The Family Guy movie

Volt 10-02-2005 01:14 PM
I trust a lot of you have seen this by now. I bought it for my friend for his birthday and we watched it the other night. Man, it was hilarious. I'm going to buy it for my self ASAP. Even after the last, extremely lackluster episode of Family Guy, the movie has rekindled my faith in the series. Plus, there's a sheet of paper that comes with the movie that says the Volume 3 DVDs will be out in November. Nice.
Anyway, best parts that I can remember:

  • "Jew Man Group"
  • diabetes commercial (see sig)
  • Thundercats "Real World" type thing
  • Stewie getting wasted and driving the car into the building
Trotsky 10-02-2005 01:48 PM
Ron... i totaly saw that comming from the first season Laughing