[Fan Fiction] R. Dorothy A Flash from a Past (Complete)

BethMcBeth 07-25-2005 04:10 PM
R. Dorothy A Flash from a Past

R. Dorothy A Flash from a Past

Its raining a cool hard rain, actually pouring, As R. Dorothy walks down a damp ally umbrella in her left hand and a small basket in her right. The sound of rain can be herd for miles and miles on end. Until the rattling of a cardboard box caught her attention. She pauses and turns towards her right to see another adjacent alley way, it is filled with the various items that one may find in alley way a chain link fence, wood scraps, pipes where the water drains from, trash cans and cardboard scraps. The cardboard appears to be rattling a little as Dorothy bends down closer to investigate it; she bats her eyes as the scurrying appears to come closer. A small grey kitten appears. Dorothy leans a little closer to it as the kitten meows….

***Flash Back***

It is a bright sunny day in a beautiful garden with the back set of a mansion. A tune is being hummed and we follow it through the garden past the rose bushes up towards the side walk. Where a small pale red headed girl is laying on her stomach tapping her feet up and down. She is humming a tune while smiling. Wearing a light pale lime green dress with soft pale violet rounded shoes. She has in her hand a young artist’s most favorite weapon at hand, chalk. One wonders what and how chalk could be so amusing to a girl but from what we can see she is content. Happily drawing creatures, cat like creatures. There are a variety of them. Some sitting some walking standing the thing that they all have in common is their eyes. There is a subtle but deep dark sadness form with in their eyes. A look of longing, longing to be with someone. The girl stare backs at her pictures in the cement. She pets each ones head and appears to almost start conversing with them.
Suddenly from the distance a woman voice called out, “Miss Dorothy, Miss Dorothy. It is time to come inside now, it is getting late.”

Dorothy stands up and stares at her pictures. She brushes off her knees and responds “I am coming...” And quickly dashes off. She races through the garden past the flowers and up towards the porch door.

In a stern voice, the maid said, “There you are Miss Dorothy; it is time for your singing lessons.”

“But I do not like singing,” Dorothy glared.

“Nonsense you are great at it,” the elderly maid said warmly.
“No I am not, and I hate it,” the redheaded child protested as she stomped her foot on the ground.

The old woman smiled and hugged the unhappy child. “Awww but Miss Dorothy your father loves hearing you sing.”

“But I still hate it. It’s not fun…” Dorothy raised her voice as she crossed her arms and pouted.

The maid placed held Dorothy’s. She did not want to push the child but knew that Dorothy’s instructor wasn’t as patient as she. “Now let’s not keep your teacher waiting”

The two disappear into the drawing room where Dorothy endured an hour or so of tedious singing lessons.

During that late hours of the same day, Dr. Wayneright was in is study. He often spent many hours there reading periodicals and indulging a tumbler of Brandy before bed. It was at this time, when the elderly maid walked in. She wore her typical black governess outfit, with stiff white ruffs and adorned upon the neck was an antique jabot. The doctor peered over his newspaper. He could see that she had something she wanted to voice, since the only other time she entered this room was to announce a visitor.

“Master Wayneright,” She stated in her proper voice.

Wayneright peered over his newspaper again and glared. He didn’t take kindly to her interruption of his evening reading of the daily periodical. He briefly hesitated, as to give her a chance to announce the arrival of an unexpected guest. Once he was certain she wasn’t there to make such an announcement, he asked frigidly,” What is it?”

Despite the fact that she knew how much the doctor hated interruptions, she stated politely,” Sir Miss Dorothy is still asking about the kitten.”

“Huh?” Dr. Waynewright asked as if he wasn’t prepared for such an inquiry.

The elderly governess smiled friendly. She noticed that his Brandy flask was half empty. Nevertheless, she was determined to as again. “The kitten sir.”

He shook his head and flipped over a page of the newspaper. Without looking at he blurted out. “Oh that again.”

The governess nodded quickly, “Yes sir.”

Dr. Waynewright cocked his eyebrow and said, “Why on earth does she want it?”

“I am not sure sir; she says she wants to have a friend,” She replied immediately.



*NOTE: This was a idea I had quite a while ago and sort of went with it Tony actually inspired me to write the whole thing so I dedicate this to you my love. Thank you for everything*
Tony Waynewrong 07-25-2005 04:27 PM
Good story, so far. I am glad that you found the strength to posting your fanfic. I know how hard you worked in developing this story.

Kudos! Big Grin
BethMcBeth 07-25-2005 05:46 PM
The impatient doctor folded his newspaper. He knew this woman well. Despite her properness, she wasn’t one to walk away from any request from Dorothy. He knew it was futile to resist. He stood up and walked towards the door. As he exited he said, “Fine, you will take her out tomorrow after her singing lesson.”

The maid collected the tumbler, with half melted ice cubes and bowed. “Yes sir. Goodnight.”

After yet another tortuous singing lesson. Dorothy dashed out of the front door and raced outside. The idea of spending another sun-filled minute indoors was much more than she could bear. She noticed her governess was outside waiting for her. Half out of breath, she begged, “Please, please can we go now?”
“In just a moment Miss Dorothy,” the maid pinned on her hat and carried Dorothy’s sweater.

