Big O Showtime Artwork (MUST SEE YA'LL!)

Mattartist 09-18-2005 01:44 PM
Howdy doodles, Mattartist here with a grand thread here! I'll be showing the GINORMAS amount of cool Big O artwork I've been doing for my (hoping) animated third season of Big O, of which I have called respectfully, "Big O: Showtime". So technically its an entirely different series, but it continues from where the first series kinda just stopped from. Big Grin
I am having a teeny bit of a problem getting my huge pctures up, so bear with me, I'm scanning as of right now.

Included in this thread:

-New characters: R. Alexander Wainwright Cool Jane Doe Confused and Red Big Grin
(Don't ask, at least not until I get the sketches out!)

-New Megadeuses: Big Venus redesigns, Big Saturn (the king of the Bigs), and of course, ze Foreign Megadeuses! I got a real cool one based off of Centepede! But I'll get to that later...

-Comic Pages: highlights of the series, perhaps just some critical stuff and jokes, I'm not entirely sure how ta do that, but bear with me!

-And of course, art of no other than Roger, Dorothy, Norman, Beck, Big O, and Schwartzwald! (evil laugh) You guys are gonna flip! AAAHHHAAAHHHHAAA!

(cough) Well, erm, thats about it... OR IS IT? (evil laugh)

Okay, I know its small, but clicky and its a BIGgy! Muuha! Its Big O, of course, but I had to apply surgery. As soon as I find out how ta work this wonky picture attachment system, I'll be free to show the whole dang thing! But in the picture he's bursting outta the ground, and he's standin' in a huge crater. More as soon as I draws it, tootles! Big Grin
    Big Money 09-18-2005 04:47 PM
    Top notch... I find Big O impossible to draw, so more power to you!
    Buck Buck #1 09-18-2005 05:00 PM
    Bravo! very well done Big Grin . I'm looking forward to seeing more.
    Mugiwara Luffy 09-18-2005 07:53 PM
    Nice sketch! I look forward to more!
    Pygmalion 09-18-2005 11:03 PM
    Nice work on the arms, particularly. I look forward to more!

    Zopwx2 09-19-2005 01:59 AM
    WOw thats pretty dead on, especially since most people can't or won't draw big o as it appears in the show.
    Mattartist 09-19-2005 05:06 AM
    Dude! The thread exploded! Hazah!

    Well, to answer your query, Zopwx2, I have a Big O model (although it looks like the Foreign Megadeuses from Act 14 have severed its arm, or maybe I did that) that I used to help me draw it. Its awesome if you're having trouble with megadeus proportions.

    Also, thanks so darn much for all the replies! It -- it puts a smile in me heart to see me work appreciated...(sniff) Anyhoo, I'm almost finished with the infernal scanning! Argh, curse you, snail of technology! (smashes it with a nearby wood plank) Er, or maybe I AM done....
    (Awaits severe punishment from parental units.) Frown

    See ya! Big Grin
    MultiMedea 09-19-2005 09:18 AM
    Nice mecha work.
    Mattartist 09-19-2005 04:17 PM
    Thanks, MultiMedea!

    Guess what? Me gots artwork! Big Grin (evil laugh ensues) Aha! Here's two splendiforous pictures, one of Roger+Dorothy hangin' to each other (I'm such a sap for romance! Tongue ) and of course, Mr. Conehead himself, Schwartzwald!

    So feel free to respond!

      Generalissimo D 09-19-2005 04:34 PM
      Originally posted by Mattartist
      ....and of course, Mr. Conehead himself, Schwartzwald!

      That is AWESOME. Never has Ol' Crispy looked so debanoir.


      Tony Waynewrong 09-19-2005 05:14 PM
      Pretty cool stuff, dude. I like your style. Keep up the good work. Big Grin
      BethMcBeth 09-19-2005 05:34 PM
      Wow thise are oretty neat! I really love the one where Roger is holding Dorothy! So cute! Keep up the awesome work! ^_^""

      Mattartist 09-19-2005 08:24 PM
      Originally posted by D-Boy
      Originally posted by Mattartist
      ....and of course, Mr. Conehead himself, Schwartzwald!

