[Question] Search Engine Character Limit

Avenir 04-21-2005 05:19 AM
In the search engine, I keep receiving a "Your search is invalid, please note that search words have to contain between three and twenty characters" error whenever I enter a word in the search field that contains four characters. For instance, the error keeps returning whenever the word "your" is in the criteria. The same error returns when I search for multiple words at once, but the shortest word contains four characters.

Is there a reason behind this?
Captain Maw 04-21-2005 01:59 PM
can you give an example search that went wrong?
Dude Love 04-21-2005 02:12 PM
Originally posted by Captain Maw
can you give an example search that went wrong?

Anything word which contains four letters. Examples:

your (provided by Avenir)

Et cetera.
X Prime 04-21-2005 02:57 PM
Common pronouns are blocked by the forum software... Any instance of the word your and so forth results in an error unless paired with another word.

I have no idea how Wienberg got the word Kiss not to work though. That works fine, as do Love and Hate.
Dude Love 04-21-2005 03:03 PM
Heh, I just guessed. Embarrassed Sweatdrop I remembered having had trouble with four-letter words, and I didn't think they were all pronouns.
X Prime 04-21-2005 03:09 PM
Since I haven't touched my forum's search settings, i believe all of these words are banned by default:

EDIT: OK, way too long a list. Anyhow, it's not restricted to four letter words, and it's not all pronouns. Try "immediate".
Krang 04-21-2005 11:22 PM
Like X Prime said, common words (such as pronouns, articles, and prepositions) are blocked by the search, so if you're having trouble, try adding additional words to narrow it down. The reason for this is to prevent the result set from being too big (since, for example, if the word "the" was allowed, it would return nearly every post on the forum).