Favorite Taylor Hackford movie.

NightRanger 05-26-2005 09:05 PM
I've only seen two of his films in their entirety, and I already think he's a great director. My favorite film of his is "Against All Odds", and it's not just because of the title song by Phil Collins (which is probably better known than the film itself). It's an interesting and magnificent film.
Gummibear 05-27-2005 08:04 AM
Wait...there is a film titled "Teenage Father"?! I really am not familiar with Taylor Hackford ( at least not by name) but if he directed "Ray" I guess that's where my vote goes. Smile
Sharpshooter005 05-29-2005 03:52 AM

I hit Devils Advocate before I noticed Ray was on there.

Either way, you can't really go wrong.