Dorothy stared at the sweater with contempt. She then rolled her eyes and whined.” Do I have to wear that?”

The governess smiled warmly and said, “Yes Miss Dorothy we do not want you to catch a chill.”

Dorothy crossed her arms and pouted, “But it’s not cold outside and the sun is out!”
The maid nodded her head. “Yes, Miss Dorothy, but you know the rules.”

Dorothy glared at the sweater once more, at first she refused to take it. However it wasn’t long before she complied, “Yes ma’am.” And then half heartedly threw it over her shoulders.

She was very displeased to have to wear such a thing on such a nice warm day. They made their way down the path and past through the wrought iron gate. The two start their walk from the mansion down the cobble stones towards the main street.

“Happy Pets”, That was the sign that hung above the door that led into the housing of creatures for sale. Dorothy looked at the sign. Immediately she cocked her eyebrow, why someone would name a pet store as “Happy Pets” was beyond her she shrugged the idea off and immediately thought of the kitten. She knew that there was a kitten inside waiting just for her.. A new friend! She slowly grabbed the door handled and pushed on it gently to enter the store. The bells on the door chimed as she rushed inside, but were soon drowned out by sounds of birds, cats and dogs, that were easily excited by the potential adopter.

A portly gentleman walked out from the back of the store. He smiled and waved and said “Hello Miss how may I…” He soon realized his words fell on death ears, as Dorothy ran towards the other side of the room, where she heard the meowing of kittens and cats. The Shopkeeper smiled and turned to the elderly governess. “Well I guess she knows what she wants then.”

The governess nodded and smiled back to the shopkeeper.” Yes she is very much interested in a kitten.”

Shop Keeper: “Ah, so I see then.”
The maid and the shop keeper continue with a routine chit chat while Dorothy explores the store.

Dorothy: “There you are.”
She had wound her way amongst rows of various creatures, collars and leashed until she arrived at the sounds of the mews. There were a few large cats in various cages and Dorothy walked slowly by each one and looked at them. She petted a few that seemed interested in seeing her and left others alone that appear to be too busy reading the news paper that lined the bottom of their house. She trued to her right and her eyes grew wide. There were 5 kittens in a cage. Four of them being rather very active kittens while one smaller one seemed left out and lay in the corner. Dorothy watched as the four more outgoing ones jumped on top of each other chased one another tail. As kittens normally did, they were so excited to see her that they each run up towards her so she could pet them. One or two licked her fingers or pretend to play bite her and then went off to continue their kitten tag team routine. Dorothy slid over to the left a little more so she could see the smaller one. It was a grey kitten and appeared to not be interested in what its litter mates were up too.

Dorothy: “Hello there small one.” she reached her fingers through the bars and petted its head. The kitten turned its head towards her. Its yellow eyes widened and it immediately starting meowing at her and purring frantically.
Dorothy *smiled* I knew I would find you, you and I are the same-we both need a friend.”
"Miss Dorothy, have you found your kitten yet?” the governess hollered from a distance.
“Yes ma'm.” Dorothy shouted back in glee.

Alright let me help you get him out.” The shopkeeper said as his footsteps
could be heard as he made his way towards where Dorothy and her new friend were. Dorothy continued to pet the kitten through the cage bars. He looked down at her and said “Alright, which one of these youngsters would you like Miss?”

Dorothy pointed to the grey one.

The shopkeeper cocked his eyebrow as he opened the cage. “Oh umm are you sure you would like that one, he is rather small and not as lively as the other ones I am afraid he is not that friendly either….” He stopped and stared at the little girl. The man lost his words as he noticed that Dorothy had been petting this particular kitten the entire time.

Dorothy simply replied, “I want this one please.”

Shopkeeper patted her head and then handed the kitten to her, “Yes Miss.”

The purchase was made and the kitten was bought. As the Shop Keeper rung up the prices he said: “Its funny that kitten never seemed so interested in anyone before I thought he was sick. That girl defiantly has got a way with animals.”

The maid simply nodded in agreement,” Yes she does.”

A few minutes alter A smiling red headed girl can be seen walking up the street towards the mansion with a small grey kitten kept tightly held in her arms. If one could give animals human emotions, the kitten itself would also appear to be smiling. It was as if the two had known each other for rather a very long time.

Dorothy snuggled with the kitten. “You and I will be friends for ever.” She then gave the kitten a kiss on the nose. The kitten mewed back in return. “I am sure that father will love you!”

The maid just sighed in relief thinking I just hope I did the right thing my job depends on this. The maid just smiled and shrugged what did she care? At least the child could be happier. “So, Miss Dorothy what will you name your kitten?”

Dorothy turned towards the elderly woman and said, “He told me his name, it’s…..”

~~~~~~~~~~Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~


Dorothy gasped she realized that she was back in the dark alley where the kitten had emerged from under a cardboard box as a gentle wind blew the umbrella out of her hand.

***The End***

pen1300 07-25-2005 09:05 PM
Oh wow! This is very good and very interesting. I like how you showed what might have run through her mind in that moment. So many words for such a small moment and so many images. This is nicely done. Big Grin

Pygmalion 07-27-2005 01:29 AM
I liked the way you described Dorothy's flashback. It really brought your idea to life.

Pero_Is_Crying 07-28-2005 09:27 PM
Aww, that was sweet!