[RPG] Stargazer

EyesofDestiny 07-23-2005 11:24 AM
This is my first thread here at this site. Hope you like it!
This rpg is about a group of people who work at a bar,'Stargazer'. Pretty simple right? At this club, lots of things go down, nothing to drastic, don't worry.There are no specific characters, but there is a limit. Only about 9 people, that sound alright? If not please pm me.All actions made are eith in the club, or in near perimeter of the club.whoever decides to join this rpg, characters are not need, but highly appreciated. Love story may arouse in the midst, attractions are normal, whatever. I will post the beggingin after this so.....( oh and you don't have to be an employee. you can be a customer if you like.)


Name: Arial Kiwaski
Sex: Female
Hair:Chin length, and red
Eyes:Hazel/green hidden behind thick, black rimmed glasess
Height: 5'9''
Likes: Photography, reading,writing, bartending
Job: The head bartender at Stargazer
Dislikes: Guys who try too hard to get her attention

I'm gonna start.

Arial walks into the club,'Stargazer' at about 10:30 p.m. She looks around seeing who was there. She saw a few new people, but kept her head lowered. She walked behind the bar, taking her jacket off. She fixed her black tank top with ocean blue flames on it and ajusted her fitted dark blue jeans. She picked up two bottles and started passing down shots to people who wanted them. She shoved their money into a jar atop the bottle holder shelf. She really didn't look at anybody, except for a few people. For the most part, she kept her head down, and pushed her glasess up on her nose occasionally.
Gummibear 07-23-2005 12:22 PM
Hello EyesofDestiny! Welcome to the forums! I'm always up for a good RPG!

Character Sheet: *Edit*

Name: Scarlett Lornea
Age: 26
Birthdate: August 6
Star Sign: Leo
Sex: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4
Likes:Handsome "rich" young gentlemen, and having a full house
Job: Customer / Singer
Dislikes: Drunks,men who make light of everything,cowards


There was something very dignified about Scarlett Lornea whenever she walked into the "Stargazer" perhaps it was because years of patronage had made her a prefered customer at least in her own mind. The drinks always tasted sweeter and the men richer everytime she went gallavanting the night away. In truth Scarlett was exceedingly gorgeous almost to the point of being vulgar. Her eyes held an internal flicker of enthusiam which made her rather plainly shaped eyes glow with the warmth of red fire. Her face was smooth and as well molded as that of any doll and her Auburn hair was deceptively red but take a closer glance and she was as brunette as most of the populus. Scarlett in short knew she was pretty but like her every other traits...it became simply a tool.

It was no surprise that people thought the worst of her...what business does a lovely young woman in her prime doing at a bar talking to strange men? There was a rumor circulating that Scarlett was a prositute but no one ever dared to confront her for Scarlett was ornery and would have walked out without a word after of course throwing a few things. She was such a valueable customer and such a profitable attraction that nothing was said to her...therefore in a sense she became an employee. She enjoyed being so desired...she gloried in the fact that she was the main attraction for many men. It wasn't long before the owner of the "Stargazer" had asked her to sing on weekends. In truth the gig was the drag her away from any illicit business she was making off the customers ( if she was doing any business at all was uncertain) but she accepted only after she was given a discount on all beverages. The owner complied with a smile.

That's how she became the bar's singer. She had a good, steady, voice for it too. Although the sad truth was that she would probably never be quite good enough to be recognized she was certaintly talented enough to be a headliner. However she was off-duty tonight at least until ten. She casually sauntered up to the bar where she had spotted the demure, Arial set up shop. Scarlett liked Arial despite their differences because Arial was the only woman who didn't treat her like a hooker.

"Arial...when you have time could ya send a Metropolitan around this way?"
Generalissimo D 07-23-2005 06:24 PM

Character Sheet;

Name: Edward Galium
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1
Likes:Risks, Women, Citrus foods and drink, telling stories
Job: Regular fun drunk / Local Casino Dealer and Gambler
Dislikes: Stiffs, smoking, and stuck ups. Oh and dont forget Vodka.

