The Bravery and Mando Diao

Captain Maw 05-16-2005 11:08 AM
The Bravery has a few good songs, "An Honest Mistake" is really really good.
Mando Diao, the whole album is pretty good. Performing at the Bowery on Wed. 18+ though....Frown

anybody know? if not, if i were you, listen to them! they're great! they're also on TV: like FUSE and MTV.
Blue Crow 05-17-2005 03:59 PM
i adore the bravery. their album is good if you like synth pop/rock stuff.

mando diao is another story, however...... : /

Captain Maw 05-17-2005 06:15 PM
i'm surprised to hear this...
i like Mando Diao better...
it's more rockish