The BMWC Presents...The Black Forest...

BabyGhia 07-22-2005 11:46 PM
Originally posted by D-Boy
The Ghia Fairy was floating above me, feeding Microsoft users to her laptop's blood powered generator.

Cool Big Grin

The shiny blue light of the Mac powered fairy was really beginning to annoy me.

Wouldn't it be Microsoft user powered??? Tongue

LOL, D-Boy! You did it again. Laughing

Big Grin

Collateral 07-23-2005 09:39 PM
Hehe! That was great. One question though. Where did you get the word blasphemy? My cousin says that all the time.
Generalissimo D 08-01-2005 12:22 AM
Ok. This thread ain't just Evil Dead influenced random stuff. This is a darker piece that was intended to be a SBO only one...but then I remembered how much I hated people to do that to video games (WHY DOES NO ONE STAY LOYAL TO THE CUBE??!?!) so I decided to bring it here. This is my first 1st person POV it was odd. Ok. Enjoy it.

The Black Forest.

I had come to far to turn back now. My stomach whined for food and water, trying to deter my path by warping my vision and weakening me. I had prepared a bag with supplies such as water and small quantities of food, what I thought enough for the trip. But it wasnt enough. On the second night of my trek, I was forced to burn what I could to keep myself from freezing. Anything I found invaluble was put in my coat pockets.

Sleep was difficult. The and backbrace were uncomfortable to lay down on, so I slept sitting down at the foot of one of the large trees. The burns I had were less painful for the most part now, but the wind still felt like fire caressing my skin again. Soon the sun rose again, faintly illuminating my path through the ever-lasting clouds and treetops. I pressed on like this for what seemed a maddening amount of time. My search for the true Memories had driven my body through a turbulence no one else in Paradigm could imagine. My body, my reputation, even my wife! All casualties of my quest.

Truth. What was it really? Memories of the long-forgotten past? A Hint at a sinister origen? Whatever it was. I would find it.

Then I came upon an old cabin. It was covered in the leaves of 40 years. It looked to be partially decomposed, but I nevertheless stepped in. Inside was a folder on the single table. I pulled out the single chair from beneath it, and brought it closer to me.

"CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" it had stamped on it. I stared at it, wondering for the longest time "Could this be the truth I have been searching for?"
I opened it, and beheld 3 folded documents beneath a single sheet. On it words proclaimed (in very messy print):


Megadeus? What was this word? I took hold of the first folded document and as I removed it the chair gave beneath my weight. I crashed through the floor, and where I should have simply hit dirt I continued downwards. I hit roots of trees that had begun to pervade the ground. Then I stopped suddenly. I didn't hit the ground. I opened my eyes and felt the back of my bandages snagged on a pipe of metal mere inches from the ground. Relief washed over me suddenly until debris started falling. The pieces of the cabin began falling down around me. Instinct and fear took over and I squirmed to loosen myself.

Too late had I escaped when the table came crashing down. It was descending towards me and before I could take a step I was under it. My backbrace was broken and I was incapable of getting up. Then a Memory flooded me as I thought of my situation. I Remembered that an improvisational brace could be made easily with any straight and strong object. I crawled with the use of my arms along the debris until I felt one of the table-legs. Sticking it down the back of my shirt with one arm and retrieving the roll of bandages I had with the other, I firmly tied it around my head and my lower back. Then I stood up and looked for the document I had held before. I opened it and immediately noticed the title. "MEGADEUS-ARCHETYPE"

A laugh came from within me. It was not my laugh. Then I began grinning. This was not my grin. Then I began to slowly take stride towards where I somehow knew the exit lay. These were not my thoughts. Realization set in, and I realized I was not myself. The black forest had changed me. I was no longer Micheal Seebach.

I was Schwarzwald.