Josh Groban

pen1300 05-28-2005 12:33 PM
Josh Groban: He sings opera, but is not an opera singer. He's considered Pop. But he's done some WONDERFUL songs like, "You Raise Me Up" and he was on Oprah.

I'm so surprised we don't have a thread for him yet. If we do and I missed it, kindly point me in the right direction. Thank you.

ANYWHO! How many other Josh Groban fans are out there in PCF? I'm a huge fan, it's just been a while since I've listened to his music. I finally was able to borrow "Closer" from Mom in exchange for his other CD and I've been listening almost non-stop. I am a fan of his voice and I love the songs! My favorite happens to be his rendition of "Broken Vow." (Which made me feel so much better when I had to put my cat to sleep.)


BethMcBeth 05-28-2005 01:12 PM
Wow I had not really herd of him before but I looked up that song Broken Vow it is really pretty his voice is nice too thanks!

Travis Bickle 05-28-2005 01:20 PM

He did a song in the movie A.I.

Not my cup of tea, but I respect it.

(Note to self: create an Atom & His Package thread)
Asirt 05-28-2005 01:48 PM
I have both of his CD's, and I listen to them once in a while. It's very nice to listen when you want to have a relaxing mood once in a while. I agree that "Broken Vow" is a very nice song indeed. However, I would have to say that my mother is more of a Josh Groban fan than I am, but his music is pretty good overall. Smile

-- EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am qutie fond of "Oceano" as well.

See you,