Chain Reactions

Generalissimo D 05-21-2005 04:16 PM
I've thought of an interesting game. Sort of a take off on the 3 word story. A chain reaction game. As in you type some action and we see how far it can go. Example:

Avenir:A PC crashed into a mac
Dingo:which caused a fire
COHugh:That set a basket alight
X Prime:Which burned several ballots

And it goes on from there. If you people find this drab, uninteresting, and boring, just lock it and let it rot. To kick it off:

A man smashed a bottle on the sidewalk
dawnstrider 05-21-2005 06:33 PM
Jo Smile . Hey...don't mean to rain on your parade,'s best to keep similar-enough-to-be-considered-a-repeat threads to a good minimum Frown . Like always, however, if you think that it is different enough to merit its own thread, let me know, I'll run it by the others, and depending, it might be reopened Smile . 'Till then...

[Peace] Cool