The Favorites

Nine Kuze 09-06-2005 12:29 PM
Who are your favorite actors and actresses and in what movie?
Dork 09-06-2005 04:43 PM
My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. He's been wonderful in everything I've seen him in.

Many people who are unfamiliar with his work seem to think Johnny Depp is just a pretty boy of the Tom Cruise variety who doesn't any real acting talent and whose fans are rabid fangirls. Unfortunately, I have come across quite a few rabid Depp fangirls. But the reason I love him is because the man can act.

Johnny Depp immerses himself as much as he can in each of his characters; their lives, who they are, what they are, how they see themselves. He tries to understand it all. His timing and command of his facial expressions remind me of Jim Carrey. Not that his roles are similar to Carrey's but before I first noticed Johnny Depp and became a fan of his I'd only seen that level of physical skill and control in Jim Carrey's brilliant physical comedy. Johnny Depp's vocal talent (command of accents included) combined with his physical and facial control make him one of the most talented and downright best actors the world has ever seen.

In his movies he's always on, he's always doing something. You can't keep your eyes off him even when other things are going on in the scene with other characters. And example of this is his character Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Carribean', if he's in the scene and other characters are talking you're going to be watching Jack even if he's using someone as a human sheild. Johnny is one of the few modern day actors who could have made it without a doubt as a silent film star, he has that physical presence, he emotes with every muscle of his body.

To make matters better Johnny Depp has no qualms about having to play masculine characters to keep his image up. He cares absolutely nothing for his image. For the artist's part of the actor this makes him better at what he does. He didn't care what people would think of him for playing 'Edward Scissorhands's beautifully innocent title character. He felt connected to the character and wanted to bring him to life. (Tom Cruise -thankfully- turned down the role of Edward because he wasn't masculine enough). This pays off too in small ways in some of his other films (ex: Mort Rainey fainting at the sight of a murder scene in 'Secret Window')

Johnny Depp is a solidly enjoyable actor to watch or listen to. The movies his chooses to do are well written and in some way unique. He never plays the same sort of character twice. As a fan you just sort of fly blind into his movies. And if you hear he's playing a character you don't think he can pull off my best advice is to 'go with it' because he'll probably surprise you.

Nine Kuze 09-07-2005 10:49 AM
Thanks for replying, Dork. And I totally could have guessed that your favorite actor was Johnny Depp. But it's also true what you say about him to. In today's Hollywood, there are only about five actors that can really act and that keep your focus on that person how where they are in the movie or who's on screen even if its not him.

So, how about your favorite actresses?...
Redd 09-10-2005 01:22 AM
My favorite actor is Cillian Murphy. Why? because he's so damn hot. Talent-wise, yeah, I guess Johnny Depp is good because he's so versatile...

My favorite actress at the moment is Dakota Fanning. Why? Because she's like 9 years old or something and... I dont know, she's cute.

Hmm, talent, talent... my mind draws a blank! XD
DJX Prime 09-10-2005 07:11 AM
I haven't really thought of it for awhile.

I'd have to say that my two favorite actors are Sean Connery and Bruce Campbell. I like Bruce for some of the slapstick and one-liner stuff he's famous for, but also because he has a rather blue-collar outlook about Hollywood (especially if you read his autobiography). He seems more approachable. As for Connery, he's been in a number of different roles. Not to mention he was JAMES FRICKIN' BOND!!! Cool

Speaking of people that have been different roles, I think I'd have to put Val Kilmer up there too.

As for actresses, I can't think of any that stand out for me.

Now directors... Some directors that I have a tendency to watch over and over are Ivan Rietman (Ghostbusters), John Carpenter (Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China), Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek IV, Three Men and a Little Baby), and Spielburg.
6 moon dance 09-10-2005 09:37 AM
I can't leave this forum without putting in a plug for one of my favorite actors, Dustin Hoffman. Like Johnny Depp, he also carefully researches his characters then immerses himself in them. His work is so good that a lot of his characters have become cultural icons like Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate , Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie. and of course Rain Man. Since Rain Man came out in 1987, the number of people diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed. While there are a lot of other factors involved, I think that part of the reason for this increase is Hoffman's compelling performance as an autistic savant. It has made the entire country more aware of autism.

It breaks my heart to see him in some of the movies he's been in lately, i.e. Meet the Fockers and a cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events . I just hope he doesn't end up like Bette Davis or Joseph Cotton (Citizen Kane, The Magnificant Ambersons) who ended their acting careers making movies like What Ever Happened to Baby Jane or Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte ( Hack Hack Sweet Has Been Smile ).

I want Season 3 dammit, and I want it right now!
088nd 09-10-2005 10:11 AM
Heh, Dustin Hoffman. Me and my friends actually had an argument about who was better in Death of a Salesman, him or Jon Malkovich.

Of course I personally think Jon Malkovich is the greatest actor ever. Why? Watch any movie with him in it, and it's amazing. Plus, he avoids all the hollywood bullsh** that other celebrities do, which is awesome.
Nine Kuze 09-12-2005 01:02 PM
Yeah, no one can touch Sean Connery. He's one of the best. Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that. Dustin Hoffman is pretty damn fresh as well, as one of the older actors that can still act better than 90% of the rest.

But there's something here bothering me about all this... no actresses stand out?! WTF?! What about Hilary Swank, who won the Best Actress award this year, and what about Halle Berry (omit the Catwoman movie), Cate Blancett and Charlize Theron? Angelina Jolie, anybody?

I gotta say though that even though she's nine, Dakota Fanning can act like no other. Imagine her acting talent when she hits puberty...

6 moon dance 09-12-2005 01:38 PM
She's not that well know in the US, but I think that Julia Swanna (mispelled) is one of the best and most versitile actresses around. She played Jenifer Saunders uptight daughter, Sapphie, in Absolutely Fabulous. Then she played the ditzy and slightly slutty Lydia in the A&E channel's Pride and Prejudice , She was utterly convincing in both roles.
Nine Kuze 10-06-2005 01:16 PM
She sounds pretty good, 6 moon dance. I favorite actress at this moment is probably Cate Blanchett and probably for the same reasons and because I've been watching old movies lately, Audrey Hepburn because she's so believeable in all her roles and she so beautiful.

Keepin' up with the favorites theme, what are your guys favorite movies? Mine have got to be Casablanca (I like ol' school!), Scarface, The Godfather I and II and Casino. I can't really think of any more movies at the moment but if you guys have some favorite, undisputed movies, them come on and put them down. Happy