Saikano Appreciation Thread

Lyinginbedmon 04-21-2005 04:24 PM
Sorry if this is on this site somewhere already, but I can't find it. Welcome to the Saikano Appreciation thread! Where you can gleefully remark upon the anime known as 'The saddest on Earth' and 'The Last Love Song on this Little Planet' Big Grin

I've been checking out Shin's site and found out about a 'possible' idea for another Saishu Heiki Kanojo series, entitled Another Love Song!

Could it really be possible? Unfortunately, I can't read japanese, so I can't confirm it.

Tickle Tickle 04-21-2005 04:55 PM
Originally posted by Lyinginbedmon
I've been checking out Shin's site and found out about a 'possible' idea for another Saishu Heiki Kanojo series, entitled Another Love Song!

Could it really be possible? Unfortunately, I can't read japanese, so I can't confirm it.

Yeah, in last month's Newtype it said something about this. It's an OVA by Toei Video, showing the whole series through Chise's eyes.

I haven't seen Saikano yet, but I really want too. Too bad, VIZ licensed it..
Lyinginbedmon 04-21-2005 04:56 PM
Try eBay, I got the entire series in a single auction for less than £20 on there

It'll be interesting to say the least, I've never seen the character in the background before, which could mean that there was ANOTHER Chise (Project Chise, hence Chise(s)), and I've also never seen Chise's wings drawn like that, so that could be interesting too Wink
BethMcBeth 04-21-2005 05:23 PM
Oh I have been seeing adds for that series it looks kind of interesting ^_^"" Great job on getting the whole series! Thak god for eBay! ^_^"

Lyinginbedmon 04-21-2005 05:28 PM
As I have remarked upon before, it really is the most depressing anime ever, I have to this day never managed to watch it all through non-stop, I always choke up after ep 9: Akemi Crying

I can't really see what could be said differently from Chise's point of view. Yes, she had that brief fling with Tetsu, but how would that qualify as Another Love song?
Barrin 05-04-2005 12:43 AM
Originally posted by Lyinginbedmon
As I have remarked upon before, it really is the most depressing anime ever, I have to this day never managed to watch it all through non-stop, I always choke up after ep 9: Akemi Crying

I just saw that episode recently. Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying
I bouight vol. 1 when it was on sale one day, then when right stuf ran a sale, I bought the whole series and the mangas as well. My eyes tear up as they take it all in, and my wallet cries as it become more and more empty. ^_^
Lyinginbedmon 05-16-2005 03:21 PM
Written up by me, found here

I swear.

What I'm about to tell you...

About my best friend...

Is a story which means absolutely nothing to the listener

There is no truth, No justice

Certainly no conscience.

Not one bit...

Because this is a story about a f***ing soldier, who, just as a fish can only survive in water, can only survive on the battlefield.

If this were a comic, it would a sh**ty offensive comic.

One that pisses off all who read it.

But, for me, it's a priceless tale about the memories of my best friend

What I'm about to tell you is a retrospection about my best friend and me.

It is not beautiful; in fact it irritates those who listen to it.

The reason being that this story takes place on the f***ing battlefield.

Five soldiers wrestled harshly with a young girl, no more than 14 years old. Their violent thrusts sending scream after scream from her young lungs. One by one they fall, their blood spraying out onto the debris around them. But despite their efforts, they are unable to detect the location of the sniper in their midst, and continue to rape the young girl.
When all are finally dead, their blood mixing with the harsh rain in a constant pooling of gore, the sniper retreats from his hiding place, and ventures out onto the battlefield to collect his trophies.

"Don't move!" The young girl screams, her hands clasping onto one of the soldiers' guns, carelessly aiming it at the sniper. "D-Don't move!"
"Oh.. Hi." He says, as though completely ignorant of the gun she holds
"Um, hi. I asked you not to move"
"You can't fire bullets unless you turn off the safety, y'know" He points out, and stabs his finger at the safety switch, as she pays eager attention, "And if you wanted to shoot me, you would have shot me in silence"
"I wanted to meet you too" He picks up the guns, dropping the ammunition in their rounds to the floor, "I don't need the ammunition. I'm so bored out here on my own; so I collect guns."
"Um... what do you mean, you wanted to meet me...?"
"Wanna come back to my place?" He says, curiously peering from underneath his helmet at her, "..And let me have sex with you there?" The girl is not quite as amused at his gesture,
"Can I kill you?" She remarks, seriously, and attempts to point the gun at him again.
"Oh yeah, you're hungry aren't you? I have lots of food, so c'mon! Oh, can you bring that gun too?" The girl's mouth drops slightly, revealing in all clarity just how hungry she is.

I was a bit surprised.

