Transformers Live Action Movie Back On

DJX Prime 07-23-2005 07:36 AM
I went to Hasbro's website to order the new version of Optimus Prime being released where they have a link posted for the live-action film. Dreamworks had a booth at the San Diego Comic-Con for it, announcing that preproduction is starting and the release date is going to be July 4th, 2007. There's even a video message from Spielburg about the project (he's going to produce it).

The characters are supposed to be based on the Generation 1 characters (although from what I've been hearing, Megatron and Soundwave are going to have different alternate forms), so I'll be happy if I see Optimus as the old semi-truck (probably means that I'll have to collect another Optimus).

Now, here's the part that's making me a bit queasy: The film is right now going to be directed by Michael Bay! So help me God, if I see some stupid scene where Optimus and Arcee go into a warehouse full of parachutes*............

If anyone is a Transfan, let's just hope this doesn't suck or suck too bad.

(* If you don't get the reference, go and watch Pearl Harbor, one of Bay's abominations.)
Mr. Peabody 07-23-2005 10:16 AM
I think it would be interesting if they base the film on the recent War Within miniseries, detailing Optimus' first days as the Prime Autobot in the war against Megatron and the Decepticons.

All the Transformers were redesigned, as these were their Cybertronian forms, but they were easily recognizable.
Darkside 07-23-2005 10:45 AM Big Grin

Watch the video with Steven Spielberg, its vey pleasing to any tf fan. Oh and they confirmed that Soundwave is supposed to be a helicopter and Megatron is most likely gonna be a tank.
Sir Nise 07-23-2005 10:51 AM
Yeah, it sounds sub-awesome. It's not till '07, so we got a while to see how the movie is produced. Let's not forget that one know the one, early 90's...awww forget about it. (Donald the Duck, the Dragonball Z live action movie.)
Mr. Peabody 07-23-2005 05:53 PM
Originally posted by Darkside
They confirmed that Soundwave is supposed to be a helicopter and Megatron is most likely gonna be a tank.

I always thought Megatron should've been a tank. That was his vehicle mode in War Within.

What's wrong with Soundwave remaining a tape player Confused His function is communications!

If Shockwave makes a cameo, he ought to be a cannon. Toy companies are prohibited from selling toy guns, so I'd rather he be a cannon instead of a sports car.
Generalissimo D 07-23-2005 05:58 PM
...I've known about this since...well...forever..(much like teh Metroid Movie). I just visited the website and played the Speilberg video over the phone to my friend.

His reaction:

Dude, What the f***?

I just hope it turns out good. With plenty of action. and plot. And very little rice.
David Ryder 07-23-2005 09:48 PM
Being the Transformer fan that I am, I pray everything will turn out ok.