Season 3 comic...the 5th Big

Xylem 08-31-2005 04:24 AM
This is the 5th of the 6 Bigs in existance. Piloted by the Schizonian Prince,Prince
Krei Septomus. Upon the discovery of the "Wizard of Oz" in the wasteland ruins(groom lake) the book depicts armegeddon and a war of machines broaght on by the power of god. 7 prophets (Gordon Rosewater 1# Michael Seebach 2#...etc) foretold the end of the world.the release of the leviathan after the omen of the leviathan(Big Fau)is defeated by a knight. This book was locked away Schizon archives studied by scientists and experts. It was mysteriously stolen.Strangely it is said who ever reads its text is shown a vision of the future.
Spread of the nightmarish prophecies reached Paradigm cuasing the ruined city to constantly fear the future not knowing what will come or when it will come.Instead of memories, prophecies are now seeked.they know most of them will die but can they change the future or is its set in stone? Thats the theme of the series.

I know its not michaelangelo (not symmetric no color) I don't have photoshop yet and I don't have a PC drawing pad so please no nit picking it took me 3 hours to draw that and I am still not done clearing up the symmetry,shadowing and proportions.

I need some help as this is pretty slow for just one person. If you want to contribute email me at

or give me a PM

hey if sunrise and cartoon network won't make a season 3 then we'll make one ourselfs.
Mattartist 08-31-2005 08:15 AM
Pretty neato, Xylem. I figure, people are just gonna make a million 3rd seasons, but its a great way to show to the people at Sunrise that we're JUST NUTTY about Big O! Only question, what's this dude's color scheme? If you're not sure what that means, take a look at this:
Big O: Black
Big Duo: Red
Big Fau: White
Big Venus: some people thought it was reverse Big O's color, but really it is colored Orange. Confused Don't ask me why, I'm still dilusional of pink elephants...HickuP! Big Grin

Sweatdrop Okay, I'm done ranting...
BethMcBeth 08-31-2005 12:12 PM
Wow! thats awesome! I really love how you draw your Mechas! Thats so cool! And I agree if they won't give us a season 3 we will make one ourselfs! ^_^" Keep up with the great work!

Xylem 08-31-2005 05:48 PM
Big Virgo is callled that because Prince Krei's wife Eden is hooked up to the machine. She after an attack by Queeri forces was severely injured. Comatose and in critical condition she can only survive with a machine like body.Schizon made a deal when the best machinist in the world Dr. Richard Wagner thier hated enemy.(and thats just survive) She was one of the seedlings the Schizonian government made when they Kidnapped gordon rosewater and forced him to make seedlings in a attempt to see the future and stop the foretold doomsday(Dr. Wagner being the twisted deviant he is made Eden have a design flaw in her interpersonal/social recognition protocals thats causes her to overload and take full control of Virgo destroying both friend and foe Krei has to plead with her so she will get under control and snap out of it.She has the ability to talk to machines(sort of like Dorthy but not to megadeuces only andriods)and can sometime "prophecy" too or when angel sees fit.
She is plugged into Virgo acting as a power circuit boosting virgo's speed. But in the process of making seedlings and being forced to do it by threat of torture gordon went insane and wrote a disturbing book "The Wizard of Oz" who he says is the a compilation of letters from a ghost that seeks the truth.Schwarzwald.But isn't he dead? Well yes and no he may be dead but then Big Duo can't have his rematch right? But Jeremiah Seebach his son isn't.
Jeremiah a bio chemist is trying to find what really happened to his dad and study the accurances of his secret life as schwarzwald.

Big Virgo is Powder Blue,Indigo and white
He's the Cosmic Big
He a symbol of a Viking

Big Gamma is a ebony skin with deep green plastic like armor with black out lines(no metal)armour has glowing lines in it has a Big Ruby like eye that glows. has leaves and branches coming out of it.
can regenerate damage.
He is the Bio Big
faceless but looks the most humanoid
seeing as its a plant big hybrid it can regenerate lost power by spouting more branches with leaves.
Symbol of the cyclops
eats megadeuces