R.Smith 08-06-2005 03:14 AM
  1. This forum is for avatars/banners, not for spam threads. In other words, questions like "what's that image about" "where'd you find that image," etc. don't have a place on JFK Mark Airport, so please take them to a PM.

  2. Please limit the amount of times you post the same avatar/sig image to 5 times for each image. This means that for example, you change your sig image, yet have the same avatar as before, you can now post your new sig image up to 5 times in the "Rate the Banner/Signature "thread. The same idea goes for the "Rate the Avatar"thread.

  3. Again, the rule is 5 times for each your avatar and sig image. This will also apply to the as location and user title rating threads.

  4. Please give a rating of the person above you. You don't have to rate anyone else before them, that is your discretion.

Also, please remember:

If you have a problem with someone's avatar, or sig image, please rate it, make a comment or two, and then take it to a private message, or off the forums.

I'm not saying you can't have an opinion about an image, but please keep it civil.

These threads are for rating, and not arguing.

I've also noticed some members using the "Rate the ___" threads to increase their post count. This is not acceptable by any means and can be viewed as spamming, and if I need to I will delete your post(s).

Any complaints can be PM'ed to me.