A little LOL regarding City of Villains...

Mr. Fortnight 10-21-2005 11:06 PM
I was watching over a friend's shoulders as he plays the Beta of City of Villains, and I noticed a certain mission he enaged:

"Rob the Speakeasy"...

That is all.
Patsai 10-24-2005 09:18 AM
Also funny is that when this game comes out, the majoity of players will be on the evil side and there won't be a competition between the two forces (good vs. evil) for a good while.
Schwarzwald 11-19-2005 06:51 PM
Actually there already are PvP zones with Heros and VIllians fighting. In Sirens call they have a meter on who dominates more of the city, usually its heros because tehre are more Hero players... but I expect after a month or two it will be the villians dominating because of the extra powers like Hide and the rage meter.

EDIT: I was playing there tonight, and there were like 50 NPC heros and enemies fighting while all the heros and villains were dodging all around and the heros advanced to the Villain spawn and one hero was able to spawn kill 3 villains with 10 other villains+computer NPCs on him.