New Castlevania - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

StevieV019 04-27-2005 09:09 AM
Anyone seen any previews of this game? I saw it in a game magazine over the weekend...

Story synopsis (courtesy of


Next Title in the Legendary Castlevania Series for the PlayStation®2 Due out in Fall 2005

REDWOOD CITY, CA - January 27, 2005 - Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today that Castlevania®: Curse of Darkness™ for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system will be available in fall 2005. While past Castlevania® games have focused on the struggle between Dracula and the Belmont clan, Curse of Darkness introduces players to an entirely new storyline and main character - Hector, one of two Devil Forgemasters, who had once refined his skills under Dracula. Told in true Castlevania style, this action-packed tale of betrayal and revenge takes players on a journey through an expansive world filled with formidable foes and beautifully rendered environments to the ruins of Dracula's castle.

Disillusioned with the ideals of his mentor, Hector fled Vallachia to pursue a more normal life, leaving Dracula vulnerable to the Belmonts. Now, three years after Dracula was defeated in battle, the magic power of the curse released upon his death has infected all of Europe. As the continent succumbs to pestilence, heresy and mob violence, Isaac - a former friend and fellow Devil Forgemaster - suddenly appears. Believing their master's death was a result of Hector's betrayal, Isaac implicates his friend's beloved in a deadly witch trial. Fueled by revenge, Hector sets off on a journey to his former home, which is now completely morphed in dark magic, to confront Isaac.

Armed with the unique new abilities of Devil Forgery, gamers will be able to forge trusty allies - "Innocent Devils" - who will help defeat a variety of powerful enemies. More than 30 evolving allies will develop unique abilities ranging from those that can open heavy doors, to those that can help Hector fly. They will aid players in conquering various enemies, avoiding perilous traps and solving challenging puzzles. As players progress through the game and gain experience points, their character's strength will increase, reminiscent of the same gameplay found in the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

"Castlevania: Curse of Darkness takes the series in a fresh new direction - complete with new heroes and villains," says Matt Knoles, Product Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment - America. "The conflict between Hector and Isaac will allow players to explore Dracula's inner sanctum from a different perspective and provide fans of the Castlevania series plenty of new gameplay experiences to enjoy."

A Castlevania without a Belmont as the lead. Blasphemy?? Who looks like the gameplay will be similar to Lament of Innocence with some nods to Symphony of the Night. Im not sure if Im buying into the whole Hector character angle, however. The story seems to provide a different perspective and point of view for why Dracula was dethroned by the Belmonts and how it happened. It could be interested. As rabid a C-vania fan that I am, Ill definitely have to check this out come September 1st.
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 04-27-2005 09:38 AM
that soounds goood
Travis Bickle 04-27-2005 09:39 AM
I can't wait for this and the new DS one that's coming out. Am I the only one who actually liked Lament of Innocence?

Edit: And I can pretty much guarentee that the Belmont clan is part of the story. They have to be. They can't just write them out! That's unheard of!
StevieV019 04-27-2005 10:19 AM
Any otherLament of Innocence fans?? Look right here!! I loved Lament...great stuff, finally something that could be compared to Symphony and do both of the games justice.

Id think a Belmont will be involved in the story you said Cerpin, they've been in every game so far...either that or a descendant or relative.
X Prime 04-27-2005 11:49 AM
...Sir, I have to say this: Where have you been? This has been known for months now.

Yes, a Belmont is involved in some way according to an Iga interview in Play Magazine.
TanookiJoe 04-27-2005 12:15 PM
This has been known for a while. It's still awesome. Big Grin

Hell, forget Lament. Am I the only one who loved the N64 Castlevanias?
X Prime 04-27-2005 12:35 PM
Originally posted by TanookiJoe

Hell, forget Lament. Am I the only one who loved the N64 Castlevanias?

No you are not.

Loved the vampire boss theme.
StevieV019 04-27-2005 03:35 PM
Originally posted by X Prime
...Sir, I have to say this: Where have you been? This has been known for months now.

Yes, a Belmont is involved in some way according to an Iga interview in Play Magazine.

Obviously not as updated as you are. For that..apologies...I didnt see a thread about this game, and my first observation was the this weekend when I saw the preview in a magazine. I knew there was going to be a follow up game to Lament based upon the gameplay mechanics of, I guess this is it. And of course Belmont will be involved, they always posted by me previously....

