Richard Cheese

088nd 07-01-2005 10:48 PM
Has anyone heard of Richard Cheese? I know I sure have. He does lounge versions of popular songs. Let these speak for themselves:

Baby Got Back
Get Down With The Sickness (Featured in Dawn of the Dead)
Shake Ya Ass

Oh, and yeah, explicit language.
Zopwx2 07-01-2005 11:03 PM
The Lounge Singer dude!

I've known about him for awhile/

Way back went someone sent me a copy of his version of a limp Bizkit song.... back when limp bizkit was popular... so you do the math on how long ago that was...
Neko 09-26-2005 06:40 PM
Ah hahah, I heard his version of "More Human than Human" on an online radio, and since I'm not familiar with whoever wrote it, I thought it was his original song.

And then I saw the album it was on was "Tuxicity," which clued me in that it was a cover. XD

Funny stuff.
Generalissimo D 09-26-2005 06:57 PM
This reminds me of that one thing KROQ did for Cinco de Mayo. A lounge band(Lounge agaisnt the Machine) playing some songs. Personal Jesus was the only one I can remember.

When I live in a multi-billion dollar estate, this is whats playing in the Lobby.
Sharpshooter005 10-23-2005 03:00 AM
Get Down With The Sickness (Featured in Dawn of the Dead)

It pisses me off they never put a soundtrack to that movie out, they really did find music that didn't just destroy the movie..unlike every other movie, where it's "zombies? BUST OUT THE TERRIBLE PSEUDO-ROCK!"

Really though, this kind of proves my theory that music I'd usually find incredibly dull can become better if you do it in some kind of screwy format like this.

In fact...were Richard Cheese to preform a cover of a cover of another's very likely the universe itself would IMPLODE from how good it would be.