[Question] flood control doesn't like me....

Green_Bird 08-09-2005 09:00 PM
Okay so what's up with the flood control? Usually after 60 seconds (Even though it said '60 minute(s)' ) I can make a post but now, It seems that I can't. It has been long over 60 seconds that I have posted but it still won't let me reply to the computer thread because I ran out of room in the first post. This is important because I need to explain what I posted in the post that I ran out of room on (Did that make any sense O_o ?). But anyways, I have a bad feeling that it actually turned into an hour rather then a minute....If it did then, why so long on the flood control? Shouldn't it be a minute and not 60 Minutes?

Yes I under stand that flood control can be a good thing, but...could you make it a little shorter time limit? Because for people who post things and run out of room in one post need to post another post to continue what they were trying to say. I mean not all double posts are spam or something that can easily be edited into a post. Some times, they're needed.
Krang 08-09-2005 09:23 PM
Actually, there are two flood controls: one which prevents people from posting two posts in any thread within 30 seconds of each other, and one which prevents people from posting two posts in a row in the same thread within 60 minutes of each other. I agree that there are cases where people may need to legitimately post twice in a row in a thread, but the vast majority of double posts are short spam posts, and at this time it is not possible for the forum software to distinguish between the two types.

There are two solutions to this problem. The first is to ask another member to post something in the thread so that you can continue posting, then ask a moderator to delete the post that the other member posted (don't worry, the extra post will not be considered spam and nobody will get in trouble). Or, depending on the situation, you can put part of the post in a text file and attach it to the post instead (you can also zip the file to save space). For the post that you're referring to, you can use the second method and attach the log to the post so that you don't go over the character limit.