Ever since he was left on the battlefield by himself,

And vowed to go to war in this city on his own,

It was the first time I had heard my best friend talk to another person.

Of course, every person we had met during that time was an enemy,

And were all speechless corpses by the time we ran into them...

"Uh-huh, so the town you were living in got burned out by the enemy, and you ran here on your own" The two discuss en route to the soldier's room
"My brother... and my parents... and my grandpa too...
"Damn, that must have been rough: that town must be 70km from here. Oh, it's the next floor" They finally reach his room, "And this is my place. A 4-room mansion with living room, dining, kitchen and a penthouse" The girl looks on as though horrified, "It'd cost a couple hundred grand in peaceful times." Thousands of guns lie morbidly on the floor, arranged into lines, gleaming in the sunlight as though freshly polished.
"All of these guns... did you... um... y'know?"
"Yeah. I polished them all up. I'm always bored by myself"
"No, I mean..." The soldier reveals a bag stuffed with food, snickers, cola, and all manner of foods that really shouldn't have been available in these times.
"Here" The girl hastily grabs a handful of food, and begins eating it with the ferocity of a starved bear. The soldier has other ideas, however, and leans over to her whilst she eats,
"Can I?"
"Oh, don't worry, we can do it while you're eating."
"Mnngh, nngh!" The girl's resistance does not deter him, "Nnhaa!"
"Whew, girls' chests are so soft..." She moans in response, "You're pretty big"
"Umm... um..." He sneaks his right hand into her shirt, anxiously fondling her as she attempts in vain to resist him
"Spread your legs a bit."
"No... wait... you can't..." His left hand, meanwhile, finds its way into her panties
"You're really cute." He jokes, as she finally summons the strength,
"No, stop! Please stop it!" Although not immediately, the soldier's attention is drawn away from her, as he gets up and grabs his gun from beside them, the girl still lying on the floor, "Wha... what's.. wrong?"
"Sssh. Save it for later."
"What is it?" she whispers from the cold ground, her face contort with fear,
"Can I go with you? I'm, uh... scared..."
"If you're scared, grab one of those sticks."
"Sticks?" she asks bewilderedly,
"None of those ones have ammunition in them. Guns without ammunition are just sticks." He laments, "They'll serve as 'good luck charms'." The girl is dubious. The two sneak out onto the balcony, "This is a good place. Lots of prey come around here. People like to gather close to other people. Even if they know that there's no one there anymore. They are close." He pulls up his gilley suit, as she scampers up beside him, her back up against a demolished piece of wall. "...By the way, that was the first time I got horny in a long time... Reminded me of the first time I saw an uncensored porn flick with my friends, before I joined the army" He laughs half-heartedly at his own joke, "The girl would run and run, get caught, be unable to put up any resistance. Pleading would get her nowhere. She was held down, forced to open her legs... and y'know... I couldn't take it"

"Y... you... you were watching me? From the beginning?"
"Yeah, I'm not a hero from a comic book. If I fired before you were raped, they would have found out where I was hiding and killed me, and then you would have been raped and killed too." A few tears fall to the ground from her face, her eyes quivering with sorrow over this soldier, who was supposed to have been protecting her and the country, "Guys are quick thinkers before they f***, and sensitive to changes in the air... They become all stupid once they stick it in. And after they come, when they're suddenly back to normal and overcome with an indescribably sense of self-loathing." He peers out from his gun sight, spying the enemy soldiers below, "Your moans were necessary to muffle out any noise I was making too..." She stands up behind him, her finger poised on the useless trigger as she aims at his concealed back, "That time... I... wanted you to live. No matter how batter you would become... I wonder why?" She pauses, the bayonet steadying as she begins crying again, "I was really thinking about killing you along with them, so that you wouldn't have to live in pain." The bayonet lowers slightly, "...I wonder why...?"

I can understand...

Why my best friend didn't kill this girl.

