Our Lady Peace

StevieV019 08-09-2005 02:46 PM
The next band, I feel, worth mentioning here is Our Lady Peace. This Toronto band, in my opinion, is very underrated and continually gets swept under the welcoming mat when it comes to notoriety and recognition. With 5 albums already under their belts, and a 6th one, titled "Healthy in Paranoid Times" due to be released August 30, 2005, I figured why not give them a shout out.

Their debut album, Naveed, did very well in Canada when released and had a great regional showing up north when it was released in 1994. Their second album, Clumsy, released in 1997, featured a handful of great showings. "Big Dumb Rocket", "4 AM", "Automatic Flowers", "Superman's Dead", "Carnival", and the title track "Clumsy" definitely put Our Lady on the map stateside. They released "Happiness...Is Not a Fish You Can Catch" and featured the song "One Man Army", "Theif", "Is Anybody Home", and "Happiness and the Fish". Their latest album, aside from a live compilation record, featured "All for You", "Do You Like It?", "Made of Steel", and the megahit (in mainstream circles) "Somewhere Out There".

Id have to say out of all the albums released, "4 AM", "One Man Army", and "Big Dumb Rocket" are my favorite songs of theirs. They simply kick ass, in my opinion. So to you, fellow members, you thoughts on Our Lady Peace? Cant wait for their new album at the end of this month...

Spooky 08-09-2005 08:44 PM
I almost made this thread the other day! I'm glad someone did Smile

Wow. I first heard OLP sometime in middle school between "Naveed" and "Clumsy," but I became a huge fan after I heard "Clumsy."

Some of my favorite OLP tracks are "Thief," "Automatice Flowers," and "4AM." I really didn't jump on the bandwagon for their last album just because I didn't think it was as good as "Happiness...." (that, and "Somewhere Out There," REALLY got on my nerves; it wasn't their best song, it didn't sound like OLP, and it was WAY over played....can we say teenage anthem?)

However, I'm glad to hear that they have a new album coming out at the end of this month! I've really never been disappointed with OLP in the past, and I'm hoping I won't be now!
Travis Bickle 08-10-2005 01:38 AM
OLP is amazing. Clumsy is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I distinctly remember buying it the first day it came out.

Every time I hear the bridge from the song "Clumsy", I get chills. It's that damn good.

Best songs: Automatic Flowers, Clumsy, Superman's Dead, Happiness & The Fish, Is Anybody Home?

In my opinion, they're the second best Canadian rock group ever (with the New Pornographers being first, and they too have a new album coming out soon Big Grin , and the third being Metric).

Recently, they've become like (and I'm probobly going to regret saying this) the Canadian 3 Doors Down. Spiritual Machines was a failed attempt at a decent concept album, and with Gravity, they gained a lot of attention from the Emo/Pop croud. Let's just hope the new album doesn't suck.

Yes, I am that critical about musicians I like.
StevieV019 08-10-2005 07:27 AM
Yeah, notice how I didnt mention their experimental album. Its all good, all groups go through their creative phase it seems...

I can honestly throw their album Clumsy in at anytime and listen to the whole thing. It seems to hit every emotion you can have throughout the whole album. It hits slow and mellow, hard and fast, methodic and contemplative, regretful and atonement, depending upon which song you listen to. Thats certainly something I can appreciate from them.

Their latest album wasnt that bad in my opinion. Yeah, "Somewhere Out There" had a lot of mainstream fingerprints all over it. A little whiney, a little angsty, but you cant necessarily blame them for trying to sell records and fit in where the other teen music crap seems to rule. Gotta make a living, y'know? And its not that bad compared to whats out there...One song out of the album isnt that bad, I guess. Aside from that, you can definitely hear the signature vocals of....damn, whats that guy's name...the lead singer...you can hear his "franchised" voice on other tracks on the cd...which Im happy for. And at times too, you can hear their trademark guitar riffs and bass lines. "All for you" has a beginning that reminds me a lot of "Big Dumb Rocket" and "Superman's Dead". Try listening to them all again, and hopefully, you'll see what I mean.

Dont worry, I have a feeling their latest album is gonna rock. I cant wait, you'll see me grabbing that badboy up the day it gets released.
Instro 08-24-2005 11:21 AM
As someone who grew up in Western New York listening to Canadian radio, I can definitely agree that Our Lady Peace rocks!

Any other favorite Canadian bands?
dr_malaki 09-11-2005 12:58 AM
I have one of their albums on a now-obsolete cassette. It's _Happiness ... Is Not A Fish You Can Catch_. I sought it out after I'd heard one song off it, "One Man Army," on the radio a couple of times.

Nine Kuze 04-03-2006 01:54 PM
WWE wrestler Chris Benoit's theme song is done by Our Lady Peace. The theme song is called "Whatever" and that's a damn good song, so I checked out they're other stuff and I have to say, Our Lady Peace is pretty damn good in my book.