Living like he does is a full time job. Just ask ol' Ed. Whenever he walks into the "Stargazer", tired and probably bruised, you know theres something about him. Its not easy with the gangsters and other unmentionable that frequent his tables. But the struggle goes on for him, and Lady Luck's always had his side.

As he takes his seat at the far end of the bar, he sees the woman he wants by his side. Beautiful Scarlett. He always admires her from afar, thinking himself a simple peasant watching a queen. Indeed, she was like a queen. Of course, what chance does a poor guy with rumpled hair, a taste for liquor, and a bad habit of gambling have with a girl like that. He looked down at his fading jeans, aging black denim jacket, and simple(yet a bit oversized) white shirt.

He heard some guys talking that she was a hooker. That aint true, he said to himself. She aint that kinda girl. Not her. He tried to wave away the thoughts and got up the strength to speak to the only women in a hundred miles who didnt feel like retching at his memory.

"Hey Arial, hows bout some hard lemonade?"

Edit:Goddamn. I forgot to put in a physical description(now in italics. Forgive me, but when I first posted this firefox was a bit funny...
EyesofDestiny 07-26-2005 04:40 PM
Arial Looked up when she heard Scarlett call for her favorite drink. "Good evening Miss Lornea. A Metropolitan? Comin right up!" She said cheerfully. She hand the drink to Scarlette. Arial and Scarlett had gotten along well for people who barely knew each other. Arial treated Scarlett as a friend, and not as a hooker or anything else.To be honest, Arial felt like she could tell that woman anything in the world. Besides, Scarlette was the only person to talk to, because everyone else didn't. For the longest time, no one would talk to Arial becasue of the glasses. She was a beautiful girl, but very quiet.
Arial turned her head, her eyes glancing all over the room. Then she heard a familiar voice ask for a drink. " Mr.Galium. How've ya been? Har lemonade, right?" She grabbed a bottle from the shelf and poured some in a glass, sliding it down the bar to him. He was a familiar face at the bar as well.A fun drunk. Most women despised the guy, but Arial found him as a good friend, nad a goof. She loved the guy to death. She also noticed his particular interest in Scarlett, but she said nothing.
Gummibear 07-26-2005 08:12 PM
"Thanks sweetie!" Scarlett said in a sisterly vane as she watched Arial pour the Metropolitan. She and Arial didn't see much of eachother outside the bar but when they did they were comfortable and cordial towards eachother. Scarlett was careful not to lose her composure in front of everyone but Arial was a trustworthy girl. If Scarlett so desired to name the relationship it might be called friendship although Scarlett always boasted about being friendless... but she liked Arial. There was something about Arial that inspired a friendly treatment from Scarlett which wasn't the same for all women.

"He looks like he's in love." Scarlett chuckled as she eyed the black-haired gentlemen at the bar. Scarlett had seen him before.... He was certainly a very attractive man with whom she wouldn't mind having a drink or two with but Scarlett was always too busy with her other conquests and it looked like tonight wouldn't be any different. Scarlett always let the men come to her...even if she wanted them...she always had ways of making them come to her. If she really wanted to she could work her magic on that man but something about his gaze was purely innocent, he looked at her if she were entirely apart from all humanity: a worshipful look of a young love and that scared Scarlett...for the concept of love contridicted the very foundation of her nature. Scarlett had loved once...while it didn't last it was still jealous.
Generalissimo D 07-27-2005 01:46 AM
Ed grumbled a simple "Thanks" as he took his drink and sipped it. He didnt really like doing this, but it been a rough time at work. With the mobsters and such. He threw a quick glance at Scarlett and returned to looking at the contents of his glass. He settled down a bit and let the alcohol work through him. He felt Arial to be sort of a sister to him. Like most guys, he never has his eyes on whats around him, but rather on their desired prize. He slouched on to the bar and soon some more regulars came in. Two of these guys he met, and were responsible for probably the most interesting storytelling you've ever heard.

