evanASF27 08-07-2005 11:27 PM
Tons of freakin birthdays! =O

Donatello (19), Dr. Omega (33), Krang, michael009 (15), Miss Function (20), No_name (16), Pygmalion (45), robyeah1 (19), The End (20)

but seriously happy birthday to:
Krang and Pygmalion!!!
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Buck Buck #1 08-07-2005 11:32 PM
A very happy birthday to all of you!!! Big Grin
BabyGhia 08-07-2005 11:37 PM
Happy Birthday to everyone but especially to Krang and Pygmalion!!!! Hope you all have a special chickenerific day... Or, at least, Pygmalion should! Tongue

Big Grin


PS. And it's one of my friend's birthday's also. I hope he is going to have a great b'day also. Big Grin
dominusofdeath 08-07-2005 11:44 PM
Happy Birthday to Krang! A fellow, FMA, TMNT, One Piece, YuYu Hakusho, and Big-o fan! ANd to Auntie Pygmalion! Happy birthday guys!
Generalissimo D 08-08-2005 12:12 AM


To celebrate this, I have summoned up this little something.

Hope you like it. (borrowed it off the hilarious encyclopedia dramatica)

I have been a TMNT fan for a good time. And I enjoy One Piece. So loads of thumbs up. One for every year.

And happy birthday to Pygmalion, the First Aunt of Paradigm City Forums. May ACT serve you floats to your hearts delight. Wink

Happy birthday to all the notposters.
Travis Bickle 08-08-2005 12:22 AM
I woke up for some reason, and now I know why.

Happy birthday, Krang, dude! I hope your birthday kicks 10 kinds of ass.

I have no fancy pictures or anything that I can post that would be somewhat interesting,! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to everyone else.
Kittie heavenly6 08-08-2005 12:35 AM
Again, Happy Birthday Krang! May it be filled with lots of BeMani and Sega Goodness Smile
R.Smith 08-08-2005 01:01 AM
Happy (insert secret number here) Birthday Krang! Cool

Happy 45th Birthday Pygmalion! Big Grin

Shocked f.jpg" alt="" border="0" class="resizeImage" />

Happy 19th Birthday Donatello!
Happy 33rd Birthday Dr. Omega!
Happy 15th Birthday michael009!
Happy 20th Birthday Miss Function!
Happy 16th Birthday No_name!
Happy 19th Birthday robyeah1!
Happy 20th Birthday The End!

Zopwx2 08-08-2005 01:46 AM
WHOA major birthdayage!

Go Krang and Pygmalion~!
X Prime 08-08-2005 02:02 AM
Happy birthday to all who it is applicable to.

I do hope Krang tries to keep off PCF work, but I doubt it.
Tony Waynewrong 08-08-2005 03:27 AM
Happy Birthday, Krang, Pygmalion and Miss Function. I hope your day is filled with Nachos and Ginger Ale.

thebravest1 08-08-2005 07:25 AM
Holy Cow we have a lot of birthdays and two vary special ones. Well it looks like my cooks are almost done with your cakes.

So I hope you both have a very wonderfull time today Krang and Pygmalion.
Captain Maw 08-08-2005 07:33 AM
Happy Birthday to all!
i agree that Krang should get more breaks....
but in other news: again: happy birthday.
Collateral 08-08-2005 11:18 AM
Happy Birthday you guys! I hope your day is super and full of birthday wishes being granted and stuff like that!
Constable Crunch 08-08-2005 12:07 PM
Happy Birthday Krang and Pygmalion! Best wishes for an awesome day!
IanC 08-08-2005 12:25 PM
Happy Birthday to all of you!
Big Money 08-08-2005 12:37 PM
Happeh Burthdeh Evrehbuddeh, 'specially Krang and Pygmalion!
Pero_Is_Crying 08-08-2005 02:55 PM
Wow! We're going to need a bigger cake! Happy b-day everybody. Hope your next trip around the sun is more sunny than trippy.
Yomiko 08-08-2005 03:33 PM
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dearDonatello, Dr. Omega, Krang, michael009, Miss Function, No_name,*gasp for air* Pygmalion, robyeah1, & The End
Happy birthday to you!!!! Big Grin

Tomorrow Barrin and I's dad will be 50! Shocked Happy
088nd 08-08-2005 05:16 PM
Happy birthday, Krang.