FMA Repeats Discussion

Shredder 05-16-2005 01:38 AM
I don't know why they planned the airing schedule of FMA this way (with this big break), but at least there will be reruns of the first 26 ep on Mondays-Thursdays starting this upcoming week at 12:00 Central/1:00 Eastern. Hopefully anyone who missed some episodes or are looking to get in on the series will get a chance to catch up. We'll let everyone know as soon as we do when new episodes will begin airing. Discuss your thoughts on the first half of the series here, but please mark spoilers in spoiler boxes for those joining in on the show for the first time. Thanks and hopefully we'll get to ep 27 and the rest of the series ASAP!
Green_Bird 05-16-2005 02:14 PM
Well this does give me time to work on my Parallel Universe project I have been planing for a long time...But I don't think that they will play 27-51 until maybe September when SAC: 2nd Gig will make it's way to TV.

I still think that since the anouncement of FUNi only having half the series dubbed came out, they could have dubbed at least 5 or more episodes by now....I mean sure, they do have other anime that they licenced to dub, but still....think about it.....

Oh's worth the wait to finish the series I guess....Even though they did stop on the wrong episode and they should have stopped on 25 like everyone else said, since that would have been the better of the episodes to stop on due to the subject matter.....