Episode 1 Discussion: "Tempestuous Temperaments"

Captain Maw 05-21-2005 08:10 AM
tell me more about these "fansubbed" eps. Mugen, i mean, Cerpin, i mean Bleedthrough.
The Baker St. Irregular 05-21-2005 07:07 PM
Originally posted by angelcakes
As a side-note...Jin is quite drool-worthy if I do say so myself... Big Grin Wink

Agreed. Pleased Needless to say, when I read that both Steve Blum AND Sparky Thornton were lending their dreamy voices to the two lead male characters, I was literally hopping up and down. It's not everyday you can get Spike and Black Jack in one place.

Naturally, this show rocks. I have the DVDs, though, so I get the whole thing with no edits. Regardless, I'm sure you are all going to enjoy the episodes ahead! It's so good to see that so many of you already like the show after one episode. Smile
AndroidZeroX 06-25-2005 10:24 PM
I just downloaded this episode, and it was awesome, but im curiouis as the why fuu wants to go find this samurai in the first place. It didnt click for me, so i was wonderin if anyone could tell me. If it wasnt explained and i will find out later, please no one spoil it for me cause im really liking this anime a lot.
Shredder 06-25-2005 10:43 PM
Yes, you find out more about the sunflower samurai later and why Fuu wants to find him, but not for several episodes in. Stay with it! Happy