The rather drained Edward waved to them and they quickly came over, giving him high fives and divulding their latest anecdote. They began talking and laughing as they did, and soon Scarlett became somewhat like a moving sculpture to him.
"Hey Arial, how about a round of beers for us?"
Also as usual, they began singing some song they had heard on the radio. They werent bad at it, either. They kept their rucus to themselves, and as some of the richer clientle filed in, they just settled to talking again.
Mrs. Beck 07-27-2005 08:32 PM
((Oooo...looks like fun! I'll take a stab at it.))

Character Sheet:

Name: Vivian Sianna
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Hair: Rich, deep brown, in a low braid which stops mid-back
Eyes: Emerald
Height: 5'5''
Likes: Art, men who don't try to be something they're not, writing
Job: Author
Dislikes: Show-offy people, chaos, men who try to impress her

Vivian sat at one of the very back tables, keeping to herself, as she took a swig of her beer. She wasn't the sort of woman that needed protection; she was a strong, able female, with a strong will. Though, this caused most men to avoid her, even if she did have a dangerous beauty about her. Sure, she wasn't a tall, drop-dead gorgeous sort of pretty, but she still had good looks.

The author kept to herself, preferring to watch them all, for inspiration. Though she did get lonely, she would never admit it. Her gaze fell on Edward, as she shook her head ever so slightly, a small smile appearing on her scarlet lips. She found the most inspiration out of people like that, people with a hidden love that they wouldn't (at least, not right off) admit, after all, she was a romance writer. And there was a love-sick sorta gleam in his eyes. Her gaze shifted back to her notes, then to the ground, with a soft sigh.
"I promised myself I would try to just have a little fun tonight." She murmered to herself.
Ammaranth 07-29-2005 02:39 AM
Just a quick disclaimer, Crimson Winters is actually a character from a story copyrighted to me, so if you're thinking of stealing the name, don't. Smile

Character Sheet:

Name: Crimson Winters
Age: Twentysomething
Sex: Male
Hair: More short than long, and blond-ish
Eyes: green
Height: a little under six foot
Likes: ???
Job: ???
Dislikes: ???

There was something a little unusual about Crimson Winters. Most people ARE a little unusual, in some way or other, even if it's some way that most other people will never find out about, and then again, most people are very much the same, in ways that it might be better if more of us thought a little more about.

Eccentric might have been the word. Then again, it might not. Everything about him seemed to be, which made it very hard to say how he really was. It would be easy enough to say that this particular evening he was wearing a white suit, with a black pullover shirt, that looked like it would have been expensive. It seemed to suit him very well, almost, but not quite. Something about him seemed a little uncomfortable.

He sat in one of the corner tables, over against the wall, where he was always reading something. It might be a newspaper, or it might be a book -- he read lots of books, on all kinds of things, that never seemed to go together. The only time he wasn't reading was when he was writing something down on a little notepad, or tapping a bit at his computer.

If you looked at him, you might assume he was a regular, which would have been the case, except it wasn't. He had walked in the bar one day and ordered a sapphire martini -- he only ever drank sapphire martinis -- and sat down, at the corner table, over by the wall. Ten minutes later, it was impossible to tell he hadn't been there all along, unless you had been in the bar more than ten minutes before. Time seemed to play strangely about him, like a stream where the current flows over a submerged rock, leaving a ripple on the surface. He might have been twenty; he might have been thirty.