I was with him ever since he first became a soldier; I'm the only one who understands why.
Lyinginbedmon 05-16-2005 04:25 PM
A bolt of lightning splits the soaked air, the thunder eliminating any sound within it with a complete lack of mercy, "4... More shots..." the soldier whispers, his gun sight strapped onto the view of one of the soldiers below him. He pulls the trigger close, his breathing temporarily stopping. A shot rings out, one he did not fire. The girl rolls back, the gun she holds leaping out into the air above her. "Ahh... you... idiot..." He mutters, his blood boiling in his hidden rage, "sh**. She must have brought a loaded one with her." He turns back to look at her, still rolling about from the recoil, "...How can you roll around so much from the recoil of an M-16?" She manages to stop, just inches from the wall behind them, "Girls sure are light" he jokes under his breath. She gets back up, and quickly repositions herself at the wall, her gun dropping into position to fire again, "sh**... I missed 2 of them... We can't move from here for a while. Whoever moves loses..." She takes no notice of him, and aims at her next target "Dumbass, an unadjusted gun won't hit anything. And a girl who falls over backwards from the recoil definitely can't hit anything" She fires, her eyes mad with a thirst for blood. He is shocked, she just keeps on firing, tears welling up in her eyes, as one by one the soldiers beneath them drop to the ground, their blood spraying out in all directions. He grabs her when the last is down, "That's enough." She keeps firing, "Stop it!" He pulls her back from the wall, the sound of her shots still ringing out in the rain, "Have you settled down now?"
"I'm sorry"
"Everyone gets a little crazy when they shoot at someone for the first time." She cuddles up next to him, the cold air finally hitting her, "In times like these, it's best to stay put... it's always the guy who moves that gets killed." He turns around, peering out over the ruined cityscape, "Look at this rain and thunder... you can't calmly figure out where the other guy was shooting from. There aren't any professionals like that left."
"How about you? Aren't you a pro?"
"Me? Hell no." She rests her drowsy head on his arm, her eyes barely open. She is so tired.
"But when you were shooting... your eyes, they looked so happy."
"I'm not a pro. Pros... are the ones who died first and got it over with. The guys who believed, from the bottom of their hearts... That it might still work out, that they didn't want to die, they wanted to live" He laments, his view raising to the pockmarked ceiling above them, "I don't get it... only I survived. The squad was turned into ashes, but form some reason I alone survived. I don't understand it. Sometimes I think it's God's punishment. Because I couldn't protect the girl I loved. ...Anyways, I've been alone ever since" The girl snaps to attention, and eagerly points to his side,

"What about this baby?" She points at his gun,
"It's a reaaally beat-up gun. It's a type-64 rifle. The first gun ever made in Japan since the war way back when... a vintage. Probably should be in a museum. Those of us who joined the squadron afterwards were all given these heavy guns. I believed that they were the best guns." He drops his gun, and reaches into his pocket, "The people who had the new guns... all died." He fondles about for a few moments, and pulls out a small shell, "This is my best friend. When they gave me ammunition for the first time in my life, I took one of the rounds and put it into my pocket. I thought... that this thing would protect my life." His hand drops onto his knee, "I learned later that it would protect my life only in exchange for the lives of others" The round gets stuffed back into his pocket, his hand returning alone seconds afterwards. "I have 4 rounds on me... Every time... I fire one, I feel like I'm slowly becoming human again. When I fire this best friend inside my pocket... I can... go back home..." The girl slid up on top of him, and guided his hand between her legs, "...Do you like... doing these things?"
"Not really", she says as she unbuttons her white school shirt, "But when I'm doing it, I don't have to think about anything else."
"Hey, does it feel good?" She moans, not hearing his question. He repeats himself, all the while fondling, "Does it feel good?"
"...It feels gross." She bends over slightly, gasping short of breath from the stimulation, "...It feels really gross"

"Sorry. It feels really good for me... Sorry"
The girl thinks back to the days, when war wasn't a big issue, when it was all just some dates on a calendar she learned in history class. "I... was forced to... by a senpai in my club... They took videos of me... and then... I had to do whatever they told me to... and they made me do lots of 'work'... really gross 'work'..."
The two embrace, their minds completely set free from the daily torment of the battlefield, this f***ing battlefield.
"I couldn't go back. So, So, So many times. I didn't even have the courage to die."

My best friend panicked quite a bit.

He had never slept in so deeply ever since he came to the battlefield.

The rain had stopped, and having received over-exaggerated reports of cowardly patrol units, an entire squadron of enemies was out looking for us.

4 shots left.

For the first time, my best friend felt terror at how little ammunition was left.

Despite the fact that, up until now, he had believed that having fewer and fewer rounds would lead to his liberation from this f***ing war.

Right from the start, he missed the first shot.

He regretted firing in haste. Now his fear of death had turned into something that was certain and could be backed up.

He hit with the second shot, but the enemy noticed him. Three shots left.

In contrast to my best friend's emotions, I was feeling exalted.

It was an exaltation which posed questions about the meaning of my birth.

Two shots left.

One shot left...!

My best friend automatically, truly instinctively, reached into his chest pocket,

and took his "good luck charm", his last round, into his hand.

Good, my friend, now send that into the chamber, quickly put your finger on the trigger,


My best friend... did not do as I hoped; but instead gripped me in his hand, suppressed his voice... and cried.

Cried because of the fear.

That's okay,

I... can understand how he feels.

A sniper always cries by himself.

His only friends are his rifle and his ammunition.

Anybody feels fear... and sadness, at the thought of losing a friend.

...The two of us... ever since we came to this battlefield,

Loneliness that was beyond imagination, and together, had withstood it.