      That is AWESOME. Never has Ol' Crispy looked so debanoir.



      Erm, huh with a capital HUH? HUH HUH HUH? Confused Smile

      Just kiddin', I'll give it a shot! Wowzers, God musta said to me a long time ago, "Post it, and they will come." Hallehluya, anyhow!

      (Does tradmarked "Crazy Dance".)

      Yahoo! See ya!
      Mattartist 09-21-2005 05:27 AM
      Hey, ya'll, can't talk much, but I've got two more pics to feast upon Happy :

      -Schwartzwald and Angel, just like I was requested, even though I am more inclined towards Angel + Dastun, cause I just think that's a better couple (and it leaves Dorothy with Roger, WOOT!) If you can't comprehend the writing above their heads, its this: "Through the Misty Morn" I don't know, I thought it was -- spiffy. Pleased

      -Dorothy running from a huge explosion, a sequence from "Showtime" in which Roger and Dorothy are making their way off the superdome of Paradigm City while trying not to get killed by the machinery that still remains! Shocked

      I guess thats it, then. Boy, am I tired. Here I am, sippin' my coffee and I've just discovered I missed my bus. Darm. Mad

      Oh well, I'll probably hafta run, see ya! Big Grin

      (Begins running and flailing his arms at the PAT Transit Bus that has just left the bus stop.)
        BethMcBeth 09-21-2005 09:54 AM
        Again most awesome work! I love Dorothy running away from the explosion and the thought of pairing Angel with Schwartzwald is funny as heck. Keep up the awesome work I love them! ^_^"

        Mugiwara Luffy 09-21-2005 01:36 PM
        Hey, Schwarzwald needs a girl too! I could see him paired up with Angel....

        Great drawings!
        Generalissimo D 09-21-2005 01:51 PM
        Originally posted by Mattartist
        -Schwartzwald and Angel, just like I was requested

        I love you. Dastun gets that Winter Night Phantom girl doesnt he?
        Mattartist 09-22-2005 04:32 AM
        Dude, he shoots her. That, to me, isn't really love. Me personally, (breathes hard in the nose) I prefer to think of Dastun and Angel. Tongue

        AND I DON'T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT! ARGH! (runs out of the house, is attacked by bees)

        Agrh! Bees! Shocked

        (runs around with an axe, hooting and hollering) Die, bees! ARRR!

        Phewww. Anyway, I don't know, I LOVE the idea, thats all. Besides, Schwartzwald is by nature a loner. I mean, who'd want to be with a man thats so scarred for life that he has to wear protective bandaging all the time? It would get rather smelly, anyway.

        OK! You ask, and me provides! Here's two more, and they're both character designs. The first is a NEW CHARACTER, Jane Doe! Big Grin
        Shes the one to the left. Also, thats her in the dress next to the face. It is her night dress when she meets with Roger and Dorothy at a charity ball.
        The second character is, of course, DOROTHY! I do believe this is my FINEST attempt at her, and believe me, I've tried since fall of 2002 to get her right! Big Grin Yes, I DO have no life to speak of --- except drawin'! Here ya go!
          R.Smith 09-22-2005 05:39 AM
          WOW! Shocked

          I just checked out all the drawings! Big Grin

          Your a very talented artist! Wink

          Keep up the fantastic work! Cool
          Pygmalion 09-22-2005 08:20 AM
          What an explosion of art! It's great to see your gallery, Mattartist. Your action pictures are lively! And I'm sure Schwarzwald could use a good woman to rewrap his bandages from time to time.

          I have one small quibble though; your Roger came out with a rather shallow head, rather like manga-Roger (who looks pretty young to be 25!). He really needs front-to-back space to contain all that boneheadedness. Just a humble suggestion from a Roger fangirl.