The Paradigm Username Shuffle

Madrona 09-26-2005 05:06 PM
Mr. Multitasker

( went to the profile for this one)
Blue Crow 09-26-2005 05:20 PM

because that's what i do. Pleased

- BC
The Fallen Phoenix 09-26-2005 05:30 PM
Worc Eulb.

You said it yourself. Tongue
X Prime 09-26-2005 05:31 PM
Tomorrow's Turkey Dinner!
The Baker St. Irregular 09-26-2005 05:44 PM
1.52 G.P.A.

Generalissimo D 09-26-2005 05:48 PM
Miss Muffin.

(I vote X Prime change his name to the "Your Gawd.")
X Prime 09-26-2005 06:01 PM
Originally posted by Mistress-Samwise
1.52 G.P.A.


Unless there's a numerical joke I'm not privvy to (there better be...), I actually have a 4.0 college GPA. An explanation would be nice.


D-Boy: Erm...


...Was Zorro suggested?

EDIT: I see it was. Crazed Devotee then.

(I tried to get Krang to change my name to God. No dice.)
Dork 09-26-2005 06:12 PM

there we go
Green_Bird 09-26-2005 06:23 PM
Edwarda Scissorhands!

088nd 09-26-2005 08:20 PM
Almost Blue Crow

Green Bird...Blue Crow...yeah, that was a little bit of a stretch.
Tickle Tickle 09-26-2005 09:01 PM
Bikini Inspector.
Fujiko 09-26-2005 10:26 PM
leader of the free (to look under the skirt) world!
Generalissimo D 09-26-2005 10:46 PM
Headmistress Fujiko
Blue Crow 09-26-2005 10:54 PM

haha. sorry, i know it's obvious, but i couldn't help it.

evanASF27 09-26-2005 10:56 PM

(Pronounced: Boy-d) Tongue
Generalissimo D 09-26-2005 11:00 PM
Ace of Spades 09-27-2005 01:11 AM
Diabolical Boy
Big Money 09-27-2005 10:57 AM
Not the Queen of Hearts

The limits 25 right? So I guess that works...
The Big Finale 09-27-2005 11:21 AM
Press Your Luck

...if ANYONE gets that reference, I will be AMAZED.
thebravest1 09-27-2005 12:15 PM
Mighty Mouse