Episode 8: "Art of Altercation"

Shredder 07-02-2005 10:10 PM
Less than a half hour from episode 8. How can you not love this ep (assuming it's done well in English...)?
Sephiroth 07-02-2005 11:16 PM
Wow, that episode started off incredibly strange, but as it went on it got rather serious. I liked being able to learn about Jin's past, because his altercation with his master was only briefly mentioned when he was playing the game with the mob boss. I was really suprised by the final battle of the episode, as I was sure it was going to take place between Jin and the crazy, hip-hop shogun. I had no idea that his groupie was the one with the vendetta against Jin. The ending involving the hip hop shogun's wife and children was pretty amusing as well.

Does anyone else notice that everytime Mugen meets a woman, she ends up poisoning him?
Wingnut 07-03-2005 12:27 AM
Originally posted by Sephiroth
Does anyone else notice that everytime Mugen meets a woman, she ends up poisoning him?
Yeah, that really kind of sucks. Seems to be a trend with Steve Blum/David Lucas characters, they can kick all manner of buttocks, but can't suceed with a woman to save their lives no matter how close to sucess they may come.
Gato Gurl914 07-03-2005 01:03 PM
i liked it. i thought that it was pretty funny! especially the fact that jin cant hold ANY liquor for beans.
R.Smith 07-06-2005 01:04 AM
Laughing Man, what a change from the last episode!

I loved that the guy had his assistant lay down a beat whenever he was making a speech. Big Grin

Liked the scene with Fuu in the bath, and her comment about how bigger isn't always better. Thumbs Up

Love how in the end we find out he has a wife and kids. XD

Hm.... but I wonder what really happened between Jin and his teacher....
Madrona 07-06-2005 08:13 PM
I have failed to make any comments about any episode in this series... but I have been watching it.

The man laying down the beat was so funny. His boss was "shy". Yeah, sure he was. Wait, his wife was watching him the whole time wasn't she? That just occured to me. Or did she walk in during that whole thing?...Guess I have to rewatch that.
AndroidZeroX 07-14-2005 09:29 PM
I just downloaded the episode via LimeWire, and it was another awesome episode. It has a good balance of comedy and seriousness. The beat-maker guy was pretty funny along with the crappy swordsman. The plot progressed a lot in this episode with its explaination of Jin's past, and probably whats in store for him in the future. Another awesome episode