Your Alchemy

The Shrouded Alchemist 10-10-2006 01:44 PM
I would be none other than the Shrouded Alchemist. (Yeah, check out my username Wink ) Running from the past, I traveled to the desert regions of Amestris to further study and understand alchemy. I am also an archaologist- studying ancient desert ruins by day, and disguising my self by night to fight off everything from grave robbers, to law breaking outlaws.

I wouldn't have a particular style of alchemy. I'd just work with wahatever came to mind at the time. I wouldn't need a transmutation circle, because I would have one embroidered on my gloves (no time to doodle when you're fighting crime!)
Sara Comatori 10-16-2006 02:31 PM
I would be Ally Bonne, The Silver Winged Alchemist. I'm a half ishballin child that was rasied by the Armstrong family. my left arm was ripped off and replaced by a arm of pure sliver. I have the ability to turn my metal shoulder blades into Wings thus, I got the name. I'm the youngest living state Alchemist at the ripe age of 8.