What would Willy Wonka Do?

Generalissimo D 07-23-2005 06:07 PM
You heard me right. In direct opposition of the manly man, we have Willy Wonka. The great chocolatier. Since he is a rather goofy and offbeat character, this should be fun. As with that thread, we're building a more expanded concept on what we got besides the book. Remember, take the previous persons posts and add onto it.

I'll start it off.

Willy Wonka would candy coat your glasses.
evanASF27 07-23-2005 06:08 PM
Willy Wonka would hold a huge banquet and have himself as each of the 132 guests...including the one that's late because his driver got lost.
Dork 07-23-2005 10:49 PM
Willy Wonka would give the candy coated glasses to Oompa Loompa employee of the week.

I will happily play your little game until everyone else gets bored and wants to beat me for serial posting. So the idea of this game is that person A posts a sentence and person B adds to the loopyness?
Generalissimo D 07-23-2005 10:56 PM
You got it Dork, thats pretty much it. I want to see how absolutely out-of-whack this can get!

Then those Candy-coated-glassed oompa loompas would serve the banquet and be the reason the late guest was...late.
Dork 07-23-2005 11:04 PM
After eating a chcolate banquet (what else would it be) for 132 people Willy Wonka would fall into his great glass elevator and hit the 'hospital' button.
Sir Nise 07-24-2005 10:23 PM
New Willy Wonka would have Michael Jackson as his new best friend....you know why.
Collateral 07-24-2005 10:31 PM
Willy Wonka would meet that new best friend on the way to the hospital and give him a ride.
Dork 07-24-2005 10:38 PM
But that new friend would be a touch too grabby for Willy Wonka's tastes and he'd attempt ditch him at 20,000 feet, but having just eaten a chocolate feast fit for a belgium army and in desperate need of a stomach pump Willy Wonka wouldn't quite be up to the task of physically kicking someone out an elevator.
Generalissimo D 07-26-2005 03:41 PM
So he simply presses the "Back to the Factory" button and zips off. Once arriving there his friend is taken by Oompa Loompas and processed into Micheal Jackson juice. The product is sold by the box in your local Wal Mart. Willy Wonka then goes to hire a composer for the OL songs by the name of Danny Elfman.
Dork 07-26-2005 04:23 PM
On his way back home Willy Wonka would buy 1,200 Willy Wonka toys from Wal*Mart and give them to the Oompas.
BethMcBeth 07-28-2005 04:53 PM
The Oompas would then chant and cheer and decide to have a spirtial dance around Willy Wonka!
Collateral 08-10-2005 01:07 AM
Willy Wonka would join in their dance but then get tired of it and pass out on the floor.
Generalissimo D 09-28-2005 08:08 PM

After passing out, they would take advantage of this to make him sign a contract to make a DVD of his exploits. He would then candy coat the cases making them as tasty as they are collectable.
corrupt 12-16-2005 06:28 PM
the oompalumpas then have no need for willy wonka and candy coat him MWHAHAHAHAHa
Randolph 01-20-2006 09:11 AM
Willy Wonka's Raw Spiritual Essence would rise from the
scalding chocolate mass and possess an Oompa.

Shortly thereafter, he would be sued by Auric Goldfinger for stealing his schtick.
Nine Kuze 06-08-2006 05:28 PM
When they couldn't settle out of court, Wonka has Goldfinger's whole body like what he did to the girl in the movie and the book, and then dipped in chocolate where him and the Oompa have him for a snack.
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-08-2006 07:30 PM
Willy Wonka would keep me on a chocolate buzz for like...EVER.
Diverse Considerations 06-08-2006 08:49 PM
Willy Wonka would voluntarily report to the nearest mental institution for counselling.


He'd back a cement mixer of molten chocolate up to the window and ride the wave down the hall.
Shadow dorothy 06-08-2006 09:46 PM
Willy Wonka wouold jump in a hot choalcate vat and eat himself.
David Ryder 06-08-2006 10:47 PM
Have really overrated movies made about him and his factory.