What would be a good techno/trance/rave song?

Lupin IV 05-11-2005 09:04 PM
Funny story.

nah, not really, I'm just really hyper right now, I'm much more of a night person than morning....errr..but it could be the 3 red bulls I just had. Confused JHAHAHAWHAI!@MKL

So anyway! Wow I'm getting off topic. Today, I was home sick so I put on some T.V. and just sat and watched court shows. Eventually, Kids WB came on, first up with Megaman Axess. And for some reason I really liked the opening song. Big Grin Big Grin So anyway, that show inspired me for the rest of the day to get some good trance or rave music on my computer. Anybodyz know any good songs or artists? 99% of the stuff I've found is teh crappz. K,Thanks so much!

: blows kisses all over PCF : LOLOLZZZ!!!!Wee Big Grin
StevieV019 05-12-2005 08:56 AM

Try this thread...it may help you out...

There's a bunch of good stuff out there including:
DJ Tiesto
Paul Van Dyk
Ian Van Dahl
Paul Oakenfold (be careful, he's so mainstream, some of his stuff is bad)
George Acosta

Hope this helps
BethMcBeth 05-12-2005 02:01 PM
Mwhaha here are some artists I like that do techno or Electronica ^_^"
Hope these help. I have more if you need too.

DJ Sammy
4 String
DJ Encore
Dannii Minogue
Da Buzz
Perpetuous Dreamer

Zopwx2 05-12-2005 04:51 PM
Blue Crow 05-18-2005 09:52 AM
well, i wouldn't really call them techno or rave or trance, but check out the faint if you like sweet dance-rock music.

their album "danse macabre" in particular.

- BC