The World of Warcraft Thread

Captain Maw 08-14-2005 12:10 AM
ok: well, i got (and hopefully man other gamers who suscribe to a mag w/dvd included) got a 14-day trial for World of Warcraft!
well, this thread is for anyone to give help, give names, submitting char. stats, tips, etc.
the thing is: i've gotten really into it, and may actually consider getting it! (ergh, monthly fee, gonna be hard getting some plastic)
got a lvl.10 Tauren Warrior: Captain Maw
not many abilities... i haven't decided on my two job skills yet.... any suggestions?
Hienrich Ele 08-14-2005 03:59 AM
Yeah, it's crack on a CD. Everquest ain't got nothing on it.

I play 3 characters now.

On Burning Legion, I got a 44 Paladin named "Hienrich" on the alliance.

On "Frostmane", I got a 45 rogue named "Sinkiller" on the horde.

And I just made one on "Kalecgos". A level 10 priest named "Hienrich", on the alliance.

Profession wise? Herbalism makes lots of money. And by lots, I mean LOTS! Take up alchemy with it for a bonus.

Engineering/Mining does not make a lot of money, but it was fun. I am a gnomish engineer on my Paladin. I got a shrink ray, world enlarger, net gun, death ray, discombobulator gun, all the good stuff. Great for PvPing.

I haven't tried too much of the other professions, I am going up tailorism with my new priest.

As for tips with a warrior... Never fear rogues. You can beat them if they are the same level or lower than you. Hell, even higher ones will have trouble killing you.
Captain Maw 08-15-2005 07:43 PM
ok, well i've finally purchased it. it's gonna come with my Alienware Aurora 5500. sweet.
thing is: my lvl15 tauren warrior is gonna go for mining and engineering. and currently in Ogrimmar, trying to get some night elves on my mace, but getting up there has been difficult.
how exactly do battles etc. go? never been, seeing how i'm pretty low lvl. also, how long did it take you to get to lvl44?
Hienrich Ele 08-16-2005 11:46 AM
Battle vary from class to class.

Mr friend plays a warrior, and I've been killed by warrior on my rogue (They can't touch my paladin).

It's all strategy, though. For instance, when you fight a rogue, you want to put a damage over time move on them, which is the warrior's move called "Rend". That way they cannot go back to stealth and hide from you, because the DoT will cause them damage, breaking their stealth.

When you fight casters, just get in melee range so they cannot "nuke" you (as it is commonly called) with their spells.

If you type /played in the game, it will tell you the total time played. Mine is 12 days total spent playing. This, though, was my first character. So I spent a lot of time exploring and just figuring the game out. Plus, paladins level slower than other classes because, since we are more defensive than offensive, take longer to kill things.

But yeah, as a warrior you'll be pretty much unstoppable in PvP at higher levels. They get very powerful. Only reason why my paladin can take them is because I spent my talent points on Retribution, for more damage, than defensive or healing.
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 09-23-2005 05:40 PM
i play the game with my gf! we have fun! i am in the usually in world Garona

i play as Tenuske lvl 8 taruren warrior! or as night elve name Garahad Lvl 6 rogue!
dtk91 10-18-2005 11:12 PM

I'm lv. 5 night elf rogue Nacarclekov.
Ace of Spades 12-31-2005 03:04 PM
I just got the game several days ago and I must say it is better than Guild Wars. I'm a level 12 Night Elf on the Kilrogg server name of Dazlis
Travis Bickle 12-31-2005 03:34 PM
I'm going to be honest. I played EQ2 and I played WOW. WoW seems like the tard version of EQ2, with EQ2 being way more fun and in depth than WoW. Though I'm never going to subscribe to either (no matter how many times my best friend bugs me), if I were going to, I would have to go with EQ2.

Plus the people on EQ2 seem to be a tad bit more mature that those on WoW.