As for the N64 probably are the only 2 who did like those games. Ive played them, seen them, and have other people told me their experiences with them. And most of the time, they been regarded as sub-par at best, when compared to the Castlevania legacy...
Peeps Bucket 05-02-2005 12:59 AM
I'm not interested in any future Castlevania games unless they go back to being 2D. But that's not going to happen, so I might as well replay the classics to death. This new one might be worth a rental if they've made some serious changes from the previous games though.
X Prime 05-02-2005 04:31 AM
...Aria of Sorrow 2 is 2D. Perhaps you meant platformer?
Peeps Bucket 05-02-2005 08:46 PM
Yeah, I meant platformers.
David Ryder 05-08-2005 07:40 PM
Yeah I heard about his a while ago but I'm def. looking forward to it. I liked Lament of Innocent too, wasn't great but still a fun game. Castle of Darkness (castle of Dark sound too much like Engrish for my taste) is shaping up too be a very nice game. More RPG elements, the little monster allies that help you and it's like a 3-D SOTN.
Paradigm Dog 08-18-2005 04:36 PM
This game looks incredible!!! While Dawn of Sorrow for the DS is getting most of the coverage, I don't think gamers should overlook Curse of Darkness for PS2 and XBOX. The gameplay, voice acting, music, story (continues after Dracula's Curse!), and graphics have taken Castlevania to the next level. This is going to be an outstanding game as it seems to combine elements from the best moments in Castlevania, specifically Dracula's Curse, Simon's Quest, the highly under-rated Lament of Innocense, and Symphony of the Night--all while having its own unique twist. This is going to be THE Holiday game to make up for Zelda: TP's delay for me.

However, I fear it'll be overlooked... Frown

I don't know what it is, but Castlevania just doesn't seem to resonate with people these days. Sure, some say it had a semi-slump between IV and Symphony of the Night, but the series has never really lost its charm. It has a style and poise to it that makes it a cut above most video game franchises ala Zelda.

Devil May Cry and God of War come along and people praise them, but they're just imitations of Castlevania and lack the compelling timeline, characters, level design, wild creativity, and artistic presentation. When one play Castlevania its like being pulled into living art...but maybe that's what hurts it for people. I don't know. It seems there's a prejudice against long-running series.

All I know is that Castlevania can't be forgotten. It's still got as much life in it as ever and provides some of the most quality gaming moments in a age where artisitic/creative quality in games has slipped off. Curse of Darkness is going to be one to remember, and hopefully, will sell to prove it to Konami and the industry.
David Ryder 08-18-2005 04:57 PM
Agreed this game is looking great. plus Crispen Freeman as Hector really adds to the "must buy" mentality. Here's hoping for lots o item collectin much like SOTN and the GBA'ed ones.
X Prime 08-18-2005 06:12 PM
...There's a thread for this already.
Paradigm Dog 08-18-2005 07:01 PM
I am pumped for CV: Curse of Darkness! (and unknowingly created a twin of this post). I hope it's not overlooked by gamers, because everything about it screams fantastic Castlevania experience. A game with such artistic flare is just too good to pass up. I absolutely love how it ties into CV III: Dracula's Curse while giving the extra perspective of Hector. Brilliance!

I get the impression its going to have a larger quest than Symphony of the Night--more like Simon's Quest with you trekking across the land--It's about time.

PS- I too loved Lament of Innocense. Solid CV game that fully proved 3D can work with this series and I found its story quite compelling. I really hope that the rest of Leon's story will be told some day... Until then, the Castlevania III/Belmont angle playing into Curse of Darkness will do very nicely.
DJX Prime 08-20-2005 08:44 AM
Maybe one of the hidden features (unlockable perhaps?) will be the ability to play as Trevor Belmont or some of his old companions?

Now if we can just get a decent port of Dracula X: Chi no Rondo... Big Grin
X Prime 10-22-2005 12:40 PM
The music sampler for CoD has been released!

And it is 'GODLIKE'.
X Prime 11-03-2005 12:17 AM
Sorry for the double post, but CoD was released.

It is excellent in my opinion. If you liked LoI I see no reason you shouldn't love this. I give it a B+.
StevieV019 11-03-2005 11:47 AM
Im thinking Xmas for's it fare when compared to Lament of Innocence??

Just curious...better, worse??