Nothing about Crimson Winters ever seemed to be obvious.
EyesofDestiny 08-02-2005 11:35 AM
"You bet. A round of beers for the guys!" Arial said smiling. She passed a row of beers down to Ed and his friends. The people at the club seemed rather nice to her. She was so quiet all the time. Arial stuffed more money into the bar beside the liquer bottles. "Just a few more nights of this and I'll have just enough money." Arial said aloud to herself. She was saving moeny up to Pay for her tuition to a lcal college. She had been saving up for about a year now. She never really told anyone, for the fear of being laughed at. Arial is a very smart girl. Her pasion, though, was in photography. She took the picturees of the club to advertise when it first opened.She kept all of this to herself for obvious reasons.
After Arial passed a few more drinks to some usual customers she heard a guy sitting at the far end of the bar call her name. She walked down to his end, a liquer bottle in her hand. "What'll be, sir?" She asked politly, with a smile onher face. The guy leaned forward and wispered something in her ear. Arial's smile turned to a frown. She gently put the bottle down without saying a word. Next thing you know.....POW! She gave him a clean right hook to the side of the face, knocking him off his stool. "Pervert......." She muttered to herself and walked back to where Scarlette was. She pulled a bottle of water out from under the counter and drank some. She wasn't much of a drinker, even though she worked in a bar.
Generalissimo D 08-05-2005 02:39 PM
Ed and his pals were drinking merrily and came upon the discussion of the people who frequented the bar. The man had a very high tolerence to alchohol, so it took quite a few drinks to get him roaring. Another thing in his favor was he drank slowly. The guys next to him, however, were already droopy and chugging away. One of them, Jared, caught attention of the man who had called Arial over.

"Yo, Ed!"

He chuckled as he turned around because at that moment Arial had knocked a guy clean of his stool. The trio burst out in laughter.

"Good Lawdy! That girl of yours gots a good arm!" cried out Abel, the previously unmentioned guy.

Galium shot him a bad glare. The kind of glare thats understood throught the universe as the "Say it again. I dare ya." glare.

"She ain't my girl, man. How many times I gotta tell ya?"

"Oh yeah man," said Jared, "You got eyes on Scarlett..."

They argued in this fashion for a bit before one of them noticed the man in the white suit.

"Yo, Eddy boy, whose that?"

"How should I know?"

"Because your the biggest loser here."

A playful punch later they quietly drank their drinks.
Ammaranth 08-06-2005 12:39 AM
If the man in the white suit noticed he had been noticed, he did not say anything about it. Crimson Winters seemed comfortable enough around men like Edward and his friends. There were rumors that he had been part of a dice controlling scheme that had gone sour, but they remained just that: rumors. Exactly what his business was, no one could say. He occasionally took phone calls while sitting at his table, always on his own phone, and he usually spoke very quietly. Once, he must have accidentally pressed the speaker button, because all of the bar could hear his caller's raspy voice saying, "Hello Mr. Winters...", before he could turn the speaker off. Another time he had spoken in a strange language, something to the effect of,

"Il y a une difference entre connaitre et savoir."

When Arial knocked the man off the stool, his eyes shot up, and he stared intensely for several moments, waiting to see what would happen. When it seemed that nothing in particular was going to come of it, he eased back again, and slowly, very slowly, almost as slowly as Ed drained a glass, the tension drained out of him again. But to anyone watching him, it was obvious that Mr. Winters had seen trouble before, trouble of some very bad kind, and he seemed to anticipate seeing it again.
EyesofDestiny 08-06-2005 11:22 AM
Arial has had many situtations like this before at another bar, resulting in her getting fired. The guy had grabbed her and tried to pull her into one of the restrooms, but she fought back. She beat the crap out of him. Her boss saw the whole thing, and fired her without even knowing a thing.

Airal started to pour more drinks for people when she felt someone come up behind her and grab her wait. She truned around quickly, ready to punch whoever it was when she saw Hayden, a fellow co-worker. " Hayden, don't do that, please? I was gonna turn around and punch you, you jerk." Arial said grabbing his arms and forcing him to let go of her. She walked to the other end of the bar to serve more drinks. That same guy she had just knocked out called her over again. Arial ignored him and went about her way. She looked at Scarlette and sighed. Hayden came up behind her pulling her close to him and wispered in her ear with a grin on his face. She elbowed him in the stomach and punched him. Hayden laid lying on the floor, his nose bleeding. "You crazy girl! You broke my nose! " He yelled at her. Arial grabbed a towel and some ice and threw it at him. " Tell somebody who cares. Get off the floor and finish your shift." She said and walked past him back to ed and his friends. Arial sighed putting her head down on the table.She lifted her head and took her glasess off and lowered her head again. She never anyone see her without her glasses on.
Gummibear 08-06-2005 09:15 PM
"One thing is for sure" Scarlett giggled as she lifted the wide mouthed glass to her lips,"You are meant for the arena not the bar." Arial's exploits amused Scarlett to no end. Perhaps it was thier likeness that drew her such delight. Arial and Scarlett by most means were very different but the inkling of self-reliance and fight dwelled within both of their spirits. After all what was a friend if not a soul dwelling within two bodies.

