Micheal Jackson!

Zopwx2 08-03-2005 11:39 PM
The King o' Pop music discussion.

Now may I kick this thread off by saying my favorite MJ song of all time is: "Don't Stop till you get Enough"
Travis Bickle 08-03-2005 11:40 PM
Black and White is probobly the only thing I like from him...
Generalissimo D 08-03-2005 11:54 PM
He was pretty much GOD in the 80's, then took a swan dive into a pit of molten hot spikes. that "Dont stop till you get enough" one is probably one of the few I can stand. Besides thriller. But, Thriller has Vincent Price in it. And once you have that, it doesnt matter if its just a monotone reading of the phone book.


Anyway, I would like to reiterate my theory(anyone been paying attention to me when I say it?) that the current Jacko we see is an alien clone. There were certainly enough events for a switch to happen. And the whole decomposing thing works well because I dont think it was meant to last so long in our atmosphere. The surgery was a cover up! THE REAL MICHEAL IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE! CONSIDERABLY BLACKER!

StevieV019 08-04-2005 10:37 AM
Originally posted by Bleedthrough
Black and White is probobly the only thing I like from him...


Ever heard of "Smooth Criminal"?? Come on...good stuff, plus, his "video" in Moonwalker is just plain badass. Gangstas with tilted hats and suits...and dont forget about the lean maneuver...

"Black and White" actually isnt bad, pretty good...but I prefer the above, obviously.

I also like "Jam" and "Man in the Mirror" (yeah...say whatever you want...but growing up in the 80's has its effects)

Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous were good...and then...well, we got into the obsessed with children era for Michael....

"Dont Stop Til You Get Enough" is good as is "Rock With You" during his laser show era before Thriller..
Zopwx2 09-06-2005 03:11 PM
Michael Jackson's appearance is undergoing a major revamp as he hides away from the American press in Bahrain and prepares to relaunch his career, according to an American author. Michael C. Luckman, who wrote Alien Rock: The Rock 'N' Roll Connection, claims the 47-year-old is working on a more macho appearance which has seen him working out, wearing shorter wigs and using less make-up. Luckman tells website PageSix.com that Jackson's parents Joseph and Katherine are coordinating the make-over as the Bad singer holds talks with a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel over a long-term performing deal. And Luckman expects Jackson to return to his position as the king of pop: "Michael Jackson is headed to the stratosphere. Nothing can stop him now."

Fujiko 09-06-2005 06:57 PM
Originally posted by Bleedthrough
Black and White is probobly the only thing I like from him...

Isn't that the video when he turns into a black panther or something? I've only seen it once or twice, and that was when i was about 4 or 5.

It's not one of my faves though. I like his earlier stuff.

Beat It
Rock With You
Don't Stop Til you Get Enough
Thriller (but there's only so much of it you can listen to)
Smooth Criminal
Billie Jean