John smiled at her again.
The sweet moment was shattered by a sharp cry from Dorothy’s arms. She lifted the baby up and hugged him.
“We should go, Roger. Alex is getting fussy.”
“You’re right.” Roger gently took his son’s hand back from Bonny and nodded to Angel. “Bye.” And the Smiths walked off.
There was a quiet moan from Bonny, at being separated from the boy. Angel smiled and continued on their way.
“Don’t get mixed up with him, hun. He’s not on your side.” Bonny’s response to this was never heard,, because once again, she’d fallen asleep.
The first thing Angel bought was a baby carrier owing simply to the fact that her arms were going to sleep and would be too full to carry Bonny back to the warehouse. Hell, maybe she’d just take a cab.
She returned to the warehouse an hour later. “Beck?”
Amazingly, Beck didn’t look at all annoyed, troubled, or anything else expected. Instead, he was sitting with Cal in his arms, asleep (you can blame late-night brainstorming sessions). Angel fought out a laugh. Cal was gumming her father’s pen... again. Then, the little girl took the tip of the pen from her mouth, looked up at the yellow-clad criminal that held her, and tugged gently on his jacket, giving a slight whimper as she did.
Angel smiled and put her hand on Beck’s shoulder, moving her lips close to his ear. “Beck, wake up. You shouldn’t sleep in here.”
It took a few moments for him to respond, before finally reacting.
“You’re back? Already?”
“It’s been an hour.”
Cal gave another tug on Beck’s jacket.
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That's really interesting and not too bad, Zayne! Big Grin

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Yeah...I second the Nightingale movement!

This is pretty damn good! To think I would normally shoot myself to see any Beck Pairing.

The formatting could be a bit better I think, but other than that is pretty solid.

It does, however, raise questions. You 2 worry me.
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D-boy, D-boy, D-boy. We're just now scaring you? I can't move it though.
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D-boy, D-boy, D-boy. We're just now scaring you? I can't move it though.

Wait for the mods to do it.

And no, you've never scared me. You will never scare me(at least not within the feasibility ratio I've thought up.). You just...worry me.

Though being the daughter of Beck could explain alot about you.
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O_O; *not sure whether to take that last part as an insult or a compliment*
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Pleased *jots down something in her acheivements journal* October 27th ... I manage to scare - oops, I mean 'worry' D-boy ... short-term goal #1 acheived ...
Generalissimo D 10-28-2005 03:06 PM
Originally posted by Mrs. Beck
O_O; *not sure whether to take that last part as an insult or a compliment*
Are you tryin' ta say somethin', buddy?!

Pleased *jots down something in her acheivements journal* October 27th ... I manage to scare - oops, I mean 'worry' D-boy ... short-term goal #1 acheived ...

I'm flattered.

But really you two...go on. I want to see this resolve.
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Originally posted by D-Boy
But really you two...go on. I want to see this resolve.

That's all I need to hear!! Big Grin *furiously types away*
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Originally posted by Zayne
Originally posted by D-Boy
But really you two...go on. I want to see this resolve.

That's all I need to hear!! Big Grin *furiously types away*

You better run that draft by me before I leave for the weekend, Crow-girl!! >_>
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