I'm New Here!!!!

dancinggummi88 06-14-2005 06:48 AM
Hello everybody Ii'm new here. I'm the dancinggummi, with a twist.
As you can tell I know Gummibear!!! We're in the same Graphics class in High school we have an inside joke about gummibear, thus the names. We love pie! Cool
Gummibear 06-14-2005 06:52 AM
I can vouch for that! ^.^ Dancinggummi88 is one of the nicest people I know. I really hope you enjoy the forum dancinggummi88! We're in shop right now so she's sitting right next to me but I figured that the spoken word is too boring. Welcome Dancinggummi88!
Asirt 06-14-2005 08:57 AM
Welcome to Paradigm City, dancinggummi88! I hope you have a good time here. Smile

Be sure to check out the many topics available, but more importantly, have fun with it. Big Grin

If you need anything, be sure to ask the mods and admin, or even some of the members here. Wink

Again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Happy

It's nice to have friends of other forums members here in Paradigm. Smile

See you,
dancinggummi88 06-14-2005 09:31 AM
i thank you for welcoming me to paradigm.
i expect to be around for a while, and intend on ejoying myself.

~ Dancinggummi88~
Generalissimo D 06-14-2005 10:34 AM
Welcome dancinggummi! I hope you enjoy the forum and all its members(even though most all of us are insane.)

You seem like an outgoing person:Why not head to the Speakeasy for some FUN?!
If you want to browse the many theories about the show, head up to the Smith Mansion. For fanworks:The Nightingale is for you. The Central City and Road to Nagasaki are discussions for Full Metal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo, respectively. Again, I hope you enjoy the forum and have a good time!
BethMcBeth 06-14-2005 12:09 PM
Thats so cool that you two are in the same classes! Neat! Welcome to PCF! There are tons of things to seee and do here everything from fan art to fan fics and so much more! i hope you have fun and take care!

R.Smith 06-14-2005 02:45 PM
Welcome dancinggummi88! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Paradigm-City.com Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see, and the Visual Rule Guide. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm meBig Grin
dominusofdeath 06-14-2005 07:21 PM
This technique has been passed down the Armstrong Family line for GENERATIONS! ~flexes~ Welcome to! ~flexes again~ PARADIGM CITY!
BabyGhia 06-14-2005 08:30 PM
Welcome to the forum, dancinggummi88!!!

Enjoy your stay!

Big Grin

Zopwx2 06-14-2005 08:52 PM
Howdy you!

enjoy the city of amnesia.
Collateral 06-15-2005 04:47 PM
Welcome, welcome! I wish someone that was in one of my classes was in the forums Crying ! Hope you have fun here!
R and D 06-15-2005 06:46 PM
hello there and welcome to the forums! Cool

that is so awesome! I also know somebody who goes to my school who joined here too! well anyway, here is a big o action figure and milk and cookies for you to enjoy around Paradigm City! Anime Smile

Enjoy and welcome to the forums! Big Grin
Tony Waynewrong 06-15-2005 09:03 PM
Welcome to the Forum of lost memories, but gained friendships. There are lots of fanart, fanfics and just creepy fans to look up. Just remember one thing, leave your sanity with Norman at the door; they aren't allowed here. Big Grin
Avenir 06-16-2005 04:51 PM
Welcome to Paradigm City Forums, dancinggummi88. Interesting to see a friend of Gummibear around. We hope you enjoy it here. Smile
Madrona 06-16-2005 05:21 PM
Hello to you dancinggummi88! It's nice to have new people. Especially when they know someone around here already.