The Paradigm Username Shuffle

Patsai 09-22-2005 10:53 PM
Collateral 09-22-2005 10:55 PM
Patty (best I could do in a rush- you took mine!)
Dork 09-22-2005 11:15 PM
90-Day Money Back Guaranty

::pushes thesaurus back under bed with toe::
Generalissimo D 09-22-2005 11:17 PM

I love this game.

Anime Smile
Dork 09-22-2005 11:18 PM
Tim Burton's Assistant
Pygmalion 09-22-2005 11:51 PM
A Chocolate River, Untouched By Human Hands
Christina Perry 09-23-2005 12:00 AM
Pygmalion: Clockworks_Wife for you.
Dork 09-23-2005 12:01 AM

Oh, my god, Karen, that's almost dirty. Ya bad girl.
Nine Kuze 09-23-2005 10:36 AM
Hey, Dork. I'll play!

Captain Sparrow's Wifey.
Collateral 09-23-2005 10:56 AM
THE Hustla
Generalissimo D 09-23-2005 11:41 AM
Madrona 09-23-2005 12:30 PM
Lady Tesser 09-23-2005 02:22 PM
Madrona: Dirty Look Alchemist

(Make it a full-time title!)
paul1290 09-23-2005 08:16 PM
Lady Tesser:
"Lady Hypercube"

(The word "Tesser" kind of reminds me of a 4-dimensional cube, also known as a hypercube. I think "Tesseract" might be another name for a 4-dimensional cube, but I'm not quite sure.)
Dork 09-23-2005 09:42 PM
The Theorist
Christina Perry 09-23-2005 09:47 PM
Dork: WonkaFan Pleased
DJX Prime 09-24-2005 07:24 AM
TakeshiKagaFan ==> Eugeena Levy

This is fun! Got a big kick out of my first name change. Laughing
paul1290 09-24-2005 05:33 PM
DJX Prime: Paradigm City's favorite DJ.
088nd 09-24-2005 07:18 PM
Paul minus numbers
evanASF27 09-24-2005 07:20 PM
Little Boy Blue's the avatar thingy...>_>...*goes to sulk*