NightRanger 09-19-2005 06:58 PM

I saw this movie today, and it was SOOOO funny! Michael Keaton plays this guy who never has time that's free (to be with his family, etc). So he has a scientist "Xerox" him, and it starts out where it's just one, but then, he decides he needs another copy, and then one of the copies gets cloned, and they come up with someone who's totally screwy! And that copy of him is probably the funniest character in the film! He doesn't even call himself by his real name!!!!!!

Doug Kinney #1: [to#4] I'm gonna buy you something...
Doug Kinney #4: [to#1] A chainsaw?
Doug Kinney #1: [to#4] ... Or a book...

Doug Kinney #4: I like pizza. I *like* it!
Doug Kinney: We're gonna need a cage.
Doug Kinney #4: Bye, Steve! I like Steve.

Kinney #4: We're going to eat a dolphin!
Kinney #2:No, you're not gonna eat a dolphin, you're gonna pet one.