It was time for the show to begin and Scarlett would not dissapoint tonight especially any admirer who seemed to be pining her from afar. Scarlett broke away for the excitement at the bar and proceeded into a quaint dressing room the owner had set up for her. To say it was quaint was quite generous. The walls were painted in a dull eggshell white and the only pieces of furniture that adored the space were a vanity, a cushioned stool and a mirror perched before it surrounded with large lightbulbs.

Scarlett undressed and took a dainty little red number from her purse. Now calling it dainty an understatement! It was short in length barely covering her finely toned ( if short) legs and was parted open down to her mid-drift exposing her very well endowed chest. Even more eyecatching than that was the red sequence that adorned the entire outfit. It was almost as if they had dressed an hour glass in the dress, it simply grabbed her curves so. It was the dress she wore when she knew that it was going to be a full house. After slipping on her three inch heels she grabbed a red boa off of the hat rack conviniently positioned near the doorway. It was showtime and Scarlett could always put on quite the show.

Scarlett wandered backstage till she found her way to the small opening in the curtains were she would find the stage. She was introduced my Kurt, the piano player and the rest was history. She walked the stage like a catwalk all the while the rumble of applause and the scattered whistles of the eligible bachelors followed her every step. She knew the taken ones watched her intently aswell and while she did her number she made sure to sing especially to them...if only to take their minds off their wives for a bit. The crowd hushed as Kurt stuck down a few notes on his piano. Scarlett was to perform her favorite number, always her opener, but other than that the show would always be unpredictable. It was "Over the Rainbow".
Collateral 08-07-2005 04:30 AM
This seems exciting! Plus,I am buds with D-boy and Mrs. Beck who are excellent writers by the way. Also, I like all of the characters already in the story.

Name: Jane James
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Hair: Little past her shoulders and blonde with dark red on the bottom mostly put in a clip
Eyes: black
Height: 5’7”
Likes: Music, the color red, and people
Job: assassin (My name is Collateral. What else did you expect?)
Dislikes: alcohol, love

Jane was a drifter. She never could stay in one place for too long. She would soon tire of it and then be on her way to the next town. The reason for this behavior was her hunger for difference and by difference she was particularly referring to the people. She loved and adored watching people in their many diverse behaviors even if they were the crudest person or the most obnoxious and annoying. That was who they were and that was why she loved them.

She had just arrived in her next town and was eager to find a bar even though she detested the taste of alcohol. To her it was pure poison that stung its way down her throat and only resulted in dulling her wits and making her vulnerable to idiocy and such. No she was in search of a bar for no other reason than to experience a large variety of people in many different groups.

Jane walked down the street to the lit up sign that read STARGAZER. She had found out about this place from a few locals not far from its location. As she inched closer to the door she heard someone singing “Over the Rainbow.” It wasn’t the most beautiful voice she had heard but it did have some intriguing element to it that she couldn’t quite describe. Maybe it was the way the singer sang every word with so much feeling that it seemed as if she really wanted to be somewhere “Over the Rainbow” but she wasn’t exactly sure. She waited awhile outside until the singer had finished the song so that she wouldn’t disrupt her.

