Mrs. Beck 05-01-2005 02:01 AM
hey all! I'm new...I litterally JUST made this account! Hopin' to make some good friends here, and glad to see other Big-O fans live! My question is this: Do other BECK fans live? Confused
evanASF27 05-01-2005 02:05 AM
Yes indeed they do Smile M.S._Feather, Beck Gold, and Ketchup are some of the better known Beck fans here...though they've been absent for a while >_>;;;

Anways, welcome!! Big Grin Take a look around and don't feel shy at all about posting Wink
Dingo 05-01-2005 02:11 AM
hello, hello, welcome, and HI PERSON WHO IS NEW HERE!

Hello Mrs.Beck. Enjoy your time here, and be warned: If your not crazy yet, you will be. You will be..... BEWARE!

Now have fun. Enjoy your time here(didnt i already say that?) And forget everything else i said, because they mean nothing.

Sooo have fun, dont be a stranger, and remeber, paying attention to me may be hazardous to your health.
Avenir 05-01-2005 02:15 AM
Welcome to Paradigm City Forums, Mrs. Beck. We hope you enjoy the forums. Smile
BabyGhia 05-01-2005 03:00 AM
Welcome to the forum, Mrs. Beck! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Big Grin


PS. And, yes, Beck fans do exist... even some who haven't come out and expressed some underlying liking of him with an afro. Not that I know anyone like that. Wink
Asirt 05-01-2005 09:44 AM
Welcome to Paradigm City, Mrs. Beck! I hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums. Smile

Be sure to check out the many topics available, but more importantly, have fun with it. Big Grin

If you need anything, be sure to ask the mods and admin, or even some of the members here. Wink

Again, welcome, and I hope you have a good time here. Happy

See you,
Pygmalion 05-01-2005 10:08 AM
Greetings, Mrs. Beck, and welcome to our happy domes! I can put you into a nice yellow van; low miles and one owner! Whaddaya say?

As a Beck fan, you might enjoy reading A Clockwork Tomato's Season 3, which starts with Life Goes On. This is just one of the many interesting stories and pictures in Nightingale forum.

Smith Mansion is your source of analysis and creative guesswork about the show itself.

Ailesberry has tons of info on other anime and manga.

Speakeasy is the home of off-Big O posts and birthday wishes.

Finally, JFK Mark is the place to discuss topics about the boards. There are lively continuing threads on avatars and banners.

Hope to see you around the fora!

Generalissimo D 05-01-2005 11:56 AM
Welcome new beck fan! May you find Mr. beck in better shape then he usually is left. enjoy our forums and forget everything else!
Sephiroth 05-01-2005 12:51 PM
Welcome! Enjoy your stay! My welcoming gift to you is a tactical nuclear missile. Have fun with it!

I think it might be fitting for me to reveal a secret in this thread. I am a Beck fan! I know, it's shocking. You never really know a person do you?
Tony Waynewrong 05-01-2005 01:20 PM
Welcome Mrs. Beck to our happy cyber town. I hope you enjoy our vast collection of fan-art, fan-fics and just plain fans. I am sure you will find some of these said items of the Beck variety. Big Grin

BTW, please leave your sanity at the door; their aren't permitted here.

Once again, enjoy the city of lost memories and gained friendships.
Captain Maw 05-01-2005 01:38 PM
welcome to PCF.
yes, there are many Beck fans, just look around. enjoy your many gifts and feel free to browse around and post.
Zopwx2 05-01-2005 01:40 PM
more beck fans.

ANyway happy joining.
Spooky 05-01-2005 02:45 PM
Hi there Smile Welcome!

Latah Wink
R.Smith 05-01-2005 04:10 PM
Welcome Mrs. Beck! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Paradigm-City.com Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see, and the Visual Rule Guide. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm meBig Grin
dominusofdeath 05-02-2005 05:28 AM
Welcome to Paradigm City! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Mrs. Beck 05-02-2005 04:34 PM
^^ Heh, thanks everyone for the uber-warm welcome!! (And no worries, my sanity left ages ago)
R and D 05-04-2005 12:26 PM
hi and welcome to PCF! Big Grin

Here is a Big O action figure and cookies and milk! Anime Smile

enjoy and welcome to PCF! Cool
Madrona 05-10-2005 11:03 AM
Hello Mrs. Beck!. Welcome to Paradigm! I hope you enjoy you stay.

BethMcBeth 05-10-2005 01:51 PM
Hi there! And welcome welcome to PCF! ^_^" There are tons of things to see and do here! Everything from Fan Art to Fan Fics and so much more!
If you need a laugh check out my Big O Block Heads Comic and also I am currently working on some Big O Chalk Murals so if you have any requests I'll take them and gladly work on them! ^_^ I hope you have fun here on PCF!