Favorite Star Wars villian

Patsai 05-22-2005 10:40 PM
Who's you favorite Star Wars villian? My vote goes to Darth Sidious simply because he can manipulate people so well. His voice, although old, is just plain creepy to hear, and he can actually envelop a moment in Star Wars with real evil, something that often goes missing in other action movies like it.
R.Smith 05-22-2005 10:50 PM
I voted for Darth Vader. He's my favorite of all time!

Ace of Spades 05-22-2005 10:53 PM
I'm going with General Grievous. He kicked plenty of ass when he first debuted in Clone Wars and is staying my favorite, plus he can use 5 Lightsabers at once.
Avenir 05-22-2005 10:55 PM
My personal vote goes to Jango Fett; if I could vote twice, I would also opt for Boba Fett.

Originally posted by R.Smith

Heh, I remember you showing me that.
Buck Buck #1 05-22-2005 10:58 PM
Boba Fett, just listen to "Fett's 'Vette" and you'll know why.
TanookiJoe 05-22-2005 11:22 PM
Second General Grievous.
Mike 05-22-2005 11:33 PM
Darth Vader is awesome. The mask, the breath, the voice, everything about him is just so badass.

I actually thought Darth Sidious was stupid the first time I saw Phantom Menace. I guess I didn't want to believe that the real villain did no fighting. How wrong I was, Sidious/Palpatine/The Emperor freaking rules.

Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus is another cool villain. I love his somewhat overacting in the scene where he tempts Obi-Wan. And seeing an old guy do flippy Samus Aran jumps just kicks ass.

Darth Maul...was amazingly dissapointing. He's ridiculously mean-looking, the double saber rules. But he was wasted, he died off way too quickly.

Boba Fett, for all his awesome, doesn't actually DO that much aside from tell Vader where Solo was going.

Jango Fett is cool. I think he was just put in there for the nerds, they could have used any badass bounty hunter for the clones. Still, he dies quickly.

Jabba is just a big fat tub of goo. Not terribly intimidating.

My vote goes for Vader, Sidious and Grievous. But since there is no GG, then I'm voting for Dooku.
Zopwx2 05-22-2005 11:49 PM
Darth Freaking Vader.

Whats wrong with you people, he is the classic villian.

They practically just mishmashed every single aspect of villainry into one person and got James Earl Jones to do the voice.
Sharpshooter005 05-23-2005 12:41 AM
He chills in deep space, a mask is over his face..

Vader was the other vote though. "I find your lack of faith disturbing" and all, good stuff.

edit: Also the "darth sidious" stuff still throws me. Probably because..well..I liked the originals more, so I'm just used to thinking of him as the emperor.

Oh no, I gave away...wait, no I didn't really.
A Clockwork Tomato 05-23-2005 08:03 AM
Governor Tarkin. Because Peter Cushing had the best villain voice ever.
StevieV019 05-23-2005 08:14 AM
Umm...this should be obvious...Darth Vader...
Travis Bickle 05-23-2005 08:48 AM
Originally posted by Commander Bun Bun
Boba Fett, just listen to "Fett's 'Vette" and you'll know why.

Originally posted by Sharpshooter005
He chills in deep space, a mask is over his face..


Yeah, I went with the Fett man. Mandalorian armor kicks ass.
Darth Nat 05-23-2005 11:18 AM
In my opinion, Darth Vader is easily the coolest and most pivotal villain in all of Star Wars. He has become the quintessential movie villain, and with good reason. He looks cool, he has a cool voice, and he is an incredibly memorable character. He's just so sinister and awesome.

I have trouble with Boba Fett, mainly because Fett isn't cool at all in the movies, and I don't read any of the books because I don't care about them. Boba Fett was a character that became popular just because he looks cool. He's actually probably one of the lamest of the semi-major villains in the Star Wars movies, considering that he never really does anything and gets beaten by a blind guy and his fuzzy pet.
Almasy 05-23-2005 11:21 AM
Grievous! ^_^
BethMcBeth 05-23-2005 11:57 AM
WAhooo!! Go Vader! Yes!! ^_^" He is my favorite!!

Wingnut 05-23-2005 01:12 PM
Vader and the Fetts. Can't top them no matter what.
Ano Hito 05-23-2005 01:23 PM
Yeah, Vader. He's freaking badass, and lasts for more than one movie, thank you very much.
hazlov2004 05-23-2005 01:50 PM
mine is jango fett heh
Captain Maw 05-23-2005 02:32 PM
chose Jabba the Hutt and Darth Maul.
GO MINORITY VILLANS!!! (regardless of how lame/sucky they can get or already are)
088nd 05-23-2005 05:33 PM
Teh Maul