Walking in the bar, all eyes focused on her. She could tell that the majority of the people in the bar were regulars and weren’t too comfortable around newcomers especially when they stood out as much as her. Not only did her blonde hair with a dark red on the bottom clipped rather chaotically atop her head not help to conceal her but her light jeans and red knit top with sleeves rolled up to her elbows revealing a large assortment of beaded bracelets further stand her out. She snickered finding trivial humor in everyone’s slight discomfort as she walked towards the bar and sat down. The bartender asked her what she wanted to drink and she replied with a small smile, “Do you make Roy Rogers? I am not much of a drinker.”
Generalissimo D 08-08-2005 10:09 PM
Ed overheard what Crimson said. He understood it to have something to do with knowledge. He didn't remember much of his mother's tounge, and certainly couldnt conjure up enough to use off the top of his head. He began to forget about this as he sleepily watched Scarlett.

Like an angel's voice, he thought. It was entrancing, hypnotizing even. And that dress she was in. Was it any more obvious why he drooled over her, pouring beautiful descriptions of her in a little leatherbound book that he carried in his pant pocket.

Then came Jane. She broke his trance and he took a double take. When she came in she didnt know what to make of her. She was a peculiar one, and for a moment it seemed Scarlett had been pushed out of his train of thought. Another one of those mysterious people that just happened to be drawn to the place.

His friends had left him, having to get back to their sweethearts earlier enough to avoid any scorn. A small smile crossed his face as he turned to his drink.

"At least the girls are pretty, huh?"

He closed his eyes and took a generous gulp.
Collateral 08-08-2005 11:30 PM
Jane took her drink eagerly.
‘What makes coke and cherry syrup so good?’ she though to herself as she gulped down nearly half her drink. She picked a cherry out of her glass and pricked it gracefully off its stem. Chewing the delicate morsel in her mouth she noticed that the large crowd of people began to quickly disperse and leave. Most were men who probably had to return home to their wives. Only one man from the crowd was left and he sat not far from her in the bar. She looked at him from the corner of her eye and took another sip from her drink a little less drastically this time. She was concentrating on him. She did this to any one person who caught her eye and he just so happened to do that. He instantly turned into her subject.

She had seen men like him before. Well, not exactly like him…just in the same category: the lonely man who drowns his sorrows in booze. He was probably a gambler too. His hands were card player, roll your dice, double or nothing hands. She could tell just by looking at them. She had seen enough gamblers in her lifetime to be able to distinguish their special characteristics from the rest. Why her very own father was a gambler and even worked for a casino occasionally when money was tight and since her mother died when she was very young and her father couldn't hire a babysitter he snuck her in. They weren't big time casinos so the owners didn't care who you were just as long as your father was playing or dealing.

He said something under his breath which she didn’t quite hear. The only word she picked up was pretty. It made her turn her head towards him and she saw him take a large swig from his drink and close his eyes. She propped her head up on her hand and looked at him for a minute.
“He isn’t too bad to look at.” She said to herself. He wasn’t old…probably in his mid-twenties. She turned away and blushed slightly finally realizing her attraction. She had made a promise to herself to stay independent for life and that she would never marry. She would be like Jane Austen’s character Emma who vowed to never marry nor fall in love.
“But then again in the end she ended up doing just that.” she said with a sigh.

She moved to the seat next to him and gave him a gentle smile and extended her hand.
“Hello. My name is Jane James. Don’t laugh. My parents thought it would be funny if my first and last names sounded the same. I noticed that your friends seemed to have left and I am immensely in need to talk to someone. Would you mind chatting with me a little? I think I am suffering from jet lag or something and so sleeping is definitely not an option.”
Ammaranth 08-09-2005 01:45 AM
Crimson Winters noticed little things. Like Ed gulping his drink, even though he usually drank slowly. Or the quiet girl who sat in the back, looking at the ground and sighing. He'd noticed when Jane walked into the bar, but then, that wasn't saying much -- the whole bar had noticed that, and if you hadn't noticed her, you'd have had to notice everyone else as they turned to look at her. He took great pleasure in NOT noticing Scarlet, whom he felt got way too much attention as it was. And he had noticed when Arial took her glasses off, which was something she never did. That's the kind of girl he preferred to notice, the kind that no one else did, unless they were noticing her in the wrong kind of way.

