More Fanfiction, Big O Art Book Scans!

Shredder 09-21-2003 01:31 AM
For everyone who enjoys fan fiction, be sure to check out the latest additions to the section. Trotsky's intriguing "The Man in Red" continues with parts 2 and 3- find out what happens to Getall, Roger, and Dorothy in these latest action-filled installments! New to the section is Danee F's "Legacy of a Rose," the story of a mysterious woman who enters Roger's life. Read on to learn more about who she is and what her intentions might be. Also check out Blue Crow's "A Look Back" for a look inside Roger's mind during a traumatic experience. Find out what it all means in this very cool short story!

Also, I strongly recommend that everyone check out some scans from the new Big O Official Guide in our Miscellaneous Images Section. See creator concept art for Big O and other mecha! Thanks very much to R.Smith for contributing these scans! For anyone interested in buying the book (it is an import, and almost entirely in Japanese, but well worth it in my view), you can check out or other import bookstores. *Just a little word of caution for anyone (like me) who's avoiding spoilers- the book does have a page or two on each episode (from 1-26) with pictures from each show, so you might want to skip those pages if you don't want anything given away. (Of course, I haven't seen the pages for eps 21-26, so I can't say how big of spoilers those pictures are. Embarrassed Sweatdrop )*
Trotsky 09-21-2003 01:35 AM
Big Grin Big Grin horay my stuff is up SOO happy. ^u^
R.Smith 09-21-2003 01:39 AM
R.Smith will attempt to get non-crooked scans, also, R.Smith will scan moreBig Grin R.Smith is talking in third person for no apparent reason Big Grin

Originally posted by Trotsky
Big Grin Big Grin horay my stuff is up SOO happy. ^u^

what are you talking about Trotsky? it's not your stuff, it's my stuff, and now, i guess it's everyones stuff Confused
Trotsky 09-21-2003 01:54 AM
my fan fic, i wrote it. it's mine!! and now i hope people will read it... or uhh or els i wrote it for nothing...
Blue Crow 09-21-2003 01:39 PM
My fan fic is up as well.Yes,read it everyone! Pleased
Lady Tesser 09-21-2003 08:37 PM
They're both good.

And the scans are great.

There! ^_^
noonehere 11-03-2003 11:33 PM
they are great both of um