No one else would understand. But I do.

A faint ringing floated through the scarily calm air, as the girl returned from her journey. "Um... here... they're from the guys you just killed, I brought them with me." She held in her arms a gun, with more ammunition than could possibly be imagined to have come with it, "There's lots... lots of ammunition too." The soldier stared blankly, "Here, you can still shoot now. You can still kill lots and lots of people" He just stares, the tears streaming down his face. "What...the... What the hell's that..." She finally got the message, "You can't do that! I won't let you! You can't be allowed to just walk away from this f***ing war! Blabbering on like it's your dream... It pisses me off!" She throws her arms open, the ammunition and the gun making a loud clatter on the floor, "Get all caught up in it... so deep that you can't get out... feel your regrets properly... and suffer, suffer and die! You f***ing bastard!" The soldier, with a smile on his face, just looks straight at her, and at the shadowed figures behind her as well.
A shot rang out, and he fell to the ground quickly. Some of his blood splatters across her, as she sees the men standing behind her, as they continue to fire their bullets into his now lifeless form, "What're you doing? WHAT'RE YOU DOING!?"
Lyinginbedmon 05-16-2005 05:31 PM
What I'm about to tell you now, about what happened after that on this f***ing battlefield,

Is even more irritating than what I've told you so far, a truly annoying

And offensive story. There is no truth,

No justice,
No moral,

Certainly no conscience. It is a story which does not have an ounce of meaning.

The long and short of the story... My best friend had already passed away.

But he had 24 more rounds fired into him, and turned into a tattered mess.

The girl ran towards him, to collect all his brain matter which had splattered everywhere,

Was shot in the leg, Raped, And killed.

Furthermore, Of the 3 soldiers who shot him, one of them died 2 days later on the battlefield.

Another one died the next day because of an illness, And the last one took his own life.

Why did they kill?
Why were they killed?
Why did they have to rape?
Why did they die?

Everything is unrelated,
Everything is not worth thinking about,

Just an oh-so annoying, irritating,

Offensive story.

The story I told you here is a reminiscent tale about my best friend and me.

If you think it is disgusting, you can avert your glance. You can laugh, and dismiss it as a fabricated story.

To me it's a priceless memory. A story about my days of youth.

I know. That he...

My best friend was not a soldier, But just a brat.

A boy. He was really 17 years old, and had even been a virgin until a few months ago.

He was supposed to die as a boy from the very beginning.

The girl,

When he got his head shot out, ran to his side and tried to gather all his brain matter back together.

But there was no love there, Only something similar to love, something that had no meaning

There was no love.

The fact that I was never used as a weapon,

And left rolling around on the floor to rot away, Saddened me deeply,

I had a relationship with my best friend, which was not one of a soldier and his weapon.

There was something there which was similar to friendship. However,

I do not know what that was,

And again, it has no meaning.

I am a .308 NATO round.

A worthless hunk of metal, created to kill people but unable to do so. The day my best friend died, the war finally ended for me too.

Today, let me at least be at his side, reminisce about our memories, similar to friendship and love, shed tears,

And rot away together.

The only things we left behind in that war.

The most harmless things on that battlefield.

Ahh, are they still sitting in that room, twinkling and reflecting the light?

Do you believe that all things are created for a reason?

I’d like to think so.

If all creations are born with a reason, the bullet that rots away must have had one too.
Lyinginbedmon 06-15-2005 03:08 PM
Well, having recently checked out the japanese site and renewed my interest in the new series, I'm seeking the help of anyone who can read/translate Japanese to tell me what this says:
angelcakes 08-12-2005 08:54 PM
I am completely in love with this series! Chise-chan is soooo adorable! I have to admit I find myself getting aggrivated with Shuji...and more anxious about the v. 6 release Big Grin

I'm think about picking up the anime, since the manga has me drooling. Anybody have any thoughts about the anime opposed to the manga?
Lyinginbedmon 08-13-2005 03:55 AM
Though I haven't read the anime, there are always differences. One thing to note is that the music to the series is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly with the it. Also, the faces of every character in the anime have given Saikano the nickname 'Land of the Eternally Blushing' Tongue because they are all drawn like that. You do see quite a bit of blood, but it is always to enhance or convey some important part of the series. For example, in Episode 9: Akemi, when Shuji goes to see Akemi in her final moments, there is a massive amount of blood beneath her as she is lifted up by Shuji. This definitely helps develop the drama and sadness of the series, and I still can't watch the whole thing straight through without taking a break at episode 9.

To finish, I'll give you some music examples I found at a very nice site called The Last Love Song:
Koisuru Kimochi
Reisei Na Kyoki
Tenkei - Chi No Ikari
Yume Mirutameni