"She's very pretty," he thought to himself. "I wonder if she realizes how pretty she is."

And oh yeah, he noticed his glass was empty, so he pushed it to the edge of the table, and went back to his book.
snakemarcato13 08-09-2005 10:42 AM
Name: X-13
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Hair: Anime Badass hair (Black and red)
Eyes: imagine contacts with flames....those are the eyes
Height: 6'4"
Likes: People he can get along with, sharp objects, any kind of weapon, someone that can calm him down (there might be others)
Dislikes: The opposite of the like list among other stuff I can't remember at this moment
Role: Bouncer, weather anyone likes it or not.
Here's the visual: all black. Balck pants, boots, gloves, sunglasses, shirt, and trenchcoat. He carries 3 swords on his back (though he rarely uses them, he often doesn't have to), and a few guns hidden in the coat (same rules apply here. He'd rather make friends than kill people).

Background (briefly): X-13 was an experiment gone wrong. He was the perfect soldier until he met someone that made him want to stop killing. It was a woman. He still has his urges, but he suppresses them. Of course, he didn't do that until he killed every scientist that was involved with using him as a lab rat. Now, he just looks for someone that can calm him down and people to call friends. He tries to hide his past and his abilities (outside his name, because he forgot his real name)....so much so that he tries to forget he's not exactly your average human.


"Get out," X-13 said, "we don't need people like you in here."

The drunk looked at him, "Come on, X. Just lemme stay for a drunk. I still haven't found a lady for the night."

The drunk put his hand on X's shoulder. X grabbed the drunk's hand and crushed it, making the drunk scream out in pain. "You make me sick," X said, "you come here, then get drunk and perverted. since you refused to leave willingly, I have to throw you out by force."

X-13 lifted the drunk by his crushed hand and threw him over his shoulder. He walked to the door, opened it, and literally tossed the drunk out.

X walked to the bar and sat down, "Can I get a glass of vodka?"
EyesofDestiny 08-09-2005 11:36 AM
Arial sighed again and lifted her head. She left her glasses on the bar top, not realizing she did. She took another sip from the bottle of water, and put it back under ther counter. She had noticed the new comer, Jane. She seemed to have taken a liking to Ed. It was obviouse to tell, but Arial said nothing.She had also directed her attenetion to the scuffle outside. Some drunk perhaps.When the bodyguard came back in, she slid a bottle of Vodka down to him.

Arial glanced up at a few of the customers sitting at the tables. She grabbed a pen and a paper, walked over to some tables and started to take orders for drinks. She still had not realized she had left her glasses sitting at the bar.When she was walking past the gentleman reading his book, a person from the opposite table, tripped her. Arail landed hard on her butt. She almost knocked the gentleman's table over. " Oh my god. I am so sorry, sir. Can I get you anything?" She said fixing his table. She looked at him with deep hazel-ly green eyes.
Generalissimo D 08-09-2005 12:15 PM
Ed was staring at his bottle when Jane came over. When she did come, he was at a loss for words. Few people spoke to him. And especially such oddly garbed ones.

"Jane James. Nice name, at any rate. My name's Edward Gal-"

His voice was stopped short as he saw X-13. This guy was seriously ready to drop someone. He moved his hand to the inside of his coat and found his Colt Python. Though as nice of a guy he is, the guys who frequent his tables get a little...desperate.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Casino rigged everything up to keep things in its interest. So Ed came armed with the tool just for that. He let go of it slowly as he thought of any possible Scenario, then turned back to Janne.

"...Galium. Edward Galium. Sorry bout that. Jetlag you said? Ne'er had it. Planes scare the hell in-and-out of me."

Then he leaned over to her ear close and whispered:

"If that guy starts blastin' away, keep cool. I got just the thing to deal with him."