Episode 3 Discussion: "Hellhounds for Hire, Part 1"

Shredder 05-28-2005 10:10 PM
It's almost time for episode 3 of SamCha - it's the first of a two-part mini-arc (there are a few of them throughout the series). Keep watching and enjoy!
R.Smith 05-28-2005 10:45 PM
I've downloaded fansubs up to episod 8, because I really like this anime! I plan to buy the boxset when it is out. Big Grin

I really enjoyed seeing no matter how much Mugen and Jin try they're bound to run into eachother and Fuu. I thought it was really funny to see Jin crossdressing! Laughing Poor Fuu, she really gets into the biggest of messes!
Generalissimo D 05-28-2005 10:52 PM
spoiler (highlight to read):
She's a bit tall dont you think?

Gotta love it. I also have the fansubs up to 5 methinks.
spoiler (highlight to read):
It was quite heartwarming to see Jin help the kid though...

I dislike Mugen though. Something about brash, big haired anime guys that has really left a bad taste in my mouth.
Sephiroth 05-28-2005 11:00 PM
Well, I really enjoyed tonight's episode. Jin cross dressing was quite funny, and hey, that fortune teller really got her stuff right (Poor Fuu). I can't wait to see the next part of the episode, especially if we can see Jin fight Mugen. My only real complaint is, that I wish there was a real villain at this point, but I'm sure that will come soon enough.
Travis Bickle 05-28-2005 11:41 PM
I missed it tonight, but I've already seen it (as well as the rest of the series), and I plan on catching the dub sometime later tonight.

Good stuff
Avenir 05-29-2005 12:23 AM
Tonight's episode gave me a much needed laugh. Though I will admit, the scene towards the beginning of the episode with the chopstick stab left shivers in my spine. Nonetheless, the cross dress scene and part when Fuu is detained were absolutely hilarious. Laughing

I look forward to next week's episode. Smile
Captain Maw 05-29-2005 01:01 AM
how old is Fuu??? is this legal?!?
yeah, i have to say that Jin is more feminine than Mugen...
pretty good episode.
Gummibear 05-29-2005 09:55 AM
Originally posted by Captain Maw
how old is Fuu??? is this legal?!?
yeah, i have to say that Jin is more feminine than Mugen...
pretty good episode.

Fuu is fifteen years old ( or so I read) and if it is legal or not...even though it seems young it was probably common for a girl her age to work in a brothel given the time period Samurai Champloo is set in.

I chuckled after seeing Jin in drag, he's so serious! Big Grin Big Grin
R and D 05-29-2005 08:04 PM
GO JIN! This dude is starting to become my hero! Cool

awesome ending. Poor Fuu. She always getting into big trouble. I can't wait to see Jin kick the big hair dude's butt! Evil
Ano Hito 05-29-2005 08:37 PM
Jin is easily my favorite. I agree with the earlier post, I'm tired of loud big haired anime heroes. It's an overused character type.
Gato Gurl914 05-31-2005 08:28 AM
i on the other hand love mugen. jin crossdressing was the best especially when those guys asked him to strum out a tune.... priceless! ^_^

wait, if fuu is 15, how old are mugen and jin??? O_o
Jonny Axehandle 05-31-2005 08:30 AM
It might be destiny for the 3 to find the Samurai who smells like sunflowers. That could explain the fact that they constantly run into each other.

This episode was awesome. But the fact that it ends before the Jin X Mugen fight is a real dissapointment.

So she's 15...that's old enough...
The Baker St. Irregular 05-31-2005 10:31 AM
Aww. I am kind of curious as to why Jin decides to help the kid. It seemed rather odd! He shows so little emotion over anything, anyway.

But it's sure fun to watch him and Mugen! Pleased I know quite a few kids at school that act like that. Tee-hee!
Full Metal Megadeus 06-01-2005 03:39 PM
I loved this episode. It was a definite improvement over last weeks. Seeing how those three met up after Mugen and Jin tried so hard to get away was awesome.

I figured Jin helped the kid because the kid was gonna pay him, making Jin a sort of "hellhound for hire" (where did we hear that before?).

I like Mugen. Nothing is cooler than a breakdancing samurai with an afro constantly saying "yo" and "dude" in feudal Japan.
Gato Gurl914 06-02-2005 08:31 AM
no, seriously, how old are mugen and jin?
Krang 06-02-2005 08:28 PM
Originally posted by Gato Gurl914
no, seriously, how old are mugen and jin?

Although it is never mentioned in the show, the official site says that both Mugen and Jin are 20.
Gato Gurl914 06-03-2005 01:26 PM
except jin's more mature....