X Marks His Spot

Captain Maw 07-17-2005 11:59 AM
hello, sorry for the late welcome.
Bllue 07-18-2005 06:12 PM
Hi, welcome. Have a half eaten glowing jelly.
Pygmalion 07-19-2005 10:31 PM
Greetings, DJX Prime, and welcome to our happy domes! Here's an empty sack in case you come across some memories you want to take with you.

Interested in fan works? Try a serving of Meeting Norman by the inimitable A Clockwork Tomato, one of many interesting stories and pictures in Nightingale forum.

Smith Mansion is your source of analysis and creative guesswork about the show itself.

Ailesberry has tons of info on other anime and manga.

Speakeasy is the home of off-Big O posts and birthday wishes.

Finally, JFK Mark is the place to discuss topics about the boards. There are lively continuing threads on avatars and banners.

Hope to see you around the fora!