Samurai Champloo DVD Discussion Thread

The Baker St. Irregular 06-07-2005 08:52 PM
After watching my brand-spankin' new third DVD today, I felt like talking about it. So in consideration to those watching only the TV version, I have decided to make a DVD Samurai Champloo thread! Feel free to talk about the show past the episodes that have shown on [adult swim]! (If there is the event that the TV episodes surpass the DVD ones, then whoever is in charge can deal with this thread accordingly, I suppose.)


Warning! Spoilers start here, so if you don't want to ruin the fun, go elsewhere. Tongue


Most of all, I want to talk about the third episode on the third DVD. I'm sure other people want to, as well, since it was just so shocking! Shocked

My goodness... Jin, man. Who knew he had it in 'im? I wonder if his past had anything to do with what he did and why...

My mom and I were blown away by the episode, to say the least. She told me that that sort of thing--selling women into prostitution--was a sad but true part of life in Japan during that time. It was refreshing to see Kohana eventually tell her dirtbag husband off. I see that as a bit of commentary about the time period... Although men had a lot power over women, it was an ill-gotten power and only covered up their, the men's, own imcompetence.

But onto Jin! All I can say is... If I make it look like I'm going to jump off a bridge, will you "buy" me, too? Anime Smile

Oh, well. Maybe you'll have a bit more for some intelligent discussion than me.